Michiel & Yuan

Hello from Michiel and Yuan

Dear Birth Mother: Hi! We are Michiel and Yuan from The Netherlands. Thank you so much for reading our profile. We feel humbled and thrilled that you are considering us to be your child’s adoptive family. Words cannot express the deepest respect we have for the selfless and courageous choice you are considering. Please know that, if chosen, we will do all we can to give your child the best possible childhood and future in life. We wish you all the best.

Our Story: We met online in 2008, in our early twenties. Before we met in person, we sent each other lengthy daily emails for two months, sharing many everyday and personal stories.

When we finally met, it was love at first sight! In 2009, we moved in together and on 12-12-12 Yuan asked Michiel to marry him with a big romantic gesture: he lured Michiel to a small theater with fake tickets, where he had arranged an intimate candlelit dinner for two. Of course, Michiel said yes! We entered into a civil union the next year with a lovely ceremony and a boat trip with our closest family and friends in our hometown Zwolle. The two of us have been happily together ever since.

Now, we are more than ready to begin the next chapter of our life and let the two of us become the three of us!

About Adoption: Early in our relationship, we discussed our shared wish of starting a family. We can’t wait to give a child the most loving and caring childhood possible.
Adoption feels very natural to us. Yuan’s foster sister adopted her son in 2018. We also have many friends who have adopted their children.

We have chosen to adopt from the U.S. because Dutch domestic adoption is rare. Our hearts go out to the great openness of the U.S. adoption process, because we want your child to know the story of his/her birth and understand your selfless decision in considering adoption. As a birth parent, you will always play a special part in your child’s life to the degree that you are comfortable with.

Things We Love To Do Together:
• Spending time with family and friends.
• Playing board games and escape rooms.
• Enjoying great food.
• Watching movies and going to the theatre.
• Traveling. We really loved New York and are definitely planning to see more of the U.S.
• Amusement parks: loving both the roller coasters and the kids rides.
• Being active: we especially love indoor climbing.
• Staying at home and relaxing.

Hello from Michiel and Yuan

Meet Yuan

About Yuan, written by Yuan: I was born in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, a provincial capital in the south of the Netherlands. I grew up in a cozy rural village nearby with my warm and loving foster family who consider me their son and brother. At the same time, I maintained a good relationship with my biological Chinese family. I have a younger biological sister (Yili), an older biological brother (Kwan) and two older foster sisters (Mariëlle and Wendy).

After high school, I moved to Groningen, a lively university city in the north of the country, where I met and fell in love with Michiel. I also finished my Master’s degrees in both medicine and psychology there. In the summer of 2014, I started working as a general practitioner/family doctor with a special interest in pediatric medicine and child psychology.

Meet Yuan, written by Michiel: Yuan is my best friend and the love of my life. He’s a sensitive, caring and ambitious romantic, who isn’t afraid to dream big. Yuan is home to me. I can truly be myself around him and he gives me a place to rest my head. We can laugh and cry together. Yuan will be an amazing dad; I am sure of it. He will love our future child with all his heart and teach him/her to follow his/her dreams.

Meet Yuan

Meet Michiel

About Michiel, written by Michiel: My childhood was spent with my wonderful mom, dad and older brother Bastiaan. We lived in Zwolle, a provincial capital, centrally located in the Netherlands. Our parents taught us the joy of learning and trying new things. They gave us a warm and safe place to flourish and grow, while loving us unconditionally. I fondly remember our family camping vacations in France: roaming the countryside, visiting beautiful cities and natural sites, enjoying good food and playing card games until late in the evening.

In college, I earned my Master’s degree in philosophy and a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. There I met some of the loveliest people I will ever know, including my favorite person in the world: Yuan. I also studied in Berlin (Germany) for six months, which was one of the best times of my life. I now work as a senior nurse in a psychiatric hospital, helping people with mental health problems.

