Marvin & Wouter

Hello! We are Marvin and Wouter from the Netherlands!

Dear Birth Mother, Hello! First of all, thank you so much for considering us as adoptive parents for your baby. We understand that the decision you are about to take is one of the most important of your life. It is a life changing decision for you and your child. You are in our thoughts.

Thanks to many chances we were given and the opportunities we seized, we were able to build a great, successful and happy life together. But still something is missing in our family… We are both looking very much forward to becoming fathers! We have many loving friends and family with children and everybody is extremely exited when they heard of our plan to adopt. It is very difficult to adopt in our country so we are grateful that we are able to adopt in the United States, in order to start our family! Your country is very dear to us!

A Little About Us: We met in an idyllic village in the east of the Netherlands in 2010 after a brief online chat. From the first moment, we met we knew we would be soul mates for life. We fit very well together, as we have many similarities but also many differences. We are for example both ‘quiet’ people, love comfort, have many hobbies and are quite active. Marvin loves to hike, play golf and cycle, and Wouter loves to dive and run.

A Few Fun Facts About Us:
• We visited the USA more than 20 times combined! Our favorite places are Key West, Seattle, and New York.
• Combined we visited almost 50 countries in total!
• We both enjoy amusement parks (our favorites are Disneyland, Universal studios and Europa Park).
• People of the Netherlands are among the happiest people in the world, and we couldn’t agree more!

Things We Love To Do As A Couple:
• Traveling: from short (city) trips within Europe to visit family and friends, to road trips within the USA, Caribbean or Australia!
• Enjoying the sunset at the beach after a drive through the countryside.
• Binge watching Netflix shows like Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, Santa Clarita Diet, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Ozark.

Hello! We are Marvin and Wouter from the Netherlands!

Meet Wouter

About Wouter, by Wouter: I grew up in a small town. I was the second and youngest child, and my brother Rob, is 4 years older. My brother is disabled and growing up with him I learned to be helpful, kind and was very protective of him. I admire my parents for how they raised us. My mom stayed home while my dad worked hard to provide for us.

The best lesson my parents told me is to finish all the things you start with. That’s why I was able to achieve a Master’s Degree in Law. Partly because of this experience I have been able to build up a successful career. I started as a family law attorney and now work for a company that uses mediation to settle a divorce instead of fighting in court.

In the Netherlands, it is quite accepted to reduce your work week to care for your child. Once we adopt, Marvin and I will both reduce our schedules to care for our child!

More About Wouter, by Marvin: Wouter is the best partner you can imagine. He is smart, handsome, kind and thoughtful. In the kitchen he prepares the best cuisine, and for friends and family and he always throws the best dinner parties!

Wouter will be a great father! He is kind, thoughtful and knows how to be fair and just. For cousins and our friend’s children, he is a great uncle, from baking cookies to knowing the perfect present for the occasion!

What Does Wouter Like?
• BEST QUALITIES: Perseverance and clarity
• HOBBIES: Going to pop concerts and drone photography
• FAVORITE FOOD: Chocolate hazelnut crunch cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory
• FAVORITE MOVIE GENRE: Romantic comedy
• GUILTY PLEASURE: Super Mario Kart

Meet Wouter

Meet Marvin

About Marvin, by Marvin: I was born in Belgium, right across the border of the Netherlands, where I grew up in a small village on the coast. I have always been busy with sports such as swimming, field hockey, cycling, squash but also scouting. Today I still enjoy nature and sports very much.

I grew up in a family of five, including my two brothers. My parents and brothers encouraged me to be independent, and to strive for perfection in the things I think are important. This helped make me the man I am today: I know what I want, how to get it but also to encourage others to achieve what they want!

I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Chemistry, and in my career I’ve discovered that I like working with people as much as with science. In my current work I get to do both- I lead a production department in a paint plant. I enjoy helping my employees become the best at what they do.

I will work part time when we adopt. Combined with Wouter’s reduced work schedule and the amenities available in the Netherlands, I am confident we are prepared to welcome a child into our lives.

More About Marvin, by Wouter: Marvin is the best friend and partner I could ever wish for. He is cute, (very) smart, caring and very interested in his (and my) family and friends. Furthermore he is the most loyal person I ever met.

Marvin has all the ingredients to be the perfect dad. He is the first volunteer when a baby needs to be fed. He also has a great bond with his nieces and nephew. He really enjoys spending quality time with them. Last but not least, Marvin cooks the best Lasagna in the entire world.

What Does Marvin Like?
• BEST QUALITIES: Caring and insightful
• HOBBIES: Traveling, reading and learning about history, computer games and Netflix
• FAVORITE FOOD: Pasta at Olive Garden
• Favorite Movie Genre: Sci Fi: e.g. Star Trek

Meet Marvin

Our Family and Friends

Marvin’s parents live near the sea, and when we visit it’s lovely to walk with them on the boulevard and then enjoy a cup of coffee at the waterfront. Wouter’s parents lives more inland. We love to BBQ in their garden, eat and enjoy life together in the sun. We spend quite a bit of time together with our family, not only at home, but also at theatre shows and occasionally a joint holiday.

Because we both lived in many different places in the Netherlands (and in Germany), we have friends all over the country. We enjoy visiting them as much as possible. Sometimes we arrange a dinner party in our house, but also sometimes visit national festivals. Because most of our friends have children we also regularly go to zoo’s, amusement parks, the beach, or bake cookies together! We love to spend time with them, and put a smile on their faces!

Our Favorite Holidays:
• During the Christmas holidays we visit our families and enjoy elaborate meals together where everyone prepares their own specialty as part of the whole meal.
• Once a year we celebrate National King’s Day, where the whole country turns orange and festivities are everywhere! We enjoy concerts, barbeque and other events with friends and family.
• National Liberation Day is a special moment in the Netherlands. Everyone enjoys picnics, fireworks and celebrations remembering the wars that gave us the Freedom we have today – sort of like your Fourth of July!
• New Years Eve is a special moment each year. Last year we had friends over and enjoyed each other’s company while watching fireworks from the 29th floor. Usually one of our friends brings a karaoke set which adds to the celebration!

Our Family and Friends

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our home in the middle of the Netherlands. We live in a mid-size city in the heart of the Netherlands only a few steps from the greatest national park of the country. We both agree that nothing surpasses being outdoors – the smell of nature is amazing. When we are hiking, running or cycling in the park it feels like an amazing gift to us.

Our apartment is also near the center of the city so it’s convenient to everything we enjoy doing. We think this is a great location for a child to grow up in. The neighborhood has many families with children, it is very green with play grounds and has many good schools. We are on the lookout for a home in the suburbs where we can have the best of all worlds, including a backyard!

Life is full of many beautiful gifts! WE ARE BLESSED IN LIFE. We have had all the opportunities in our lives that we dreamt off! That helped us enormously in life, except from one thing obviously: A child would be the greatest of blessings that we could wish for. We can’t wait to welcome a baby into our family to be able to give him or her the same opportunities as we had, to get most out of life!

Thank you for reading about our lives! We have both been raised in a very stable and loving environment. That is what we wish for your child as well! We promise to provide your child for the best guidance, school and loving and caring upbringing we can provide!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you have taken the time to get to know us. This is one of the most important moments in both of our lives, where you could entrust us with the raising of your child.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts