Matthew & Meredith

Meredith & Matthew

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and consider us as the adoptive family for your baby.

We live in Denver, Colorado; in a friendly neighborhood that has a wonderful balance of city and nature. As parents we have strived to raise a confident, curious, respectful individual who is free to follow his own path; and we promise to do the same for your child.

We promise to raise your child knowing the full story of where they came from, and the journey we all experienced in finding each other.

After years of trying to carry a child we were blessed with William, through our surrogate: Meredith’s sister. He has been the best thing to happen to us, but we have always dreamed of a large family (by the way, he is very excited to be an older brother.) We feel strongly about adopting because we have so much love to give and are excited to grow our family.

Our Story
We met in an art education class our senior year of college, however we never dated. Shortly after college, Matt moved to Italy and Meredith moved to Africa. We both continued to teach, however we did so in different countries.

Upon returning to America, we wound up working at the same school, teaching the same grade – completely by chance. After 5 years of being in different countries, Meredith will say, “He walked through that door …and it was instant.”

After dating for 2 years, Matt planned to propose on a weekend trip to the mountains. He kept losing his nerve at every romantic spot, eventually waiting so long that the weekend was almost over. That Sunday morning he walked in and asked me right then and there in the middle of making breakfast, still in my pajamas, standing over the stove scrambling eggs. What Matt hadn’t known was, for some weird reason, I had always pictured my proposal in a simple place … the kitchen. It was perfect.

Meredith & Matthew

Meet Meredith

I was born in Philadelphia. At a young age my mother became the manager of the Ronald McDonald House, a home away from home for families with children diagnosed with cancer.

I think early on I knew what the importance of family was, what a gift life can be, and what it really means to help others. To combat the stresses of my mother’s job my parents eventually bought a beautiful old house on a pond. Our weekends were spent fishing off the dock and swimming, the constant sound of the swinging screen door as my sister and brothers ran outside to chase fireflies.

Evenings were spent over drawn-out dinners listening to the radio and playing cards, falling asleep to the sound of quiet. High school was in Wilmington, Delaware where I joined basketball, volleyball, and lacrosse. I was never very competitive, but always loved being part of a team.

After my first year of college my whole family transplanted and moved to Colorado. It was very different from the East Coast but it is where I found my passion for art, teaching, and travel.

After graduating I moved to Cameroon, Africa and taught at an International school for two years. It was hard being so far from my family and friends but I meet so many amazing people and got to travel to so many beautiful places.

After years of teaching 5th grade I am now teaching part-time Kindergarten. I feel very lucky, I love working with my students but also love spending time with my little guy.

What Matthew Loves About Meredith
Meredith is my best friend, and more than I could have ever hoped for. One of the many things that I love about her is that she sees the beauty in the smallest of things (such as a reflection of swirling colors in a drop of rain). She is passionate about everything that she does, and her excitement comes through in her animated story telling. This passion is also what I feel makes her such an amazing, nurturing, compassionate mother and teacher. She is all around patient with children and at the same time a consistent and constant place to come home to.

Fun Facts:
Loves baking, gardening and remodeling shows
Dreams of owning a house by the water
Gets teary eyed at most movies and songs
Favorite food is homemade pizza
Would love to be a master Ukulele player

Meet Meredith

Meet Matthew

I was born in Denver, CO, where my younger brother and I spent every day – all day – outside: playing in the neighborhood football game, riding skateboards over homemade ramps, exploring all that the world had to offer.
Throughout high school and college I was constant with three things: art, sports, and work.

For 12 years after high school, I pushed my way through colleges, arriving at the University of Colorado – Denver, to end with a Masters in Linguistically Diverse Education. I eventually landed my dream job: an elementary school art teacher. I get to spend every day instilling a passion for art.

During my free time, I enjoy cooking, creating art, or doing something active outside: soccer, snowboarding, bike riding, hiking/camping, running, and gardening. I include Will in all of my adventures, and look forward to doing the same with your child. I believe in giving children as many positive experiences as possible, but always teaching them that they have the freedom of choice to follow any passion that they choose.

What Meredith Loves About Matthew
I hit the jackpot when I met Matthew. He truly is the best man I have ever met. Matthew has a passion for life. Most days there are not enough hours in the day for all he wants to accomplish. He lived in Italy for three years where he learned to cook from the no nonsense ladies in the dormitory kitchen, it’s also where his love for learning the Italian language began. He was there to follow his dream of becoming an artist. In the end this did not happen, but Matthew will say he got something even better – our family. He loves to have fun, with one of his biggest goals in life to make Will and I laugh as much as possible, by all means necessary.

Matthew is a man of few words and shows his love in the everyday small detail: a cup of coffee for me and a bowl of homemade oatmeal with bananas for William. But most importantly he is kind, kind to his parents, kind to his students, and kind to the new people he meets. Matthew is a wonderful husband, an amazing artist, and an even better father.

Fun Facts:
Speaks enough Italian to read a novel
Loves music: Gary Clark Jr. and Ozomatli are my favorites
Favorite foods are Pizza and Tacos
Favorite movie is Star Wars
Runs two 5Ks a year with students from my school

Meet Matthew

Our Family

Meet William
William is an outgoing, adventurous, kind little man. He loves being around his cousins and friends, playing whatever imaginative game is at hand. We asked Will, and he is very excited to be a big brother and “Teach them working and swimming lessons.” “I will hug them, I will keep them safe, and if they are scared of the dark I will keep them from being lonely – I will be right there.”

Favorite Bug – Roly Poly
Favorite Sport – Baseball
Favorite Food – Spaghetti
Favorite Book – What Do People Do All Day – Richard Scarry
Favorite Toy – Duplo Blocks
Favorite Movie – Moana
Favorite Phrases – “Pretend you’re… ” “Would that be a good idea?”
Favorite Activity – Swimming
Favorite Song – Thunder by Imagine Dragons… and Tell Me Why by Great Grandma Alexander

Our Family
We both come from close knit families, where spending time together is a priority. Many weekends are spent at barbecues and get togethers, as well as regular holidays and family vacations to the beach. Both of us have a close relationship with our moms and have enjoyed the benefits of having them live nearby. William loves and respects both of his grandmothers. The entire family is overjoyed with the addition of a new grandbaby!

Our Family

Our Home & Closing Thoughts

Our Home
We live in a quiet/diverse neighborhood in Denver, CO. We are walking distance to elementary schools, a beautiful middle school, multiple parks, the zoo, and the Nature and Science Museum – all of which we visit frequently. We have a sweet brick bungalow with big trees in the front and a spacious green backyard.

As parents we promise to honor your child by:
Surrounding them with unconditional love and support
Giving them the freedom and guidance to follow their life’s passions
Valuing cultures and languages through travel, books, and experience
Filling their days with love, laughter, and fun

Thank You
Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, and we are so looking forward to getting to know you. Thank you for giving us a chance, and we would be filled with joy if you chose us. We truly do appreciate how important this decision is for you as the birth mother.

With Love,

Meredith, Matthew, and William

Our Home & Closing Thoughts