Matt & Michelle

We are Matt and Michelle from Texas!

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents. We are thankful for the sacrifice you are making and would consider ourselves honored to raise your child. This is a very difficult, courageous decision that you must make. We pray for God to guide you throughout this journey and grant you peace with your decision. We will always hold a special place in our hearts for you filled with love, respect, & deep gratitude.

Through this profile, our desire is for you to learn a little about us, our life, and the family your child will become a part of.

College Sweet Hearts: From the beginning we knew our lives had been destined to cross paths. God knew exactly what he was doing when he paired the two of us together! We definitely fit the description of opposites attract!

We met 10 years ago in college through multiple mutual friends in a ‘six degrees of separation’ kind of thing. Our connection was instant and our relationship was effortless from the start. With each day spent together, we found more and more in common with one another, such as growing up in towns only an hour away, and even taking two classes together! After college, we moved to Virginia and started our first real world jobs. We got married in 2010 and over the next several years, we built a life for ourselves professionally and personally.

Our Lives Together: Both of us are extremely passionate about what we do for a living in our respective fields. Two years ago, we were given the opportunity to move to Southeast Texas in order to obtain stronger security in our jobs. We have enjoyed exploring our new home and meeting new friends who are becoming our family away from family.

Over the years, we have been blessed to turn many of our dreams into reality. One dream that we have had from the start has been to raise a family. Our infertility diagnosis has strengthened our marriage and solidified our dream of starting a family.

Through prayer, we have come to realize that God is calling us to adopt. Our hearts are already filled with love for the child who will become a part of our family.

We are Matt and Michelle from Texas!

Meet Michelle

I am an avid reader, but am stuck in the world of children’s books and young adult novels. I always have a book or my Kindle in my purse ready to read at any spare moment.

Living a healthy lifestyle is very important to me. I strive to be at my very best and to make sure I am helping my family to be healthy as well. I am a very active person. You can find me outside most days after work walking or running the neighborhood.

I believe that food plays a vital role in a person’s health and strive to eat organic, unprocessed foods whenever possible. Most evenings I will have a home cooked meal ready for us to enjoy. Sadly, some meals don’t turn out as planned and we end up out to eat!

I also love taking pictures to document our lives together, however this usually means I am the one always behind the camera while my family and friends are front and center. I place a large importance on my family and have an unconditional love for God.

More About Michelle, by Matt: Michelle will be a great mom. At home she has all of the qualities that any mother would be lucky to have. She has a passion for reading; through her personal reading interest and her children’s reading for school, she is always informed about the best books out there. She also is a great cook and loves trying new foods.

As a teacher, Michelle has dedicated her life to educating young minds. During the summer, when school is out, she loves to surprise me with new recipes when I come home from work. There is no question in my mind she will be a fantastic mother.

Michelle’s Career: I am extremely passionate about my job as a Reading Teacher. Once a child enters my classroom they are my ‘kid’ forever. I place a large amount of importance into forming a safe, loving relationship with my students.

I am a Reading Interventionist and pull small groups of struggling readers. I work with them daily to improve their reading and to help them feel success as a reader. One of the perks of working in the school system gives me the privilege to have holidays and summers off from work. I am looking forward to this time to spend with our child and to build a lifetime of memories with each other.

Meet Michelle

Meet Matt

I love the outdoors and sporting events. I stay as active as I possibly can. As life allows, I participate in a softball and golf league. In addition, Michelle’s passion for running has encouraged me to do a little running, here-and-there. I enjoy educating myself about anything that can better my life. One of the areas I like to learn about are construction projects. Recently, I’ve built a large elevated deck, stone patio, several tables, picture frames, and even installed hardwood floors. Woodworking is something I enjoy because you can create something as complex or simplistic as you desire.

More About Matt, by Michelle: One thing I love about Matt is his eyes. He has such a serious demeanor about himself, yet there is a sparkle in his eyes that give away his loving, humorous side. My goal each day is to make him laugh. Matt is not only my best friend, but my soulmate. With our nieces and nephews, Matt has taken on the role of ‘fun Uncle Matt.’ One of the sweetest sights is when they see their Uncle Matt and their face lights up while they run towards him ready to play. It melts my heart to see the relationship he has built with our nieces and nephews and the love they have for their uncle. I cannot wait for the day Matt can begin to build the same close, loving relationship with our own child.

Matt’s Career: Currently I am the supervisor for a Hydrographic Survey Team that consists of 4 survey boats and 7 employees. Starting at the bottom of an organization after college and working my way up through the organization has helped me learn each job and allowed me to be the best supervisor possible.

Meet Matt

Our Tribe

Our family is very important to us; we visit them regularly and keep in touch through phone calls and video chats. We absolutely love getting to watch our nieces and nephews grow and finding new shared interests to enjoy together.

We can’t wait until the day that our child can form a forever friendship with their cousins. We are also looking forward to the day when they will be able to spend time with each of their grandparents in the small town atmosphere we grew up in enjoying some of our own childhood favorites.

We have some of the greatest friends on Earth. They are very supportive of our decision to adopt. We are blessed beyond measure to have these wonderful people in our lives. God has provided us with a family away from family that we spend many holidays and weekends together forming our own traditions.

Our family and friends are waiting with open arms to welcome our child home. They will be blessed with multiple aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends who are like family!

Our Life As Parents: First and foremost, our goal is to raise a happy and healthy child. We are both outdoor lovers and being able to teach a child to appreciate their surroundings will benefit them for a lifetime. Education is very important to us and we value quality education for our child, both in the classroom and at home. We believe that our backgrounds give us a unique advantage in helping with educational growth. I am strong in science, math, and engineering, while Michelle is well versed in literacy and writing.

Our Tribe

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

We are 30 minutes from downtown Houston, 30 minutes from the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, and 20 minutes from the rural open lands of Texas. Given this, our community provides many aspects to the upbringing of a child.

Many of our neighbors have young families; including our friends who are expecting a baby in the coming months. We own a corner lot on a cul-de-sac, which provides a large backyard that fans out for our dog and expanding family to play in. Altogether our house has the perfect aesthetics and surroundings. We are excited to begin raising our child here.

Meet Daisy: Daisy filled a hole in our hearts we didn’t even know was empty. She is a 4 year old Jack-a-Bea (Jack Russell and Beagle mix), who loves her daily walks, peanut butter treats, and playing with the neighbor’s cat! Each day we look forward to her excitement when we come home, and her nighttime snuggles. Being half Jack Russell gives Daisy lots of energy and she loves to jump right into the fun when all our nieces and nephews come for a visit.

One Last Thank You: Thank you for taking the time to find the right parents for your child. We admire your courage to consider adoption. We will not pretend to know how difficult this decision must be for you.

No matter what choice you make we pray that you find peace and comfort in your heart. We will strive to be the best parents we can possibly be. We promise that your child will come into a loving home surrounded by family.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts