Matt & Ryan

Hello! We're Matt and Ryan

Dear Birth Mother,
Hello! We are Matt and Ryan from Oakland, California! Thank you so much for taking time to get to know us as a potential family for your child.

We respect and admire you choosing open adoption for your child, a choice filled with love. We are excited to share our story with you. Hopefully this profile shows you a glimpse of the life we have to offer and the love we have to give.

How We Met
We met 8 years ago at a friend’s birthday party. From the moment we met we knew there was something special. Matt was going to wait until the next morning to send Ryan a message on Facebook, but couldn’t wait and sent it that night.

We had our first date a few days later. We started to fall hard for each other. It was only three months later that we were telling each other we loved each other on a mountain in Hawaii. We have fun whether we are traveling, snuggling and watching Netflix, going to the gym, or doing some home improvement project.

Fun Facts

Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Favorite Hobby: Gardening

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Way to Relax: Painting

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Hobby: Scuba Diving

Favorite Movie: Star Wars

Favorite Food: Mexican food

Favorite Way to Relax: Meditation

Hello! We're Matt and Ryan

Meet Matt

About Matt by Matt
I grew up with my dad and brothers in Houston, Texas. My dad taught us how to be strong and independent. He was a military veteran and did his best to prepare me for life.

Summers were spent exploring nature or visiting extended family in Austin. I moved to Missouri for college and completed a master’s degree in counseling psychology.

After college I moved to San Francisco, where I began my career as a Marriage and Family Therapist. I’ve often worked with children, teens, and families to help them grow and find more happiness.

Now I am lucky to do something I love and to have my own practice.. I also make my own schedule and work 3 days a week, so I have all the flexibility I need once our new family member arrives.

The number one thing I’m looking forward to doing with our future child is to watch them experience things for the first time. It will be a joy to see the look of wonder as they begin to experience the world.

More About Matt, by Ryan
Matt is empathetic, has a big heart, and is inspiring, all of which will make him a wonderful father.

Matt has an amazing ability to empathize with and connect with kids. Also he has a big heart that he wears on his sleeve.

Matt has to stay away from animal shelters, otherwise he’d be adopting every one of them. He also is the first to offer help to friends or family in need. Matt has spent his life improving himself through his natural curiosity towards personal growth. It is from his journey that he naturally inspires those around him to be more compassionate and loving.

These qualities will be helpful to raise our child and guide our parenting.

Meet Matt

Meet Ryan

About Ryan by Ryan
I grew up in Caledonia, a small town in west Michigan, with my parents and siblings. As a child, I was always exploring the outdoors and being curious about the world.

My parents fostered my curiosity by giving me both a telescope and microscope when I turned ten.

My mother was always encouraging my studies, while my dad would promote self-reliance. It was from him that I learned if I worked hard enough I could do whatever I put my mind to.

After completing my undergraduate degree near home, I moved to San Francisco to pursue a graduate degree in science.

Today I work at the lab in Children’s Hospital, working to keep kids healthy. Every day I assist doctors in the OR (operating room) to perform vital tests. I am fortunate to have a flexible schedule that allows me to take time off when I need to and my work has a generous paternity leave, which will be very helpful when it comes time to bring the new baby home.

When I’m not working, I like to keep fit and healthy by either going to the gym or hiking with friends.

I also enjoy cooking and getting creative with ways to make delicious meals more healthy. One of the things I can’t wait to do with our future child is to encourage their curiosity of the world.

More About Ryan, by Matt
Ryan is playful, creative, and dependable, three of the best qualities of a great father, not to mention husband. Ryan is a big kid at heart and connects with kids instantly.

Be it him spontaneously dancing around the house to Lady Gaga’s “Born this way” or seeing how excited he gets for Halloween, his playful attitude is infectious .

Ryan’s creative side is a wonder to watch whether he is painting a nature scene or constructing a fireplace mantle from scratch.

It will be a joy to watch Ryan teaching our future child and I can’t wait to experience becoming a father with him.

Meet Ryan

Our Loving Families

Ryan’s mother and his siblings and their families live in the suburbs of Grand Rapids, Michigan. His brother and two sisters and their spouses have a total of 11 children. We take an annual trip to visit his family and spend time quality time. The trip is never in winter though :). Ryan is particularly close to his mom, Cheryl, and we just took her on a trip of a lifetime to Australia. It was a wonderful trip and meant so much to us all.

Matt has a large family of 5 older brothers, who each have families of their own. His closet brother, Steve, lives in Chicago with his 14-year-old daughter Maya. We are lucky to have family that is so supportive and loving. Our future child will have so many uncles, aunts, and cousins waiting to welcome them into our extended family.

Our Loving Families

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home & Community
We live in a lovely bungalow in one of the most diverse cities in the US — Oakland, CA.

There is such a rich variety of different cultures, peoples, and customs. It’s a welcoming community, with many children throughout.

Our home is open and bright, with a wonderful deck out back full of greenery and space.

San Francisco is just 15 minutes away and has so many wonderful activities for kids. We can’t wait to take our child to the exploratorium, the ice cream museum, and the aquarium of the bay.

Meet Our Fur Babies

We have three wonderful dogs.

The first to join the family was Minnie, a miniature dachshund. Ryan’s mom gave Ryan Minnie 16 years ago when she weighed no more than 5 pounds. It was love at first sight.

Minnie had a litter of puppies and that’s where Popeye’s story begins. For a good two weeks Popeye walked around with only one eye open, not realizing he had another. Seeing this little guy’s delight when he figured it out was a precious moment. When I met Ryan I had to get the approval of both Minnie and Popeye.

Our puggle, Bowser, joined the family in 2015. The dogs love to go on walks, to get ear rubs, and to snuggle under the covers. We know they will make great buddies with your child.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We promise to be loving parents to your child. We promise your child will know their adoption story. We promise to raise your child in a home filled with love, safety, opportunities, and education.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts