Mike and Elizabeth

Hello and Thank You!

We are Mike, Elizabeth & Kaylin from Southern California. We want to thank you for taking the time to read more about us! Words cannot describe how much we admire your selfless choice. We can only imagine the mix of emotions you are feeling right now and we want you to know that you are our hero in this difficult decision. Thank you for your courageousness!

We would enjoy the opportunity to adopt so that we can grow our family. After having our biological daughter we tried for many years to have another child. We are no longer medically able to have children and there is so much LOVE for us to give. Mike, being a social worker, dreamed of adopting a child one day and Elizabeth’s selfless love and open heart can’t wait to adopt. We are hopeful that your decision will give you the peace & confidence in knowing that there is a family in us ready to provide, care & LOVE your baby with all of our hearts.

Getting to Know Us – by Elizabeth: We have been happily married for 8 years and are parents to our wonderful 7 year old biological daughter, Kaylin, who can’t wait to be a big sister. Our marriage is full of love, respect, and the joys of family-time. We met just over 10 years ago and it was love at first sight! Mike, a retired Navy veteran, has the biggest heart a woman can ask for. Mike shared with me on our second date that he was in love. It took me a couple months to truly believe him, but it was his compassion and sincerity that made me believe and fall in love.

By Mike: Elizabeth is one of the most fun loving caring mothers and wife a man could wish for. Elizabeth felt that the stars aligned when she met me and then they aligned again when we had our daughter. Now it is time again for those stars to align for our growing family. Both of us have so much love to give and having a large family is in our stars and hearts! It is our HEARTFELT DREAM to be able to love and care for another child.

We Enjoy the Outdoors!

  • Bike rides & nature hikes
  • Walks on the beach & family swimming
  • Spending the day at Disneyland
  • Children’s Museum visits

Our Home Traditions:

  1. Easter egg hunt
  2. Mother’s Day brunch
  3. Big birthday parties
  4. 4th of July BBQ & fireworks
  5. Thanksgiving feast
  6. Holiday cookie baking & gingerbread house making
  7. New Year’s Eve karaoke & game night
Hello and Thank You!

Meet Mike

Meet Mike, by Elizabeth: As soon as I met Mike I knew he was one of the most caring, selfless, compassionate persons’ I would ever meet. Mike served his country for many years sacrificing his own time and his life for our freedom. Having been retired from the Navy for almost 10 years now, Mike continues to help others through his work as a Social Worker. He recently made himself available to work from home to be open to care for a young child. He has helped many people through difficult times and continues to be selfless in his spare time by helping the homeless and underprivileged children. Mike also shares his compassion with our daughter, teaching her patience and respect. Becoming a DAD was one of life’s biggest wishes for Mike and he treasures every moment.

More on Mike: Mike also enjoys making people smile and laugh. He is a man of many words and enjoys telling stories, being the life of the party, and just making people laugh by acting silly and goofy. Having an enjoyable life includes lots of LAUGHTER and love and Mike is really good at it! His smile is contagious. He is such a wonderful father to Kaylin and I can’t wait to see him become a father again!


Meet Mike

Meet Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth, by Mike: Elizabeth is kind, compassionate, intelligent and charming. She has been the most heartwarming and supportive spouse that a veteran could have asked for. She prides herself on our daughter, Kaylin, being her best friend and enjoys teaching her life lessons in a creative and supportive way. They spend quality mother-daughter time baking cookies or our favorite banana chocolate chip muffins.

Elizabeth works in finance helping others plan for the future. Elizabeth works close to home with a flexible work schedule and is able to take the first year off of work to spend with the family. Elizabeth also spends her spare time giving back to the community and involves our family. She frequently works with groups that help underprivileged children and cancer organizations. These selfless acts help to show our daughter about the value of giving back.

Elizabeth is very dedicated to our family and she makes our time together spent with fun, laughter, and enjoyment. She is a very crafty person and each year she organizes themed birthday parties for our daughter, Kaylin. Elizabeth is an identical twin and very close to her twin sister. She would love our daughter to have that same closeness with a brother or sister that she could share experiences with. Being able to be a mother to another child is her DREAM!

Meet Elizabeth

Home Sweet Home

We love our home and neighborhood! We live in a 2-story home in a relaxing, family friendly neighborhood in Orange County, California near beaches and attractions such as Disneyland. We both grew up in our neighborhood and were lucky to have bought our dream home there as well. We are close with our neighbors and regularly host and attend gatherings – a special one is during Halloween. We LOVE to dress up as a family and trick or treat around our neighborhood. We also live in a place with some of the best schools in the country. We live one block away from our daughter’s preschool and the local elementary school, which gives us the convenience of walking. In our home, we love entertaining, spending time outside on our playground & hosting birthday parties.

Meet Big Sister Kaylin: Kaylin is our sweet, fun spirited 7 year old daughter who loves her independence as well as being mommy and daddy’s big helper. She loves to help cook and bake in the kitchen as well as help daddy outdoors. Kaylin has a giving heart and wanted to cut 10 inches of her hair to donate it to children in need (this was her first haircut ever). Kaylin would love to be a big sister to share these special memories with.

“I would love you every day because you are so special to me and my family.” – Kaylin

Kaylin’s Favorites

  • Food: Macaroni & Cheese, pizza & strawberries
  • Outdoor: Spend time at the park
  • Activity: Read books & draw pictures
  • Disney Characters: Princess Tiana
Home Sweet Home

Meet Our Family and Friends

Meet our Family & Friends: We are fortunate to have a very supportive and caring family who all live nearby. Having been raised with a close-knit family, we spend a great deal of quality time together – especially on weekends and holidays! With 3 generations on Elizabeth’s side of the family, we are able to spend time together regularly with grandparents and even great grandparents for Kaylin. Whether it is going to the beach, swimming, park trips, or holiday time, we just LOVE being together. Also, many of our close friends we consider family! We have a number of longtime friends just miles away and we have friends who live across the country. With Mike having been in the military, many close friends we are able to visit across the country and take family trips exploring new places.

Our Family Bucket List – Just a few things we can’t wait to do with our children…

  • Disney cruise
  • Summer vacation in Hawaii
  • Travel cross country in an RV with family & friends
  • Winter trip to the Polar Express in Arizona
  • Annual winter trips to cabins in local mountains

Meet Kobe: We rescued Kobe aka “Bruiser” who is a pitbull mix and has been a great addition to our family. We love spending quality time with him on our daily walks and just snuggling on the couch!

5 Things we will Teach our Child

  1. Say “Please & Thank you”
  2. Tell the truth
  3. Laugh & have fun
  4. Be patient & caring
  5. Sharing is caring

We Promise To…

  1. Love your child with all of our hearts
  2. Celebrate and experience the best of life together
  3. Be supportive and caring parents
  4. Teach your child love and respect
  5. Always smile and make happy

Our Hopes & Dreams: Our DREAM is to grow our family through adoption. We promise to pick up our children when they fall down, encourage our children when they are sad, and LOVE our children each and every day for the rest of our lives.

We would be so LUCKY to grow our family through adoption and you have our PROMISE that we will love your child unconditionally with all of our hearts and will share their special adoption story of faith, love, and courage that brought us all together.

Thank you for considering us and allowing our dream to come true. We are truly blessed and grateful for you to get to know us and we would love to hear from you to start our adoption journey!

Mike, Elizabeth, and Kaylin

Meet Our Family and Friends