Megan and Steven


We are Megan & Steven, Holly and Richie from Orange County, California! Thank you so much for considering our family. We have always wanted to grow our family and adoption struck a chord with us. We are a blended family and know we have so much love to give to another baby.

Holly, our 7-year-old, cannot wait to have another sibling. She is already a great big sister to her younger brother Richie who is 5. Holly and Richie are Steven’s biological children, but have known Megan as a mother for 3 years. They live with us 50% of the time. We have always wanted to grow our family and although we haven’t ruled out having a biological child, it appears to be something that won’t be able to happen anytime soon. We both knew adoption was our one of many answers to grow our family. We are so excited to love another child and raise them in our amazing family.

About Us: We both had very different paths to finding each other. Steven was previously married with 2 young kids looking for love on the internet. Megan was never married and had dated way too many frogs from every possible online dating site. We met each other for a date 3 years ago. We both knew after the first few dates that we were meant to be together, especially after a romantic time at the county fair winning a very large squatty potty unicorn for Steven’s daughter. Covid tried to ruin our proposal and wedding, but we could not be stopped. We were able to rearrange our wedding one week before to make it an amazing experience with family and friends.

As a married couple, we have only known marriage in quarantine, during the pandemic. We have been able to grow closer. During quarantine we also temporarily fostered several children from families in need through Safe Families. We have also been able to spend more time with our kids this year and it has been great. We have been able to show them different parts of the US and spend time with family members and friends we usually wouldn’t be able to see as much.

Fun Facts About Our Family:

  • We are a blended family.
  • We have 1 dog (a husky- Maddux) and 2 cats (Tuna and Penelope)
  • We love sports. We enjoy watching live and on TV. We are big Saints, Chargers, Braves and University of Oregon fans.
  • We love to travel: New Orleans, Munich, Bend Oregon, Cook Islands and Nashville are some of our favorite places.
  • We are active in our church and community
  • We spend lots of days at the beach
  • We like family bike rides
  • We love eating at the Spaghetti Factory
  • We have fun family game nights

About Megan

About Megan: I grew up in the suburbs outside Portland, Oregon. I wanted to go to college in the sun. So, I decided on Azusa Pacific University in Azusa California, where I got my master’s degree in education. Now, I am a high school special education teacher.

I love working with my students and was also the girls soccer coach at the high school for many years. My schedule is great for a family because I have the same time off as the kids and have summers and holidays off. In my spare time, I love to travel, watch sports and go to the beach.

About Megan by Steven: I met Megan during a very difficult time of my life. When Megan met my kids, she treated them as her own and with love. They loved her back right away. She dramatically changed everyone’s life for the better with her presence, patience, and love. Megan is a big part of her community by co-founding and running Laundry Love Long Beach to help the less fortunate with their weekly laundry and get a small pizza dinner. She also serves at Safe Families where she helps families care for their children temporarily (sometimes for several weeks) while they find work, find housing, get clean, or just rest.

She makes certain our kids are well socialized, responsible, and growing up strong. She also makes sure the kids get the best gifts, something that I miserably fail at. While I am uncertain we can have more biological children of our own, I am certain that Megan will be the best mother to another child, as she has already shown her love to so many others.

Fun Facts About Megan:

  • I have been to 33 countries
  • I have seen Garth Brooks in concert at least 7 times
  • I will travel anywhere to see the New Orleans Saints or Atlanta Braves play
  • I play indoor and outdoor soccer and have been playing since I was 5
  • I volunteer at the USO (United Service Organization) and make meals for military families as they are traveling.


About Megan

About Steven

About Steven: I grew up in the San Fernando Valley (a section of Los Angeles). I attended the University of California Santa Barbara, studying chemical engineering. I work in the aerospace industry, so I thoroughly enjoy commercial airplanes and the future of space.

My job leaves plenty of time for raising children. I was a single dad for a while, so I know my job has the flexibility to add a new member to the family. I enjoy biking (with and without our kids), playing with the kids, museums, traveling, Settlers of Catan, television, and barbequing.

About Steven by Megan: Steven is an amazing dad, it was one of the first things that drew me to him. He is definitely a fun parent. He can be found all hours of the day making up songs with the kids (and by himself). He loves to take them on bike rides and really cherishes that quality time with them. He is the type of dad who would ALWAYS choose to be with his kids and loves to spend every free minute playing with them and teaching them new life skills. We make a great team because we balance each other out in so many ways! I can’t wait to see Steven as a parent from the beginning this time!

Fun Facts About Steven:

  • My favorite food is all you can eat Korean BBQ
  • My favorite music is Soca from the island country of Trinidad. The music is traditionally made for Carnival (Mardi Gras)
  • I am an Eagle Scout
  • I used to lead Walk Bike Glendale, where I supported safe streets initiatives for walking and biking. I used to ride 100+ miles for my birthday every year.
  • I have a craft beer sign collection


About Steven

Meet Holly and Richie

Holly cannot wait to be a big sister again. She asks almost daily for a little sister or brother. She is an amazing caregiver and always puts others ahead of herself. She loves animals and wants to become a zookeeper when she grows up. She’s really into her ninja classes recently, where she mixes tumbling and jumping to complete ninja courses.

Holly’s Favorites:

Food: Mac and Cheese and Megan’s Burritos

Activity: Play with our neighbors

Movie: Rio 1 and Rio 2

Book: The book with no pictures

Holiday: Christmas and her birthday

Richie is a spirited little boy. He easily makes friends wherever he goes and loves reading and puzzles as well as swinging, swimming and scootering. He is extremely loving to our animals and loves to cuddle with them. He also loves to go to the beach and wants to take up surfing when he’s a little older.

Richie’s Favorites:

Food: Lasagna

Activity: Swimming

Movie: Dino King

Book: Magic Tree House

Holiday: Halloween

Our Pets – Meet our dog, Maddux: Maddux is our amazing husky we rescued from the shelter when he was one. He is only a month younger than Holly and LOVES all kids. He loves to play with them, cuddle with them and protect them. He is the world’s friendliest dog and makes friends wherever he goes, he even has his own drink ready for him at Starbucks in the morning when he goes to brighten everyone’s day.

Meet our cats, Penelope and Tuna: Penelope and Tuna are our cats, both of them are about 12 years old. They are both still very playful and loving and think they run the backyard. Tuna especially loves to cuddle every night at the end of Richie’s bed.

Meet Holly and Richie

Our Home and Community

We live in Cypress, California, about 20 minutes outside Los Angeles in Orange County. We live in a quiet neighborhood on a cul-d-sac where the kids love to play on the block with the other kids and ride their bikes and scooters up and down the street. There are many parks within walking distance and we love to scooter or ride to them. Disneyland and the beach are both 20 minutes away! The schools in our district are all top performing schools and have amazing teachers.

Family & Friends: Megan’s family lives in Oregon, however we travel up to them a few times a year and they travel down to see us a few times a year, especially Megan’s mom, Grandma Roxie. Megan’s sister Mallory has a son who is 2 and Holly and Richie love to facetime their “cuz cuz”.

Steven’s family lives an hour away and prior to Covid his parents would stay the night every other week so his mom, Jeanne could volunteer in Holly’s classroom.

Besides biological family we have an amazing group of friends who we see weekly. Many of our friends have kids ranging from 1 month to 7 years old. With our friend family we spend many days at the beach with our kids and fur babies, having football watching parties, days at the fair, park days and just a lot of hang outs where the kids get to grow up together and create many memories. We traveled a lot together before kids and plan to travel a lot as families with our kids. We are excited to be able to share these experiences with our kids, friends and family and create lasting memories that build well rounded children.

In Closing – Thank You: Thank you for considering us. We can’t wait to raise another child with love. Teaching them to be kind, love themselves and others, be adventurous, fun, lifelong learners and uniquely themselves!

~Steven, Megan, Richie and Maddux



Our Home and Community