Martin & Joanna

Hello from Joanna and Martin in WA!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family. We hope that through our profile, you can gain an understanding of the love we have for each other and family, and the love and hope we have for another child. Our hearts are bursting with excitement at the thought of growing our family.

Our promise to you is that we would provide your child with a lifetime of unconditional love, laughter, faith, strong values, security, and opportunity. Family is the most important thing in our lives, and we have always wanted to love and raise a family of more than one child.

We have been blessed in so many different areas of our lives, and we have so much love to give. Our family would be honored and forever thankful to welcome your child into our lives.

Our Story (so far): In September of 2017, we celebrated 10 years of marriage and are parents to an amazing little girl who is so excited to become a big sister! Our marriage is built on mutual respect, trust, and unconditional love. The foundation of our family was built on our own childhood and upbringing.

Our parents, both of whom are still married, were the role models who inspired and instilled our faith in God, our work ethic, and our strong morals and values that we follow today. This is the foundation that fills our lives with laughter and our hearts with happiness. We are husband and wife, best friends, and each other’s strongest advocates. What we have learned over the years is that a sense of humor and a happy disposition are two key ingredients to a happy life!

Five years after we married, we decided to start a family. After years of infertility treatments and miscarriages, our beautiful daughter Alexis Faith was born. The moment the nurse handed Alexis to me, our hearts melted. We knew from that moment on, our lives would forever be changed. The birth of our daughter only confirmed our desire to grow our family, and we believe that adopting a child is the path we should take to grow it.

What We Enjoy:
• Trips to the Beach
• Family Movie Night
• Gardening
• Arts & Crafts
• Biking and Hiking
• Painting Rocks & Hiding Them in the Neighborhood!
• Outdoor Summer Concerts

5 plans we have for the future:
• Building our Beach House
• College fund for our kids
• Enjoying time with our family and friends
• Disney World Vacations
• Making lasting memories

5 Things my partner does that make me laugh:

Martin: My wife has a great sense of humor; she takes the stress out of everything by adding humor to it. She dances with our Golden Retriever Brody. She goes overboard in a good way with the holiday decorations. We always go to the Christmas Tree farm the weekend after Thanksgiving to pick out the best one. Our house literally looks like one of Santa’s elves lives there with us.

Joanna: My husband makes everyone around him smile. He is very easy going and always looks at life with a glass half full mentality. He talks to our dog and cat like they can understand what he is saying. He has a great sense of humor and goes with the flow.

Hello from Joanna and Martin in WA!

Meet Martin

A Little About Martin: Martin is the most kind-hearted, happy go lucky person I have ever met. Martin always has a smile on his face, and looks at life with a glass half-full mentality. This is what first attracted me to him. He is one of seven siblings, and being the second oldest, he grew up taking care of his younger brothers and sisters.

I think being one of seven contributed to his easy-going, calming personality. I still remember our first date. He took me to Red Robin because he knew that I grew up on a farm and liked hamburgers. After all these years together, I am now a firm believer that everyone has a soul mate, and he is mine.

Martin grew up in a faith-based home, and this strong faith-based foundation has continued throughout his life. Martin has a very strong work ethic, is an eternal optimist, and an amazing dad. I have always loved him for the person he is, but I fell even more in love with him after he became a dad.

Though Martin has a very strong work ethic and is constantly striving to achieve his professional goals, he understands the most important role in life is the role of daddy.

It is not unusual for me to walk in the door and find Martin with our daughter building a Lego castle, reading books with her in the playhouse, or baking cupcakes! He is an all-around great man, and I am excited to have another baby learn to call him Dada!

5 Things that make me happy:
• Spending time with wife and daughter
• Golfing
• A good meal
• Grilling in the summertime
• Family get togethers
• I am one of 7 siblings so family time is a little crazy, but so much fun!

Meet Martin

Meet Joanna

I was attracted to Joanna the moment I laid eyes on her. Joanna is truly the love of my life. I knew within a few months of dating her that she was someone I wanted to be part of my life for a very long time. Joanna really does bring out the best in me, and I think her best quality is her sense of humor. She truly believes laughter is the best medicine.

