Miles & Steven

Hello! We are Miles and Steven

Dear Birth Mother: Our names are Miles and Steven. We are two Dutch guys ready for the next step in our life, becoming a family. Thank you for taking the time to read more about us! We’re excited to hopefully get to know you on this journey.

We have known we want to be parents for a very long time- since we became a couple 14 years ago! Mentally we were ready for it and spent the past couple of years preparing for a family by moving out of the busy city to a smaller village where we are closer to family and friends – it is a perfect environment to welcome a baby into our family.

We understand this is one of the most difficult situations, to consider adoption for your baby. Whatever the outcome will be, we want you to find the strength and love to make the best decision.

Here’s Our Story: Our relationship began with a mistake- a mistake we are both very grateful for! We had just met online, and had been “chatting” a bit to get to know one another. Later that day Miles sent a message to an old college friend, suggesting meeting for drinks to catch up. By mistake he sent Steven the message- who immediately said yes! Miles was embarrassed by his mistake, but didn’t want to bail out so we made a date to meet at a small café.

We talked all evening until Miles needed to catch his last train. The next date was already planned before we were both back home. And the rest is history!

Our Interests & Hobbies
• Because of our busy life, we explored new interests such as hiking in the forest, cycling together, going to museums and binge-watching during cold winter days in front of the fireplace.
• We have had success in our careers, invested in lots of travels to explore new cultures and have grown even more in our relationship.
• We travelled to Spain, Greece, Croatia, Sweden, England, Morocco, France, Italy, Portugal, Thailand, Indonesia and a number of other places. We can’t wait to show our future child the world.

5 Things We Love To Do:
• Traveling exploring new cultures and places
• Hiking
• Steven cooking and Miles baking
• Going to museums
• Binge watching Netflix series such as Suits, Luther, BBC crime series and Stranger Things

Hello! We are Miles and Steven

Meet Steven

Steven Loves: Miles, Velvet (our cat), snowboarding, vanilla ice cream, hiking and wood crafts.

About Steven: My parents thought that they were not able to have children, so when I was born they called me a Gift of God. I had a very loving and carefree childhood.

My mother is already 89 and she still lives in the house where I grew up. Once a week I pay her a visit to help her buy groceries and to cook some meals. She is a strong woman from whom I learned to never forget to focus on all the positive things in life.

I always wanted to have my own family with children. My best friend Peter and his wife adopted two children from Philadelphia. We see them growing up and this helped us decide to adopt a child from the US.

My Career: I work as a manager at the ANWB (In the US it is called AAA) for 20 years now. I am responsible for the contracting network of the road patrols in the Netherlands. I love my job because it is all about helping people in troubled situations.

Miles About Steven: For almost 15 years Steven has been the love of my life. We are both creative, Steven in wood crafts and me, more in the garden and decorations. And maybe the most important thing is that we cherish the same values and beliefs. He is my anchor, motivator and I know for sure he will be a perfect dad. I cannot wait to see him cherish and hug our future child. He will be supportive and will guide him or her along his/her path.

Fun Facts and Favorites:
• Can’t Live Without: Snowboarding
• Childhood Activity: Building Legos
• Hobby: Woodworking
• Place To Take A Child: Hiking in the woods
• Source of Inspiration: Nature
• Vacation Spot: Indonesia, France

Meet Steven

Meet Miles

Miles Loves: Steven, Velvet (our cat), Fashion, Travel, Gardening and Baking my famous pie.

About Miles: I grew up together with my father, mother and younger sister in a caring community. At a young age I met my BFF Francisca at primary school, and she is still my best friend. Both my grandparents played a big role in my life.

I inherit the love for fashion, fabrics, and sewing from my grandmother (and mother) and gardening from my grandfather (and mother). I am the fourth generation and only grandson working again in fashion which made my grandmother very proud. They both passed away but their love and memories are still very much alive.

As long as I can remember I’ve known I want to be a dad. Carrying, protecting and guiding a child is something I very much look forward to. I cannot wait to hold him/her, giving all the love I have to give. Together with Steven I know we will give him/her a steady and loving home.

