Mitch & Christina

Christina & Mitch in CO!

Dear Birth Mother: Thank you for taking the time to review our profile and learn a bit about us! We appreciate your interest in getting acquainted with us and considering us as adoptive parents. We have tremendous respect for you and realize the difficult decisions that have been on your shoulders. Rest assured, in our home your child will be loved unconditionally…guided and encouraged. Becoming parents is a desire that comes with our eagerness to provide confidence, compassion, kindness, adventure, opportunity and education. Although for the past few years, unexplained infertility has kept us from realizing our dream of children, we are so excited to now walk through our adoption journey with you.

We hope this gives you a glimpse into our lives, the family and home your child would grow up in, and the supportive and nurturing environment that we call home. We hope that we can be a part of your adoption journey and are honored by your consideration.

A Little Bit About Our Story: W e met over 4 years ago through a dating website and it took a few months for us to finally get to see each other as Christina lived in New Mexico – and Mitch lived in Colorado. We immediately clicked and knew there was something special. Our first date was a day filled with adventure; kayaking, visiting a winery, a movie, lots of food and comfortable conversation.

It wasn’t long after multiple long distance trips that we knew it was undeniable love and Christina moved to our home in Colorado where we live now. Mitch proposed to Christina on our deck overlooking the Colorado Rockies and we were married at our church one month later. Shortly after, we held another big celebration at our home with a host of family and friends – a celebration complete with BBQ, horse rides, Model A rides, horseshoe contests and more! Another beautiful day with family and friends we will always cherish.

We’re a very active couple and enjoy spending our free time adventuring together. More than spouses, best friends who share common beliefs, values and faith. Whether it’s going to sporting events, camping/hiking/fishing in the mountains, attending our favorite country music concerts, dinners and fun with friends & neighbors, or playing games and binge watching movies on a snowy night, we enjoy spending this time together.

A Few Things We Like To Do Together:
• Travel, we love exploring places we haven’t seen.
• Playing in the mountains, whether it’s a ski resort for the weekend or going for a hike.
• Watching movies, on a cold snowy night.
• Watching and playing sports
• Hanging out with our friends and neighbors.

Christina & Mitch in CO!

Meet Christina

I grew up in Northern California and my brothers and I were very close, and still are! We all had lots of friends growing up and always had a house full of people – enjoying CA and all that our community had to offer. We were all involved in many activities as a family – participating in various activities and sporting events. I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to experience so many family adventures, memories I’ll cherish forever, and new memories I’ll be sure to create with our future child.

More About Christina, by Mitch: CHRISTINA IS MY BEST FRIEND! Her courage moving to Colorado and “taking that leap” for me was a testament to her braveness and strength of our relationship. She is calm, gentle and kind – handling life’s trials with grace and confidence. Although sometimes I think she wonders what I am doing with house projects and adventures, she supports me, always willing to put her family first.

She will make the best nurturing Mom! I am so excited to become a parent with this amazing woman – I’m lucky and proud to call my wife!

Education & Work Life: I attended college at Sonoma State University in the North Bay, CA, majoring in Biological Anthropology. Using my degree, I worked at the Oakland zoo. A fantastic experience – but was ready for a change. I moved to Albuquerque to work at a credit union where I lived for 6 years until I met Mitch. I now work at a mortgage servicing company in Colorado performing dispute resolution services.

WHEN WE ADOPT, I PLAN ON WORKING ONLY PART TIME, DEVOTING THE REST OF MY TIME CARING FOR A NEW BABY. With Mitch’s flexible work schedule, he will also have ample time to care for a child and is so looking forward to it. Babysitting, no problem – we have two reliable neighborhood mothers with grown kids of their own who are looking forward to the opportunity of lending a hand with child care.

Meet Christina

Meet Mitch

I grew up in Colorado in a very loving and supportive home. My fondest childhood memories were of following my Dad around the house to fix/build house projects. Nightly family dinners were always an adventure with constant laughing and 3 sons wrestling over who was in charge of clean-up.

I enjoy volunteering for several work associations which I have found to be a very rewarding experience. I also volunteer at the local rodeo each year along with being extremely involved in our church, where I’m an elder. Our faith is very strong and we hope to raise a child in such a supportive and caring environment.