Joanna is a fun-loving, goofy and caring individual who values family above everything else in this world. I often look at her when she is with our daughter and think she was born to be a mom. When she is with our daughter, everything else in the world at that moment is irrelevant. When she is with me, she makes me feel like the most important person in the world.

My wife is a very smart person. Many people look up to her as a mentor, sometimes a counselor, and she is a very loyal friend. She is admired by those that know her professionally, and respected by those who know her personally.

She has a very strong work ethic, and strong morals and values – which are roots from her childhood. The moment my wife saw our daughter the importance of everything else around her shifted. There is no doubt in my mind that the moment she meets your child the same thing will happen. Joanna is a wonderful person and is an amazing mom.

5 Things that make me happy:
• Spending time with my family
• Going on new adventures and seeing them through the eyes of a child
• Trips to the beach
• Family dinners on Sunday night
• Watching college football!

Meet Joanna

Our Family & Friends

Our Happy Little Family: Alexis Faith is a happy and active little girl! She just started preschool and loves to sing and dance, and has a fun and creative imagination! Other hobbies include painting pet rocks, and finding leaves for her ‘nature’ collection. She is very excited to become a Big Sister and is constantly wondering when the new baby may arrive. We cannot wait for her to have a sibling and complete our little family!

Love Makes A Family: We are blessed to have such a huge and loving family! We were both raised in close-knit and caring families, and we have amazing parents. If you took a peek at our family calendar, you would see every month includes two, if not four, family birthdays or celebrations!

We love spending weekends with our family, and family traditions include reunions, holiday decorating, Easter Sunday celebrations, and huge Thanksgiving feasts!

Our friends are very important to us, and we love them like family. We have friends we have known for over 20 years that we visit on a regular basis – whether it is a trip to the beach or a backyard BBQ. We are blessed to have the love of family, and we cherish the relationships we have with our friends!

Puppy Love: Brody is the newest member of our little family. He is an English Golden Retriever that loves to cuddle, chase waves at the beach and take you for walks. His favorite treat is peanut butter. Brody is two years old and loves being around children. On hot days, you will find both our daughter and our dog running through our sprinkler and chasing bubbles. Brody is an amazing dog and is great with children. 

Our Family & Friends

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Welcome to our neck of the woods: We built our home five years ago when we decided to live in Camas, Washington. Downtown Camas is lined with little shops and family-friendly restaurants and is an ideal place to raise a family.

Our house has an open concept floorplan that allows us to cook, play, and visit at the same time. Our lower level has a large playroom that includes giant flowers that we designed and painted! We have 4 bedrooms in our home, and live in a kid-friendly, gated community. We have a large backyard, and 3 parks within walking distance from our home.

Why Our Faith Matters: We both grew up in a faith based households, attending church and Sunday School. We want to raise our children to grow up with strong Christian beliefs. We believe God has a plan for every person, and we have been blessed to have been given the lives that we are living. We would love to teach these values and share the love of faith with another child.

Our Promises to Your Child:
• We will Love You unconditionally
• You will be Loved by our Little Family and by our huge extended family
• You will grow up in a faith based home full of warmth, love, and laughter
• We will encourage you to explore and follow your passions in life – sciences, sports, dance, music, drama – whatever they may be
• You will have a big sister to learn from, laugh with, and grow with your entire life
• You will have parents that will support your goals and dreams
• We will seek out the best education for you so you can pursue your academic goals
• We will make sure you feel safe and protected
• You will be loved the moment you become part of our lives

A Special Message to You: Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Hopefully by reading our story, you have a good idea of who we are as individuals and as a family. If fate brings us together, your child will grow up with two parents that love each other, and a family that will cherish your child every day.

Your child will be given the opportunity to live their dreams, just like we have been fortunate enough to live ours. Your child will grow up knowing how much they are loved by us – and by you.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts