Natasja and Alexander


We are Alexander & Natasja from the Netherlands, a country in Europe. We could not be more ready and excited to welcome a little one into our world! First of all, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read our profile and getting to know us. We are so excited to grow our family through adoption but we can’t even imagine how hard this must be for you. We think you are such a brave person for taking this journey and we admire you for that. We would love to become parents but unfortunately, we are not able to conceive on our own. To adopt a child in the Netherlands is very unlikely so we decided to pursue our dream to become parents by adopting in the USA. If given the opportunity you can be sure that your child will be raised in a loving home filled with laughter with all possibilities to thrive. Your child will be raised knowing and hearing about you and the brave and selfless choices you made to give your child a loving home. We have a great circle of family and friends around us who will love and support all of us.

Our Story: We met through online dating in 2016. Natasja fell for the photos of Alexander doing all kinds of fun activities such as surfing and travelling in Australia. Alexander fell for the happiness that came from Natasja’s pictures. We had a great connection from the start. All dressed up for our first date on the city beach it turned out that the beach was closed. Instead we found a nice restaurant where we sat down and we ordered tapas. Alexander took a bite and looked a bit concerned. He suggested that Natasja would taste what he was eating as well. She did, and she found out there was a whole lot of garlic in it. At least now we were smelly together! We talked about our families and where we were at in life. Looking back on it, it was love at first sight. When Natasja’s pug Bertje met Alexander for the first time, she jumped into Alexanders lap and she decided to keep him. So we guess it was love at first sight for the three of us!

After about a year we decided to live together. It didn’t take us very long to get another friend for Bertje, and so pug Bonnie came into our family as well. We have been happy snugglers ever since.

What We Love to Do Together

  • Walk on the beach or in the forest with our dogs Bertje and Bonnie
  • Exploring new restaurants
  • Having a barbecue with friends and family
  • Travel the world together; some of our favorite destinations are Thailand and Vietnam
  • Board games; our favorites are 30 Seconds, Camel Cup and Settlers of Catan

Fun Facts

  • Natasja goes to the Dutch carnival parade with her family every year. It´s a holiday where everyone wears a costume, similar to Halloween in the USA.
  • Natasja has a thing for socks with funny prints, like fried eggs or avocado´s.
  • When Alexander is working from home, he sets up a chair for the dogs so they can be close to him while he works.
  • Alexander has travelled to Australia, Cambodia and Indonesia for five months.

Meet Natasja

I grew up in the town of Hilvarenbeek with my parents and brother Dennis. It was a nice town to grow up in. I went to college in Tilburg, a few kilometers from Hilvarenbeek and went to law school there too. Currently, I am the head of a legal department. It is such a fun job and I work with a great team of people, which gives me a lot of energy. My work provides a lot of flexibility such as taking time off, even when it isn’t planned or working from home. This gives me the opportunity to enjoy raising our future child.

My hobbies are cooking and baking, reading and doing all kinds of creative stuff such as painting.  I also enjoy walks in the forest and walks on the beach with Alexander and our dogs as well. I look forward to reading and singing to our future child and to taking our child to the beach with the dogs and making sandcastles together. I also look forward to seeing the grandparents and family playing with our future child in the garden and having a lot of family dinners together. It will be a true blessing!

About Natasja by Alexander: Natasja has a very loving and caring personality. She has a warm and kind heart and is a great listener. Seeing how much love she has for me and our dogs fills my heart with warmth. I admire her willpower and creativity and I love her even more for her sense of humor and intelligence. Once she sets her mind to achieving something, she puts a lot of effort and energy into it. She is a real family person and is always ready to help out when someone is in need of support. For example she made a fresh soup for our neighbor when she had the flu, and helped painting the house when my brother was moving to a new apartment.

All of these qualities make me very certain that Natasja will be an outstanding mother to our future child.

A Few of Natasja’s Favorites

  • Movie: The Color Purple
  • Food: Vietnamese Spring rolls
  • Musician: Pink
  • TV Show: The Good Wife
  • Book: The Universe Has Your Back
  • Holiday: Christmas
  • Season: Spring
  • Board Game: 30 Seconds
  • Ice Cream Flavor: Lemon
Meet Natasja

Meet Alexander

I grew up in Heerjansdam, south of Rotterdam. I lived there with my parents and my brother Marcel and my sister Inge. As a child, I loved to play soccer, read and be outside and I still love to do those things today. I went to college in Barendrecht which is the town between Heerjansdam and Rotterdam. After working and travelling abroad in Australia, Indonesia and Cambodia I went to school in Rotterdam for my bachelor’s degree in Facility Management, a field which I am still working in today. My work is really flexible, I can arrange my own schedule and take extra time off if needed.

