Matt & Joseph

Hello! We are Matt & Joseph from Los Angeles!

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile to learn a little about us! We know what an important decision this is for you and we hope you can see how excited we are to start our family and welcome a child into our loving home!

About Us, Told by Matt: We grew up on opposite sides of the country. I am originally from Maine and Joseph was born and raised in Los Angeles.

We first met over seven years ago when I asked Joseph out for a date. We quickly realized we had a lot in common. We were both training for triathlons at that time and we both enjoyed busy, active lifestyles, and aspired to travel more.

After dating for a couple years, we finally moved in together, and just last year we bought a home in Highland Park, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA.

Joseph is a business development manager for an architecture and engineering firm and has advanced his career diligently as a successful young professional.

Similarly, I work in the entertainment industry as a talent manager and represent actors from film and TV.

We keep very busy when we’re not working though; we both enjoy outdoor adventures (we go rock climbing regularly, and sometimes I can convince Joseph to go on mountaineering trips; we enjoy endurance races like triathlons and marathons; and we also love simple hikes or to just soak up sun on the beach when we can!).

Joseph’s family is just minutes away from our new home, and even though my parents and sister still live in Maine, we plan trips each year to go back to the Northeast to visit (and sometimes they come out to California too!). We both know we are ready to start a family and raising a baby is something we’ve both dreamed about for a long time. We hope you can be a part of this big new step for us!

5 things we will teach our future child
• To explore courageously
• To treat others with respect
• To hope for the best, but prepare for the worst
• To speak Chinese (hopefully!)
• To love adventures

5 Things that Make Us Happy

• Spending time outdoors
• Live music/theater
• Laughing at Joseph when he tries on new clothes
• Watching the sunset
• Visiting my family back in Maine

• Movie nights
• My nephews
• Sugary candy & ice cream!
• A hot shower after a camping trip
• Beating Matt at chess

Hello! We are Matt & Joseph from Los Angeles!

Meet Matt

About Matt: Our next big adventure will be fatherhood and I’m so excited to take that big next step. I was born and raised in rural Maine. My parents raised my sister and I in the log cabin in the Maine woods they built after they got married.

I grew up interested in literature and theater and cheering on the Red Sox; after high school I went to college in Boston and I loved living in the city. After graduation I moved to Los Angeles and that’s where I began work in the entertainment industry and got more interested in athletic hobbies. I ran my first marathon almost ten years ago and I finished my first Ironman triathlon just a couple years ago. Triathlon was one of the things Joseph and I first bonded over and we usually choose the same races to enter each season (though, not to brag, but I’m faster than he is haha!).

I love spending time rock climbing in Joshua Tree and hiking the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Joseph has also broadened my love for travel and we usually plan a big trip each year to an international destination. My life isn’t all just about adventures; I also love music and books. Last year I began a book club!

While my career is important to me, Joseph and I understand our lives will change completely when a we have a child so our plan is for me take an indefinite leave from work to be a stay-at-home dad once the baby arrives.

More about Matt by Joseph: Matt is energetic and spontaneous and he’s the perfect yin to my yang. He cares deeply for his close friends and family, but he’s still a kid at heart and a ball of energy. I’ve known for a while now what a great father he’ll make. He loves to explore the outdoors and to push himself to new physical limits; he works hard, but also makes time to spend with those who are close to him.

Even after seven years of dating, we still have regular date nights and we make sure to prioritize the time we spend together. Matt has such a big heart and I can’t imagine embarking on this new step in our lives without his devoted love and support.

Meet Matt

Meet Joseph

About Joseph: One of the things I really look forward to most about parenthood will be the day when our child is old enough to come see the world with us! I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I’m first-generation Chinese. My parents moved to California from Hong Kong before I was born.

I work for an engineering and architecture firm and I travel for business often, usually to Asia where my fluency in Chinese comes in handy. I speak primarily English at home, Cantonese with my parents, and Mandarin when I’m in China for work. Also, my brother and his wife have two adorable sons Dylan and Marcus, so I’m also pretty fluent in make-believe too!

When I was growing up I was very involved with school and extra-curricular activities, sports, and student government. I went to college locally and I still keep in touch with my friends and fraternity brothers.

I love to travel and one of my goals is to visit each of the seven continents. I have been able to explore so many other parts of the world (often with Matt in tow). Matt and I go on a lot of adventures, but the adventure I think we’re both looking forward to most is starting a family together!

More about Joseph by Matt: Joseph is the most wonderful, caring, selfless person I know and it’s why I fell in love with him when we first met. I know he’d make a great father; he’s very organized, smart, and perceptive (whenever we travel with friends he’s always so organized that we often affectionately call him our “trip mom”!). But in addition to his practical assets, he’s also just a warm, loving, genuine person. He loves watching sad movies and rom-coms, and on cold January afternoons there’s nothing he loves to do more than burrow into a nest of blankets with a hot cup of tea. He’s also a supportive partner. He’s so sweet with his nephews and I can’t wait to see the loving father I know he’ll be when we finally have a baby of our very own.

Meet Joseph

Our Loved Ones

Our friends and family are our support network and they are so important to us. It’s so convenient that Joseph’s parents Yee and Kai live nearby so they will be able to offer some help when we become dads. Also, Joseph’s brother Ben and his wife Noelle are just a couple minutes away, and we love their two boys Dylan and Marcus (who are 4 and 6 now!).

Matt’s parents Dale and Kitty still live in Maine, but since they are on the cusp of retirement they expect to spend a lot more time coming out to LA to be with our growing family. Matt’s sister Molly and her boyfriend Mike also live in Maine; and while they don’t have children, they keep busy with all their animals (Molly is an equestrian and they live with her two horses and their dogs at their country home). Our family and friends are all so excited for us to become parents!

5 ways we show our love to each other
• Compromise!! Sometimes Matt wants to climb a snowy mountain and sometimes Joseph wants a spa day – we usually find a way to enjoy our time together by meeting in the middle somehow!
• Cuddling! There’s nothing better than burrowing under a warm blanket on a cold night
• We tell each other – every morning when we leave for work we say “I love you” to each other and every night when we go to bed
• Spending time with our families – we love our parents and our siblings (and nephews too!) and committing quality time with them brings us closer to each other too
• Dim sum! Few things bring families together like good food!

Our Loved Ones

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: We love living in California because there are so many fun adventures to go on (exploring the mountains! the desert! the ocean!), and it’s Joseph’s home town.

Our new home in Highland Park is the center of our universe now. We love the neighborhood; there are always new cafes and restaurants being opened by trendy, acclaimed gourmands.

Our neighborhood is walkable and our house is on a hill so we have a fantastic view of the sunset each evening. There are really nice parks nearby including a bike path. We live close to Disneyland and Universal Studios is just a few minutes drive from Downtown LA. Call it a cliché, but we can’t wait to walk down to the corner bakery to get a coffee and a croissant with a stroller in front of us. There’s also a library just down the street and, since we enjoy and appreciate literature, it would be a dream come true to take our little one through the shelves someday to pick out a book to read!

5 local favorites
• Getting Mexican food from our favorite taco shop!
• Sunday afternoons in Garfield Park
• Eating dumplings at Din Tai Fung
• Going to the beach in the summer
• Stargazing on clear nights

One Last Special Message To You: Thank you so much for looking over our profile! We are so excited for fatherhood and looking forward to welcoming a beautiful bundle of joy into our lives.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little about us; while we understand you have a lot to think about in this process, we hope you can help us make the dream of fatherhood a reality and that we can provide the perfect home.

— Matt and Joseph

Our Home and Closing Thoughts