Mitch & Sarah

Sarah & Mitch

Hello! We are Sarah and Mitch from Santa Barbara, California. Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your baby! WE ARE HONORED to be considered and we truly admire your choice to place your baby for adoption.

We are so excited to build our family through adoption. It is our shared dream to provide a loving home for a child, and Sarah has been hoping to adopt since she was a teenager! We are excited to experience the joys and challenges of raising a child together. From late-night diaper changes, to first steps and the first day at school, we can’t wait!

About Us: We met at a work conference in Atlanta, Georgia. At the time, we were living at opposite ends of California. Although we fell hard for each other, starting a relationship seemed impossible. Still, the following year we met up at another conference and decided to go out on a real date. We started to date long-distance and, after five years together, we were married and purchased our home in Santa Barbara.

We love making dinner together, family trips to the beach or dog park, morning cuddles in bed, lazy brunches on Sunday morning, going to yoga together, hiking, dinner parties with friends, and just talking. We adore our dog Rufus, and he gets included in pretty much everything.

We know that adding to our family will make us even happier. We can’t wait to meet our future child and to learn what he or she loves to do and is curious about. It will be a joy to discover and support his or her interests, passions, and growth!

Our partnership is rock solid & very happy. We are truly the best of friends.

A Few of Sarah’s Fun Facts:
• When I was 22, I hitch-hiked from Edinburgh, Scotland, to Florence, Italy—and then back!
• I was an au pair in Florence, Italy, for a year, which was a great crash course in parenting.
• I was lead singer and guitarist in a rock band for several years.
• I now study ballet!
• I make an amazing strawberry rhubarb pie.

A Few of Mitch’s Fun Facts:
• I was senior Class President in high school.
• I hiked in Nepal, Tanzania, and Europe with my dad.
• I attended the Lollapalooza music festival for five straight years.
• I was a competitive swimmer and cyclist.
• My favorite cookie is chocolate chip.

Sarah & Mitch


About Sarah: I grew up on the Canadian prairie, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. My parents taught me the importance of kindness, honesty, hard work, and helping others. I feel fortunate to have experienced challenges growing up. They taught me a lot about myself and about life, and they bolstered my commitment to helping those in need.

After moving to the United States I graduated with a PhD in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I now work at a nonprofit research institute, and have built a career studying addiction, treatment, and recovery. This job has been a perfect fit for me and allows me to help others. I PLAN TO WORK HALF TIME ONCE WE ADOPT SO THAT I WILL HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO SPEND WITH OUR FUTURE LITTLE ONE.

I love connecting with others, learning, reading, the arts, athletics, exploring, and laughing. I adore music and dance, and eating well and caring for the earth are important to me. I cook organic meals, recycle avidly, and plan to compost and grow herbs in the yard.

About Sarah by Mitch: My wife Sarah is the most remarkable person I have ever met. She is generous to those in need and passionate about causes she believes in. She is smart, responsible, and a hard worker. On top of all that, she is incredibly nurturing (just ask our dog Rufus), fun-loving, and expressive. In Sarah, I have the perfect life partner.

Sarah will be a wonderful role model and mom. She will love our future child with boundless patience and tenderness. She is the shining star that brightens our home.



About Mitch: I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I grew up in a close family with my parents and two older sisters. My parents liked to travel and each summer our entire family would take month-long trips across North America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Those trips gave me a love for travel and adventure and showed me the many different ways that people live around the world. From those experiences I learned to appreciate the diversity of people from different places and cultures. Sarah and I plan to continue the tradition of family travel and adventure that my parents gave me.

I earned my PhD in clinical psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara and did postdoctoral work at Brown University in Rhode Island. I returned to Southern California to be closer to my family.

Over the past 15 years I have developed my career as a psychologist in Santa Barbara and at UCLA. I love my work because it allows me to help others by encouraging them to find their voice and to build on their strengths. I AM FORTUNATE TO SET MY OWN WORK SCHEDULE AND TO HAVE THE FLEXIBILITY TO BE AT HOME WITH A NEW CHILD.

I am also passionate about playing music, being in nature, and spending time with friends and family. Cycling is one of the things I find the most fun and exhilarating. I’ve even cycled through France and Italy.

About Mitch, by Sarah: I fell in love with Mitch for his huge heart, gentle spirit, and intelligence. I also love and admire his fantastic sense of humor, creativity, and easy and joyful connections with others. I cannot walk through Santa Barbara without seeing one of Mitch’s friends, who speak of him in glowing terms. Mitch is very well loved!

Mitch is both my constant supporter and my hero. He cares about my happiness almost more than anything. He makes me laugh and inspires me. I am so fortunate to be married to him. I KNOW HE WILL BE A SUPERSTAR DAD TO OUR FUTURE CHILD, READY WITH A HUG, JOKE, OPEN MIND, AND OPEN HEART.



Our future child will have plenty of cousins and friends to spend time playing with and making wonderful memories!

We are blessed to have many of our family living nearby in southern California. Mitch’s parents, Loretta and Nort, live an hour away in Los Angeles. Also nearby are Mitch’s sisters Valerie and Stephanie, their husbands Eric and Cory, and 6 nieces and nephews, who are from 10 to 27 years old. Mitch’s oldest niece, Jessica, married her childhood sweetheart Skylar, and they are expecting their first baby in 2020! We get together with Mitch’s entire family every other month to celebrate holidays and birthdays, and often celebrate the 4th of July at Loretta and Nort’s beach house in Malibu. These get-togethers always involve plenty of tasty food, hanging out, and playing games.

Sarah’s parents, Judy and Robert, also live in California and we travel to visit with them every few months. Judy and Robert are excited to be adoptive grandparents!

We have lots of friends who live close by in Santa Barbara. SOME HAVE VERY YOUNG CHILDREN, so we look forward to play dates with them!


Our Home

Where We Call Home: We live in the beautiful seaside city of Santa Barbara, California.

Our home is bright, cheery, and serene. We have the best of both worlds, because our house is located in a quiet residential area with many trees and an ocean view, but we can easily walk to downtown from our house.

SANTA BARBARA IS A SMALL CITY NESTLED BETWEEN THE MOUNTAINS AND THE OCEAN and it is full of parks, beaches, and hiking trails. The city also has an ice skating rink, a skateboard park, and many playgrounds and public swimming pools.

As a University town, Santa Barbara has a lot to offer educationally and culturally. We are in an excellent public school district, and there are also several private schools nearby. For us living in Santa Barbara is a little slice of heaven.

OUR THIRD, DEAR FAMILY MEMBER IS OUR GOLDEN DOODLE RUFUS. Rufus is a real character and corny corndog who is full of silliness. Rufus believes that everyone should be his friend, but most of all children, since he thinks they make the best playmates. He has a gentle soul, a wide grin, and a passion for destroying socks. We utterly cherish him.

Final Thoughts: We hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about who we are and our wonderful community of family and friends. Whatever your choice, we wish you all the best on your life journey.

Our Home