In my spare time I love to run and to play soccer. I am a striker for the team I play in with my friends. I also like to play board games with our families and enjoy walking in the forest or on the beach with Natasja and our dogs. I am looking forward to give all of my love, patience and support to our future child. I can’t wait to read to and with our future child, to teach them how to ride a bike, spend time during a lazy Sunday afternoon and play all sorts of games together.

About Alexander by Natasja: Alexander is truly the love of my life. We have many little jokes that we share, he is just the funniest person. What attracted me the most in Alexander is his loving and caring nature. He is so considerate with other people’s feelings and he is always willing to help others. Just the other day he took Bonnie on his arm to see snow through the window for the first time. These things make my heart melt. I just know he will be a great father to our child.

Alexander knows a lot of things and quirky facts, just for the fun of it. I love to listen to him talking about all these things and see him get all excited about it. He is very intelligent. Between the two of us there is nothing we can’t discuss. Alexander makes me feel safe and secure and unconditionally loved and I am sure he will pass this unconditional love to your child as well.

A Few of Alexander’s Favorites

  • Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
  • Food: Lasagna
  • Musician: Mumford and Sons
  • TV Show: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • Holiday: Christmas
  • Season: Spring
  • Board Game: Settlers of Catan
  • Ice Cream Flavor: Pistachios
Meet Alexander

Our Home and Community

We live in Barendrecht, bordering Rotterdam on the south side. This is an hour drive away from Amsterdam. We live in a terraced house with a front and a backyard. It is a spacious family home with 4 bedrooms. Barendrecht is known for its green environment and it’s beautiful nature and parks. It’s a neighborhood with a lot of young families. There are multiple playgrounds within one minute from our house. Also, the schools are within five minutes walking distance. Our future child will have lots of neighborhood friends and various places to play outside with them.

The Netherlands is Known For…

  • The Netherlands has a very good social security-system and healthcare system, which includes excellent medical treatment for everyone.
  • The Netherlands is a multi-cultural society, people are very open and respectful towards different cultures.
  • The Netherlands has a very good school system and the education is of very high quality.

Our Pugs, Bertje & Bonnie: Bertje is almost eleven years old. Bonnie is the youngest, she is two years old. They are the most snuggly dogs you can imagine. Bertje and Bonnie are great family dogs too! They are nosey, playful and excited about almost anything, but most of the time they are snuggling up together with us on the couch where they sleep and snore like there is no tomorrow. They are great with children too! We are looking forward to seeing Bertje and Bonnie be great loving and snuggling companions to our future child.


Our Home and Community

Our Friends and Family

The great thing is that all of our families really get along very well together, so we can enjoy birthdays, family dinners and holidays with each other.

Natasja’s parents Harrie and Lia and her brother Dennis and his girlfriend Simone live an hour away from our house. We see them often and we have a very close bond with them. We enjoy family barbecues in summer and walks in the forest together. The bond between Natasja and her brother is very good and they make each other laugh all the time.

Alexander’s parents Jan and Heleen are divorced and both live nearby with their new partners Joke and Alex. Alexander’s sister Inge and his brother Marcel also live very nearby. The whole family often comes together to play board games, have lunch or enjoy a sunny afternoon.

Our friends are spread all over the country. Some of them live very close by but some of them live an hour drive away. We see them often to play sports, board games or to have meals together. We have several friends with children too so your child will have lots of play dates!

In Closing – Thank You: We are so grateful that you took the time to read our profile and are honored that you may consider us as adoptive parents for your baby. We hope that our profile shows the love we have to offer as a family. It is important for us that you know that we will always tell your child about you with great respect and love in our hearts. We promise you that we will love and care for your child in every way we can, and that we will support your child to have a happy life full of opportunities. We wish you the best of courage and strength to make the right decision on what is the best for you and your baby. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm wishes,

Natasja and Alexander

Our Friends and Family