Matt and Camille


We are Matt and Camille from Rhode Island. We originally met in college and have been together for 11 years. Over the last few years, we developed a strong desire to start a family and we cannot wait to make that a reality through adoption. We imagine this is an incredibly difficult decision for you, and hope that placing your child with a loving, stable family will bring you a measure of peace and comfort. We bring a spirit of openness, trust, and partnership to the process that we hope will benefit you and your child.  Your health and well-being are top priorities for us, and we hope you are feeling well during this time. Thank you for getting to know us. We hope to get the opportunity to know you too!

Our Story: We met on our first day of graduate school in Charleston, South Carolina where we dated until Matt moved to San Diego for an amazing educational opportunity.

Despite the long distance, we still talked all the time and visited each other. It was obvious to everyone that we were meant to be together. While the distance was challenging, our efforts to connect made the relationship stronger, and now we truly cherish our time together. In 2016, we moved to Rhode Island where Matt is a college professor at the University of Rhode Island and Camille is a pharmacist. On a typical weekday, we enjoy cooking together while listening to our favorite playlist, then watching Netflix before bed. On a weekend, you’ll find us outdoors gardening and grilling in our yard or walking on the beach. Going to our local comedy club is one of our favorite ways to spend an evening out. We love to laugh!

Our Hobbies & Interests: Hiking and walks with our dog Phoenix are some of our favorite activities. We live one hour from the mountains and five minutes from the beach, so there is always something to do outside – swimming in the summer, watching the leaves change in the fall, snowshoeing in the winter. We are so excited to take our kiddo to splash around in the ocean and spend afternoons making sand castles!

We are both avid readers. Matt loves science fiction and Camille loves mysteries and anything in Reese Witherspoon’s book club. Reading to our child and introducing them to our favorite childhood books will be a highlight of parenthood for both of us.

We also enjoy game night with friends – our favorites are Jenga, rummy, and corn hole. We all have so much fun with our giant Jenga pieces!



About Matt

Meet Matt by Camille: Since Matt and I first met, I’ve never had to wonder about his feelings toward me. He is incredibly devoted to our marriage and family. He gives the best hugs and always makes me feel safe, happy, and loved. The first thing that drew me to him was his sense of humor – I think he’s been practicing dad jokes since he could talk. His love of science and nature drove him to a career that he loves, and that passion makes him an incredible teacher. Even our young nephews and niece love to learn about the science of the ocean from Uncle Matt. Matt has been an avid SCUBA diver for 20 years visiting the Florida Keys, Belize, Indonesia and many other locations. He is a huge football fan and still roots for his favorite childhood teams. Go Browns! He also loves trivia and hopes to be on Jeopardy one day. I know Matt will be an incredible father, because he has such a playful spirit.

Matt’s Favorites:

Hobby: Hiking

Can’t Live Without: Coffee

Children’s Show: Sesame Street

Children’s Book: The Little House Series

Place to Take A Child: The beach

Holiday: Halloween

Dessert: Cheesecake

Dream Job: College Professor (Lucky to be living it!)

A Perfect Day Looks Like… A long morning hike, an afternoon at the beach, and then pizza for dinner.


About Matt

About Camille

Meet Camille by Matt: Camille’s love of art, fashion, and music makes every day fun.  She loves dancing around the kitchen, while we cook together.  She is also incredibly smart and a great problem solver – she can do anything she puts her mind to! She is thoughtful and giving, devoting her time to our community by volunteering for Meals on Wheels and in local health clinics. Camille loves design and she loves watching HGTV shows for inspiration. She also enjoys puzzles, gardening, baking, shopping, and getting her nails done.

She has been my best friend for the past eleven years, and not a day goes by that I’m not thankful that we met. Camille is a natural caregiver and I know she will be an excellent mom.

Camille’s Favorites:

Hobby: Reading, scrolling TikTok

Can’t Live Without: Sunscreen, coffee, phone

Children’s Show: Arthur

Children’s Books: Matilda, The Giver

Place to Take A Child: The zoo

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Dessert: Ice Cream

Dream Job: Astronaut

A Perfect Day Looks Like… Walking the dog on the beach, getting my nails done, shopping at TJ Maxx, dinner out with Matt, and a comedy show.

About Camille

Our Family

Both of our parents have been married for over 40 years and are great inspirations for happy marriages. Matt has one younger sister, and Camille has three sisters and two brothers. Together we have two nephews and one niece. Camille is incredibly close to her parents and her siblings. They enjoy talking often, exchanging recipes, and just being together joking around. She is an adoring aunt to her nephews and niece, taking them swimming and to the zoo. Our favorite family traditions are watching Home Alone and doing our Secret Santa gift exchange on Christmas Eve.

Matt loves spending time with his parents and sister who all live in Cleveland, OH. They are devoted to their local sports teams and enjoy going to the games or cheering for them on TV. Matt’s dad has six brothers and one sister who have a tradition of weekly dinners with the entire family. Matt is very lucky to have over 25 first cousins and now that most of them are grown with children of their own, family get-togethers are filled with children playing and having fun.

Matt has many close friends from high school and college. He and two of his closest friends from high school have a yearly tradition of hiking a new mountain and enjoy traveling to new parks and new parts of the country.


Our Family

Our Home and Community

We live in a quiet neighborhood in Rhode Island with lots of families and a walkable downtown with shops and restaurants. Rhode Island is a tiny state that it is very child-friendly with an amazing zoo and tons of beach activities just minutes away. The zoo has fantastic holiday specials including thousands of Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween and a North Pole display for Christmas. We are also close to Boston with its museums and famous aquarium.

Camille is fortunate to work from home and Matt has a flexible work schedule so we enjoy spending quality time together at home, having coffee every morning on the front porch, and relaxing in our backyard. Our backyard has a beautiful garden and lots of room for play – our nephews are great at whiffle ball and they have plenty of space to run around! We love hosting friends and family at our patio fire pit for cookouts.

Our Furry Friend, Phoenix: Phoenix is our adorable 13 year-old Schnauzer-Poodle or “Schnoodle”. She is an incredibly cuddly and sweet dog. Her gentleness makes her great with kids who always want to pet her. Her favorite activities are eating and going for walks. She also loves to show off her skills, such as shaking hands, for treats!

The Values We Hope to Share with a Child Include:

  • A sense of curiosity and adventure
  • A love for nature and travel and learning about different cultures
  • Independence and self-confidence
  • Kindness, empathy, and an appreciation for other people

Our child will have every educational opportunity with our full support and encouragement. They will have a secure college fund so that their future will not be burdened by student debt. We will nurture our child’s passions no matter what they may be. We cannot wait to have fun with our child everyday through playtime, trips to the zoo and aquarium, and weekends at the beach!

Our parenting philosophy is one of gentle parenting with open communication and age-appropriate teaching opportunities. We hope for an open adoption so that our child is able to know their background and have a positive self-image and identity. Matt hopes to share his passion for the ocean and nature with a child someday, whether that be diving, kayaking, surfing, hiking, or all of the above. Camille hopes to share her passions for art and nature and to teach our child kindness, confidence, humor, and responsibility.

In Closing: Thank you for getting to know us, and we hope to get the chance to know you too! If you choose us to parent your child, we promise to love them unconditionally with joy. Nurturing their passions and education will bring us so much happiness. Our life has been blessed with love, security and opportunity, and we hope to share that by growing a family. We are excited to wake up every day and watch our child discover new things, have new experiences, and grow into a kind and passionate adult. We will enjoy every moment from Sunday morning pancakes to graduation and beyond.

Thank you for considering us, and we will be honored if chosen to parent your child. We cannot wait to be devoted parents!

Our Home and Community