More About Mitch, by Christina: I FELL IN LOVE WITH MITCH THE MOMENT I MET HIM…AND 4 YEARS LATER, I LOVE HIM MORE THAN EVER. If I had to define him in one word it would be, selfless. I have never known anyone so willing to give of himself like he does.

HE IS A STRONG, DEPENDABLE MAN, BUT HE IS ALSO IN TOUCH WITH HIS SOFTER SIDE. I THINK THIS IS WHY CHILDREN FLOCK TO HIM WHEREVER HE GOES. They see he is fun and entertaining, and they see he is a safe, caregiver. He is my best friend and the love of my life. I know he was part of God’s plan for my life and we definitely complement each other.

Education & Work Life: I went to college at Colorado State University and the University of Denver. Both degrees related to my profession where I’m a dispute resolution consultant to the engineering/construction industry – a successful business I’ve had since 2003. I am now fortunate enough to maintain a home based office which allows for a flexible family schedule.

Meet Mitch

The People We Love

We both have two older brothers. Mitch’s two brothers are both married with fantastic families and he remains very close to them and all of their kids! Mitch and his brothers make it a point to take occasional “brother trips” to adventurous destinations (their most recent trip was to Maine). Even though Mitch’s parents have passed, family values and tradition remain an integral part of our family.

Although Christina’s Mom lives in California, they are very close, keeping regular phone chats to catch up. Christina visits her Mom whenever she can, along with her oldest brother and his wife. Christina is also very close to her nieces who enjoy vacationing at our home in Colorado.

CHRISTINA UNDERSTANDS A LOT ABOUT ADOPTION. CHRISTINA’S PARENTS ADOPTED HER MIDDLE BROTHER WHEN HE WAS 2. SHE ENJOYED THE BLESSING OF GROWING UP WITH PATRICK. One of her greatest joys in life has been welcoming her nieces and nephew into the world and realizing that none of this would have been possible without the miracle of adoption.

Thanksgiving holidays are spent at our house, where family, neighbors and friends gather for dinner and games. Christmas is usually spent at one of our siblings’ homes, allowing the kids to play while the adults catch up. Our next family trip…maybe Disneyland!

Our Furry Family: Our pets, both large and small are great with children! MEET THE FELINES! (Meatloaf, Junipurr and Tsuki) The Cats of the family have their own room with heated floors, window seats, and an outdoor enclosure to lounge around in. They are sociable house cats, comfortable and loving with children, and Christina takes them to shows to win prizes! Meatloaf is the funniest of the bunch!

MEET THE HORSES (Jessie, Jake, Blaze and Cherokee) Friendly and calm, the horses reside in our barn and pasture. They love to go on trips in the Mountains! They all are very comfortable with kids and it’s a blessing to watch them from our front deck. We are also planning on a family dog soon, our favorite – Labradors.

The People We Love

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Where We Live: We live in a quaint semi-rural home located South of Denver, Colorado. Just 15 minutes West of Castle Rock, Colorado, the Rocky Mountain foothills are our neighbors. Close enough to city amenities while enjoying a more country atmosphere, our home provides plenty of space for outdoor fun, playing, and adventure. With both state and national parks within a 15 minute drive, there’s always time for hiking, camping and exploring. A new recreation center catering to children’s activities is also just a 10 minute drive!

Our neighbors love to host barbeques and get togethers. From just stopping by, to swimming fun, to holiday and sporting events, there’s never a lack of community enjoyment and support. We are blessed that our home is really in a community defined as, neighborly.

WHEN IT COMES TO EDUCATION, WE ARE BLESSED TO RESIDE IN A COUNTY WITH HIGH RANKING SCHOOLS. Just a short distance away, the schools our communities’ children attend provide top notch academics, sports and cultural opportunities. And did we mention the annual August town parade and fair!

Our Promise To You: WE PROMISE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR YOUR CHILD THROUGHOUT THEIR LIFE. They will be raised in a home that embraces an atmosphere of laughter, adventure and nurturing. Education is so important to us, we promise to provide your child the very best academic, cultural and athletic opportunities. Family and community will be a strong presence in your child’s life, providing social skills to becoming an independent and confident adult.

One Last Thank You: We would like to thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us, the family and home your child would grow up in, and the supportive and nurturing environment that we call home. We have so much admiration and respect for you making a decision to go through an adoption journey. We hope that we can be a part of that journey and are honored by your consideration.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts