Melissa & Dina

Getting To Know Us

We are Melissa and Dina and we are so thrilled and honored that you are taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents for your baby. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to share a little bit about who we are as a couple and as potential parents.

We are ready to dedicate our lives to love, support, and nurture your child. We are both so excited to be parents and we can’t wait to start this next stage of our lives. We are humbled by your strength and courage in taking the difficult step to choose adoption.

It is very important to us that we share your story with your child who will always know that you made this sacrifice out of love. Thanks for being our superhero.

Our Story
We met, in true geek fashion, on an online dating site and very quickly fell in love. On our first date, we bonded our over mutual love of movies and cats.

Melissa proposed to Dina during a trip to her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2017, we married at the beach in San Diego surrounded by our loved ones. Dina’s best friend of 26 years performed the ceremony. We had our favorite movies (the Neverending Story and Doctor Strangelove) playing during our reception at a craft brewery and Dina sewed custom heart pillows for every guest.

Our goal is to enjoy every moment of life and to always keep growing and evolving.

Getting To Know Us

About Melissa

A little bit about Melissa, by Dina
Melissa is unlike anyone I’ve ever met. She’s intelligent, thoughtful, and strong. I am constantly surprised by her capacity for growth and change.

My favorite thing in the world is making her smile and I can’t wait to raise a child with her. I know she will do it with an abundance of love and with her own unique brand of intelligence and grace.

Melissa’s Work
I work in TV as a Visual Effects Producer. I’m living my childhood dreams by working with tons of like-minded and creative people and I was even recently nominated for an Emmy award. I’m also really lucky that my company allows for a much more stable work life than many other people in the industry.

Melissa Outside of Work
I’ve always been a quiet and thoughtful person who learned to come out of my shell more and more as I grew older. Overall, every year I want to be a better person than I was the year before.

Things I’m Passionate About:

Writing – I love the art and structure of telling stories. As a child I wanted to learn everything, and that means I’m constantly expanding myself and my knowledge.

Fitness – I never feel entirely happy unless regular exercise is a part of my life.

Animals – My home would never feel complete without them.

Friends – I have met some truly amazing people since I moved out to Los Angeles from Arizona over 15 years ago.

I also love Technology & building computers, Sunday brunches, the beach, Music (especially video game scores), sunshine, and Animation

About Melissa

About Dina

A spotlight on Dina, by Melissa
Dina is the kindest woman I’ve ever known. She’s smart, loving, and has an endless amount of empathy toward other people and animals. She’s a natural leader and she keeps me grounded with her pragmatism and organization.

I knew very quickly once we first met that she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life and raise a family with.

Dina’s Work
I work in entertainment and love going to work every day at a creative company with a rich Hollywood history.

I really like my co-workers and it’s my job to help solve problems, mentor, give advice, and to organize people and projects. My Human Resources job is stable and will allow me to work from home, have flexible hours, and spend lots of time with our new family

Dina Outside of Work

I’m a huge geek and I’m passionate about:

Attending Comic-Con in costume

Reading, especially sci-fi and fantasy

Yoga and meditation

Attending and listening to musical theatre

Sewing my own fashionably geeky clothes

Baking for friends, family, and local foster children

My friends, some of which I’ve known for decades

I also love puzzles & games, coffee, Disney movies, cacti, and the rain. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have obtained multiple degrees, travel the world, and work at some amazing places like NASA. I love discovering new things and I can’t wait to pass on my love of learning to a child.

About Dina

Our Home and Loved Ones

Our Home and Neighborhood
Our home is filled with love, peace, and fun. It has geeky art on the walls, comfy places for people (and cats) to sit, many collector’s Blu-ray movies, shelves full of books, and cute pillows. We’ve got a dedicated workout space, a cute little patio, and many spices for our cooking adventures. We’ve got an extensive game and puzzle collection and we love having friends and family over for game nights.

We live in a quiet neighborhood outside of the city within walking distance of theatres, restaurants, and the Metro. There’s a gigantic park a few blocks away that’s the perfect place for family walks and picnics. There’s a YMCA, kid-friendly exercise places, and a public Recreation Center all within a mile.

Our Furry Family

• Shinji is our 16 year-old Maine Coon. He is sweet, soft, and has the most amazing meow in the world.

• Charlie is 4 and she is the smartest, most empathetic cat we’ve ever met. She’s very good at getting us to give her extra food with her adorable meow.

• Luna is 3 and she’s the glue that holds our feline household together. She is kind, gentle, silly, and beautiful.

Friends and Family
We’re both so lucky to have many people in our lives who love and support us.

We both have extremely supportive families, and they’re all so excited to welcoming a new member of the family, especially Dina’s Mom who lives just a few miles away and can’t wait to finally be a Grandmother.

Our families have taught us the important of unconditional love, acceptance, growth, and fighting hard for the ones you love.

We each have dear friends from many walks of life who teach us the importance of loyalty, celebrating our differences, and creating your own chosen family.

Our Home and Loved Ones

Our Promise

To Your Child, We Promise To
1. Create and share family traditions

2. Help spark a passion for learning

3. Teach kindness and love above all things

4. Encourage their creativity and uniqueness

5. Make them feel safe, loved, respected, and valued

6. Give them the tools they will need to thrive

7. Laugh often and encourage them to find joy in the little things

8. Tell them your story

Our Promise