Meet Michiel, written by Yuan: Michiel is the most caring and loving person I know. I love his humor, creativity and honesty and so much more about him. Most of all I love the fact that he is always willing to help other people, no matter how big or small the request. They say home is where the heart is. I trust Michiel with my whole heart and from the moment we met I just felt safe and at home with him. I truly feel privileged to be able to call him my best friend and partner.

Meet Michiel

Our Family and Friends

Our Loving Family and Friends: Our family and friends mean the world to us. We see them often, mostly for no other reason than to enjoy each other’s company. We always support each other and help each other out. We love spending the holidays together. Those are great ‘excuses’ for having big yet cozy dinners together and sharing homemade food. We go all out for Dutch Secret Santa, writing special poems, making surprise gifts and giving presents. We can’t wait to make the holidays even more special with a little one of our own.

Our nephews and nieces regularly come to stay with us for the weekend. We have a lot of fun together, playing boardgames, baking pies, going to the cinema or amusement parks.

Michiel’s mother and brother (and his family) live in the same city as us (Zwolle). Yuan’s family is only an hour´s drive away.

Many of our friends have started their families around the same time that we began our path towards adoption. Several of our close friends have even been fortunate enough to be able to adopt their lovely children as well.

All of our family and friends know about our plans to adopt and every one of them has been very loving and supportive. Like us, they cannot wait to welcome a child into their hearts.

Notes From Loved Ones:
Bastiaan (Michiel’s brother) Yuan and Michiel are both loving, caring and loyal to the ones they love. They are always ready to help and listen to other people’s problems. I believe they will provide their future child with the same amount of loving and caring devotion.

Mariëlle (Yuan’s foster sister) My children love to stay with Yuan and Michiel on weekends and during their holidays. They feel very much at home with them. When we have a family gathering, they always play tag, jump on the trampoline, talk, play games and make jokes together. They will be wonderful fathers.

Aisha (One of our best friends) Unconditional love, abundant empathy, patience and grace – these are the main characteristics that come to mind when I think of Yuan and Michiel. Not only are they my best friends and “adoptive brothers”, they will also be wonderfully caring parents to any child in need of a warm and ever-loving home.

Our Family and Friends

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: We are very happy with our home in the suburbs of Zwolle, a medium sized city in Dutch terms with a population of 125,000. We live in a spacious house in a neighborhood with many young families. There are a lot of good daycare centers, schools, playgrounds and beautiful parks nearby. We get along great with our neighbors and help each other out. Both of us work in Zwolle and can get to our workplaces by bike in 10 minutes.

What We Love About The Netherlands:
• The Netherlands has great health care, education and social security. It is a safe and comfortable place to grow up and raise a family.
• It’s a compact little country. From our centrally located hometown Zwolle we can reach most of our family and friends within 5 to 90 minutes.
• Most cities are not too big, with beautiful historical centers, and the countryside nearby. There are also much larger cities, like Amsterdam, which is only a 60-minute-drive away.
• There is beautiful nature and scenery: from the vast woodlands of the Veluwe; to the many riverscapes; and the dunes and beaches of the Wadden Islands.
• We love our bicycles and ride them everywhere. They are ideal for short distance travel and the bike ways are very comfortable, numerous and safe.
• The Netherlands is a multicultural country with people from many different races and backgrounds living together.

What Being Parents Means To Us:
• Giving our future child a warm, loving and stable home, with plenty of fun and laughter and room for being sad, afraid or angry too.
• Making sure they know and feel that they can always be themselves; that we love, cherish and support them unconditionally.
• Teaching our future child to be kind and to enjoy the little things in life.
• Passing on the joy of learning and trying new things! Teaching them to have an open heart and an open mind.
• Always being interested in and curious about what interests and fascinates him/her.
• Seeking the best possibilities for education.
• Living healthily: eating well, getting plenty of fun physical exercise and taking enough time to unwind.
• Making clear that sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.

Thank you for your consideration: If you choose us, we promise that we will always make sure that your child will get our unconditional love and all the support they need to be a happy and healthy child.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts