Patrick & Kathy

Hello from Kathy & Patrick

Our names are Kathy and Patrick and we appreciate you taking the time to get to know us! Regardless of who you select as adoptive parents, we admire your courageous decision and selfless sacrifice to carry this child and consider adoption.

We are excited to expand our family! Having experienced the devastation and disappointment of infertility, we fully believe that, whether we are related by chance or by choice, our unconditional love for a child will be the same either way. We are committed to God, each other, and whichever child or children we will one day be blessed to call our own!

Hello from Kathy & Patrick

About Us

We met at an Emergency Medical Services class at our local community college many years ago and it was love at first sight! We immediately became friends and have been inseparable ever since. We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last year and feel that our marriage is stronger than ever.

We have many interests in common, but also appreciate each other’s unique characteristics and quirks! We love spending time together, joking with each other, and sharing both the big events as well as the simple everyday experiences of life. We have both always dreamed of being parents and look forward to adding a baby to our family!

Together, we make a terrific team! Kathy is the rock of the relationship; while Patrick is the physical protector. In school, Kathy enjoyed English, Writing, and Math; while Patrick excelled in History, Geography, and Science. Patrick was more involved in organized activities growing up, such as Boy Scouts or the school band and hockey team; while Kathy preferred playing sports and games more spontaneously with neighborhood friends.

As adults, we are down to earth, ordinary people who share an extraordinary love for children—along with our pets! We feel that our strengths complement each other well, and as parents, we’ll provide the perfect combination of fun and stability.

Our Careers:

Kathy has her master’s degree in Education and develops and teaches medical assisting/administration classes for online colleges and universities. She is able to work flexible hours from her home office, so will be able to care for a child most of the time herself. Prior to teaching full time, she worked as a medical assistant for many years in a variety of healthcare specialties.

Patrick is finishing his bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management while working part time on the ambulance as an Emergency Medical Technician. Prior to his civilian career, he served in the military as a Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman with the United States Navy and then as a Flight Medic with the United States Air Force.

While they both like having their own jobs, they also enjoy getting to co-teach Emergency Medical Services, CPR, and First Aid classes together sometimes at the community college where they met!

About Us

About Kathy

Kathy is a hard worker and is very organized and detail-oriented. She is the one who researches and plans things—whether it be a household purchase or a family vacation.

She is very caring and compassionate and it’s often the “little things” that mean the most to her. She is the one who will strive to make even the simple day-to-day things seem special.

From her earliest memories, when Kathy was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, her immediate reply was always, “A wife and a mother.” From babysitting to coordinating church- and community-based children’s programs, to working in pediatrics, Kathy has always surrounded herself with kids.

Likewise, she has always loved animals. She has rescued a total of six dogs over the years and can guarantee that their child will always have at least one pet!

About Kathy

About Patrick

Patrick is the fun-loving, adventurous type who is often seen as a big kid himself! His Christmas stocking is as tall as he is and he loves playing with the train under the tree and opening presents!

Patrick likes anything Star Wars and also enjoys taking pictures, as well as playing hockey, the drums, and video games. He is an avid reader and learns new languages quickly.

Patrick has traveled around the world with the military, serving both on the front lines as well as conducting training missions to remote countries in Africa to teach their leaders CPR and First Aid.

Now, with his military days behind him, it’s a day trip to a park or a family vacation to Disney World that he enjoys the most and longs to share with our children. He is determined to be the dedicated dad and strong father-figure he never had growing up.

About Patrick

Our Home, Family, & Promise to You

Our Home & Community:

We live in a four-bedroom Ranch-style house that backs into a wooded area. With a spacious eat-in kitchen, finished basement, and covered deck addition, we have plenty of room for a child to explore—along with a nursery that’s all ready to go!

Our house is situated on a cul-de-sac in a safe, friendly community where we take our dogs for walks and, one day, hope to teach our child to ride a bike. We frequently see deer, squirrels, and rabbits, along with a wide variety of birds. Our back yard is the perfect place for a child to play and we look forward to adding a swing set someday.

We live in a beautiful area just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are centrally located between the city on one side and the serene countryside on the other. In less than an hour, we can be in downtown Pittsburgh going to a ball game, visiting the zoo, or seeing any number of other local attractions.

In less than an hour the other direction, we can be hiking through the mountains of the Laurel Highlands, having a picnic in the park, or visiting the campground where Kathy went for family vacations growing up.

We enjoy all four seasons in Pennsylvania and look forward to watching a child’s excitement as the flowers start to bloom in the spring, as we go to amusement parks in the summer, play in the leaves and enjoy the cool breeze in the fall, and build a snowman or go sled riding in the winter.

Our Family:

Kathy grew up in a two-parent home and is the youngest of three siblings. She has two older brothers who she adores—one who is still close by and the other who lives in Michigan, but comes home to visit several times a year.

Patrick grew up in a single-parent home where he helped care for his younger brother while his mother was at work. His mother, along with his brother, sister-in-law, and nephew still live in the Pittsburgh area.

We have many wonderful childhood memories of playing with our siblings and friends, celebrating the holidays, going on day trips and vacations, visiting relatives, and having family picnics. With most of our family still living locally, we plan to continue those same traditions, as well as start new ones of our own.

We want our family to stay close and connected. We look forward to reading to our children, playing board games or sports, baking cookies, and decorating for the holidays. Our families, friends, and even our neighbors are almost as excited about our prospective adoption as we are, so we know that any child we bring home will be immediately accepted and loved!

Our Promise to You:

We promise to treasure your baby as a precious gift. We promise to honor their adoption story and teach them about God’s love for them, our love for them, and your love for them. We promise to care for them, protect them, prioritize their needs, and provide a safe, stable home environment.

As teachers ourselves, we promise to make sure they receive a well-rounded quality education, learn to use their imagination and be creative, and have every opportunity to reach their fullest potential in life.

We are not only committed to cherishing your child, but to making this the smoothest transition possible for you as well.

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know us!


Kathy & Patrick

Our Home, Family, & Promise to You