My Career: I am a senior product developer in the fashion industry. I work with a lot with different people from all kinds of nationalities. Within the company alone we have over 60 different nationalities.

I travel once or twice a year to meet the colleagues and manufacturer with whom I am working with. When a baby comes, I will work 4 days so I can spend more time at home.

Steven About Miles: From the moment I met Miles we had a very strong connection. We help each other develop in life and as people. Miles is a very friendly, open and loving person. Miles always wants to help people, family, friends or colleagues at work. Miles is passionate about fashion wherein he also has his career. As we always wanted to have a family, I am sure that Miles with his background and character will be a fantastic dad!

Fun Facts and Favorites:
• Can’t live without: Chocolate
• Childhood activity: Swinging in the garden
• Hobby: Tending garden, sewing
• Place to take a child: Artis (famous dutch zoo)
• Source of inspiration: Fashion, museums, historical buildings
• Vacation spot: Italy, Florence and Bali

Meet Miles

Our Loving Families

Steven became even closer with his mother after his father passed away almost a decade ago. Although he is an only child, we have a yearly family day and we often see family during Holidays, Easter and Christmas.

Miles’ parents are divorced, his mother still lives in Bilthoven as well as his sister Lauren with her boyfriend Stefan. His father lives only 30 minutes away where Miles was born in Lelystad together with his second wife Marjorie. We are so lucky to have them living near us and they are a big part of our lives.

Our friends are vibrant and diverse. Because our family is little, all of our friends are really important to us. Most of our friends have or are having young kids.

Miles’ best friend Francisca, her husband and their toddler Maurits live only 20 minutes way. We are lucky to frequently babysit Maurits. We have a special connection with Steven’s best friend, Peter, as he and his wife adopted two children from Philadelphia, Boaz and Lente. We have a very strong bond with them.

Our Family Traditions:
• Kingsday – We spend this holiday with friends, where everybody is wearing orange, our national color.
• Sinterklaas – It’s typical Dutch Santa Claus who is celebrating his birthday by giving presents to the kids on the 5th of December. We cannot wait to introduce your child to this typical Dutch tradition.
• Christmas – We enjoy cooking with friends and spending time during these days with family. Every year Miles cannot wait to decorate the Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments.
• Thanksgiving and Halloween – We hope to in integrate these in our traditions so your child will also know these American traditions.

Our Loving Families

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: We live in the Netherlands, a country in northwestern Europe, best known for it’s flat landscape with canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling. In 2018 we moved out of the city to a smaller village to prepare for becoming parents.

If you were to mark it with a pin, our village is just in the center of Holland. Our house has a huge garden with plenty of trees and grass.

Friends often say we just live in the forest, because the setting is so natural and green. We live on a beautiful silent avenue with big oaks where kids often play around and people can walk their dogs in the nearby forest. We live in a vibrant, family-oriented neighborhood close to good schools and our family. We are very lucky that many of our neighbors have children of all ages.

We live in a beautiful, historic house with 6 bedrooms; so plenty of space to start a family.

Our Cat, Velvet: We rescued Velvet from a cat breeder where she wasn’t able to breed kittens anymore. She’s a Maine Coon mix and has been a part of our family for 6 years. She was quite shy in the beginning but turned out to be a playful, confident and a very affectionate cat. She can be really funny when she’s jumping around to catch her toy. She loves to cuddle and sit together with us in the evenings.

Our Promise to You and Your Child: Together we are a steady team and we will give your child a steady and loving home.

Miles cannot wait to teach our future child about the flowers, fruits and vegetables from the garden. And Steven cannot wait to build stuff from Lego blocks with our future child.

We look forward to helping and guiding them during the hurdles of life and showing him/her the beautiful cultures the world has to offer.

Hopefully you have an understanding of who we are as a couple and who we want to be as parents. We can’t wait to welcome a little person into our world!

Our Home and Closing Thoughts