Noel & Erika

Meet Erika and Noel

Dear Friend,

Words cannot express how thankful we are that you are taking the time to learn about us. We realize how big a decision this is and are in awe of your strength and compassion for your child.

Thank you for considering us and want you to know that if lucky enough to be chosen by you, your child will have a life filled with unconditional love, support and adventure!

We have wanted to grow our family for some time now and are excited to be adopting. Once we exhausted many different infertility processes, we realized it must mean that there is already a little one out there that needs us as much as we need them, and it was time to find each other!

We can’t wait to be parents and share a lifetime of spontaneous silliness, laughter and encouragement!

Meet Erika and Noel

About Us

Hi there! We are Erika and Noel from Southern California!

We’ve been married for 12 years but have been friends for over 28 years! We are both from the South and still carry those Southern Values. We believe Love and Family are the most important parts of life!

We believe in hard work, always treating people with kindness and respect and enjoying life to the fullest!

It’s really hard to remember what life was like before we met each other. We both grew up in Arkansas and first met in Jr. High…..8th grade English class to be exact! We became good friends and continued our friendship all the way through High School.
We ended up going to the same college and it was during our sophomore year that our friendship blossomed into something more. We started dating and have been together ever since.

After college, Noel came along for the ride when I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my acting dreams. At the young age of 22, we packed up a U-Haul and drove across the country to start our new adventure! We’ve gotten to experience so many of life’s major moments together and can’t wait to add becoming parents to our journey.

About Us

Meet Erika (Written by Noel

Simply put, Erika is my best friend and love of my life. We have known each other for over 28 years but she still finds ways to surprise me! She always knows just what to say or do to make me smile. Erika has an infectious laugh that can bring me to tears.

Erika is extremely hardworking and passionate. She developed the dream of becoming an actor at a young age and was the reason we moved to Los Angeles.

Unfortunately her dream of starring on the big screen (and my retirement plan!) didn’t quite pan out, but she eventually found a career in interior design that taps into that creative spirit. One thing I will never forget about any of her office gatherings was hearing so many people tell me how much they loved working with Erika!

Erika has so much love to give and her compassion for others is incredible. I’ll never forget when we got the call from the nurse after our last unsuccessful IVF cycle how Erika was comforting the nurse and telling her how hard it must be for her to have to deliver such bad news. Even during one of the hardest moments of our life, she was willing to put the feelings of others above her own.

She will be an amazing mom and give our child the love and support to thrive and chase their dreams!

My Career (Written by Erika): I am an Interior Designer that works on hotels. Through my career, I’ve been able to travel all over the world. I’ve been to India, China, Russia, France, and Italy. Getting to see and experience how other people around the world live, gives me a deeper appreciation for our life here in America, as well as an understanding of different cultures and ethnicities.

I now have the luxury of working from home with a flexible schedule and love every minute of it!

Some of my Favorite Activities (Written by Erika):
1) Dancing and taking hip hop classes.
2) Listening to country music
3) Pizza and staying home on a Friday night!
4) Watching reality TV, especially design shows like “Fixer Upper” and “Home Town”.
5) Taking Titan to the dog park or on walks

Meet Erika (Written by Noel

Meet Noel (Written by Erika)

It’s hard to put into just a few words everything wonderful about Noel! He’s always been determined to make a better life for himself. He graduated from high school as Valedictorian and received a scholarship to college where he also graduated top of his class. He has the best work ethic of anyone I know and does everything with such grace and kindness.

Noel loves animals and cries at sad movies (shhh! don’t tell him I told you that). He will be an amazing role model, provider and father to our child! He loves just about every sport, but especially football. We are huge Tennessee Titans football fans, and even named our dog, Titan after the team. He finds the positive in every situation and can turn “a frown upside down” with anyone!

My Career (Written by Noel):
I’m a finance executive for one of the major movie/TV studios. I always kid Erika that we moved to LA for her to become an actress and I’m the one that ended up in show business! I’ve been with the company for almost 15 years.

I currently support creative and business development people that make mobile games and virtual reality experiences. I get to work on an active studio lot and never know when I might cross paths with a TV or movie star. But one of the best perks of my job is that we have a childcare facility right on the lot. It’s a wonderful option to have available in case we ever needed it.

Some of my Favorite Activities (Written by Noel)

1. Watching Tennessee Titans football games
2. Listening to live music, especially country
3. Family pizza night with Erika and Titan
4. Making and eating meat and cheese boards
5. Watching funny movies or TV shows like “The Big Bang Theory”

Meet Noel (Written by Erika)

Meet our Family

Noel’s Family: I have family spread out all over the country, from Utah to New Hampshire. My mom is the biggest animal lover in the world and taught me to have compassion for others. She is living out her dream of country living where she has several cats and dogs and even a couple mini donkeys!

My dad lives near the east Tennessee mountains and enjoys traveling with his friends. One of my favorite traditions is my annual trip back to visit them and to attend a Titan’s game with my dad. We have been doing it for over 16 years now!

Erika’s Family: My parents still live in Arkansas but love to come out to California to visit. They can’t get enough of the beach! We also love to go back to Arkansas where boating, waterskiing and BBQ are a way of life.

My aunt and cousin live in Mississippi who I am very close with. In fact, my cousin, Bethany and I call each other “sister-cous” because we feel more like sisters than cousins. Although they are a plane ride away, we talk often on the phone and Face Time!

And because we grew up together, our families have known each other just as long as we have and have been there to support us since the beginning!

And we can’t forget Titan, our Labrador Retriever. He’s definitely part of the family. He is very lovable, full of energy and loves kids. He enjoys walks on the beach, hiking, eating, and playing in our pool.
We hope we gave you a sense of our lives and our personalities.

We are very eager and ready to add a little one into our family and hope you will consider us to raise your child. It is an honor and privilege to provide them with unconditional love, stability and a lifetime full of laughter!

We would be so thankful and grateful to be chosen by you. We hope to hear from you soon!

Meet our Family