Mike & Nicole


We can’t tell you how much we admire your courage in choosing adoption and we’re humbled that you picked our profile to read.

We’re a unique, down-to-earth couple living in Los Angeles, California. Since our earliest days together we’ve wanted to build a family. However, we’ve had difficulty doing so on our own. Fortunately, adoption has always been a part of our plans. We have friends and relatives who adopted remarkable kids, so we’re surrounded by experience and support. There’s nothing we want more than to provide your child with an opportunity to thrive in a nurturing, supportive and joyful home where she/he will be loved, understood and encouraged.

We can’t imagine the difficulty of your decision, so we’re eager to answer any questions you have. No matter which family you choose, we think you’re remarkably brave.



We make each other laugh. We met as co-workers at a small restaurant near our college. We shared a weirdo sense of humor that made shifts fly by and jumped on an opportunity to split an apartment. As roommates, we spent long nights sitting on the porch, watching fireflies, talking about life. We shared our hopes and dreams, became best friends and eventually life partners.

We got married in 2008 and vowed we’d never take our lives for granted. We’ve had adventures, moved from one coast to the other and made wonderful friends. We’ve enjoyed each other’s triumphs and supported each other through hardship. Our love grows every day and we can’t wait to share that love with a child.

Fun facts about us:

• We want to visit every US National Park
• We take swimming classes together
• We’re both big Harry Potter nerds (and both Gryffindors!)
• Our karaoke standard is “Jackson” by Johnny & June Carter Cash



Nicole likes sharks. She’s the only person I’ve met who can watch Jaws and say “aw, isn’t he cute!?” It’s classic Nicole – seeing the beauty in things when others can’t. Nicole thrives in fresh air, pine trees and flowers. She loves to climb, hike, stretch and explore. She’d never take the same route twice if she didn’t have to.

Nicole also has the rare ability to listen with genuine interest, compassion and curiosity – an attribute that will make her a great comfort to a child. She is warm and funny in a way that puts people at ease. Neighbors from all over go out of their way to say hello and share time with her.

She connects with children in a special way – speaking them on their level – listening, never condescending – making sure they’re understood. She’ll be the most empathetic parent anyone could hope for. She’s one of a kind and I love her more than words can express.

Nicole also built a successful business as an artist – no small feat. no small feat. It took hard work, patience and persistence. It’s an example of dedication she brings to everything in her life. She creates artwork for clients all over the world. She sets her own schedule and has a home studio. It’s the perfect career for raising a child!

Nicole’s parents live in Westchester, New York, in a house her grandfather built. Her father is a kid at heart. He loves comic books, cartoons and any movie that features talking puppies. Her mother is quiet and creative. She loves gardens, houses and beautiful things. Nicole also has a lively extended family that gathers every year for an annual “Cousin’s Campout” where the whole family enjoys the outdoors together.



Mike made me laugh like nobody else the very first day we met. He did his interpretation of what indecipherable handwriting sounds like. I thought, “I LIKE this guy!”

Mike loves trivia, history and understanding complex systems. People are drawn to his unique perspective, sense of humor and compassion. At community meetings, work events, or playing games with friends, Mike naturally emerges as a leader. He encourages people to find their best self. Babies love to watch his expressiveness and laugh at his goofy faces. He will be a comforting and involved father.

Mike is a writer by trade, but he’s a teacher at heart. He loves the magical moment when a child understands something for the first time. Once, he taught our friends’ daughter about Pi and the concept of infinity. She immediately ran to share her newfound knowledge with everyone around. That special memory is a glimpse into what a wonderful father he will be.

Mike is a writer for the NBC TV Show Chicago Fire a show about heroism, family and community. It’s his dream come true to be able to support a household doing what he loves. He’s allowed 6-10 weeks of vacation a year, giving him time to focus fully on family.

Mike’s family is ethnically diverse. Family gatherings involve Irish dancing, mariachi music and traditional Syrian food. His mother showers children with gifts. His father delights in sparking young minds with jokes and visits to historical landmarks. We see them often.



We live in a cozy apartment overlooking hills and palm trees with two adorable sister kitties who we rescued after discovering them playing in our front yard. Our neighborhood, Silver Lake, is one of the most desirable places to live in Los Angeles. It’s quiet and community focused. It has a stellar primary school, public garden and farmer’s market. We plan to buy a house in the next year or so.

We have a loving group of friends with babies who area eager to welcome a new kiddo into the tribe.

Our promise to you…

• We will encourage your child to discover their own gifts and talents.

• We will introduce them to diverse forms of art, music and culture.

• We will foster a love of physicality and the outdoors.

• We will provide a home that is safe, loving and playful.

• We won’t always be perfect parents, but we promise that we will give this child an opportunity to grow into their truest self and leave their mark on the world.

We hope our profile gave you a sense of who we are. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about us, our parenting plans and the life we want to provide for our child. Thank you so much.