Paul and Blair

Dear Birth Mother

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents. We are Paul, Blair and Oliver from Saskatoon, Canada. We understand and respect the great love you have for your baby. Your choice of adoption is an incredible and selfless gesture. We promise to devote our hearts and lives to your child. This special person will be an integral and important member of our family. Your choice will complete our home. You will always have a special place in all of our hearts.

We are the proud adoptive parents of our son Oliver. Parenthood has profoundly enriched our lives. A second child will give our children the opportunity to develop a close sibling relationship. We love being parents and can’t wait to meet our next child. It is more difficult to adopt in Canada, so we are thankful to be able to grow our family through adoption in the United States.

About Us: We met in 2010 the old-fashioned way…online! Our first real date was just supposed to be for a quick coffee, but five hours later the conversation was still going strong. We were hooked. The next few months were an exciting and vivid time as we fell in love. Paul was accepted into Harvard University to continue his medical training, and we moved together from Toronto, Ontario to Boston, Massachusetts. A year later, on a beautiful night in April, Paul proposed to Blair at our favorite restaurant in Boston. After Paul’s graduation, we moved back to Canada and were married. The ceremony was small, but the reception was a party to end all parties and at one point featured a roller-skating drag queen! Since then, we have built our family and careers together. We adopted our dog Arnie in 2016, and our son Oliver in 2017.

Our Favorite Daily Activities:

  • Morning coffee
  • Arts & crafts
  • Story time
  • Family dinner
Dear Birth Mother

About Blair

I grew up with my parents and sister in a small town in British Columbia. My parents were very supportive and loving and encouraged me to try many activities from piano to basketball. During summer, I spent time on my grandparents’ hobby farm in a small rural community a few hours away. It was amazing to be able to walk into the garden and pick and eat fresh vegetables right from the plant. This is where my love of cooking must have started! I studied Marketing in Vancouver and am now a part-owner in Saskatchewan’s largest Creative Agency. Being an owner allows me to set my own schedule, work from home and be there for all of Ollie’s key activities and events. My company is very supportive of the adoption! I love our outdoor adventures but am equally happy relaxing, cooking a homemade meal or cuddling while watching a movie.

About Blair Written by Paul: I fell in love with Blair because he is funny, cute, smart and kind. He makes me laugh every day, whether by imitating Honey Boo Boo, Shakira, or Miss America (usually in his robe!).  He is my partner in every sense of the word and I am so happy that he will be by my side for all of life’s twists and turns. I love his hugs, kisses and cuddles. “Daddy Blair” is a devoted father and husband, and has worked hard to raise our son. The payoff is the deep love that we feel for each other. I feel joy when I see how much Ollie loves him. His nurturing and support helped me achieve success in my career. I am glad that I have been able to support him, too, and I am proud that he has also advanced in his career. I can’t wait to take the next step in our journey together with a new son or daughter.

A Few of Blair’s Favorites:

TV Show: All things reality

Country Visited: Nepal

Food: Chinese

Book: The Power of One

Sport: Tennis

Month: May

Animal: Grizzly Bear

About Blair

About Paul

I grew up in Victoria, British Columbia, on the Canadian west coast. I had a happy childhood thanks to my nurturing parents. They created an environment that allowed me to thrive and face the world with confidence. I loved school and sports. I studied at a number of universities and became an ear, nose and throat surgeon. I am the Director of the Cochlear Implant program for the province of Saskatchewan and really like my job because I get to provide the gift of hearing to kids and adults. Family is my top priority, and I have worked hard to develop a healthy work-life balance. Most workdays, I am back at home before 5 p.m., and my job includes two and a half months of vacation time per year. My hobbies include skiing, mountain biking, hiking, reading, listening to music and dancing.

About Paul Written by Blair: Paul’s energy and happiness are infectious. Paul is my best friend and I have never met a more caring person. He makes sure that Ollie and I are supported and loved, and looks after his patients. My greatest joy is seeing how many smiles “Daddy Paul” brings into Ollie’s life through the games and activities he creates with his big imagination. Paul and I have a strong relationship and we focus on supporting each other in a loving, nurturing and compassionate way. He values strong and meaningful relationships, demonstrated by his strong connections with many friends and colleagues around the world.

Paul is constantly looking for fun adventures to take the family on. Paul is at the heart of our crazy and dynamic family unit. He is completely devoted to his family and supports everything that I do, even if it is just by listening or providing a shoulder to cry on. I cannot wait to parent another child with Paul by my side and to see what other adventures Paul takes us on!

A Few of Paul’s Favorites:

TV Show: Jeopardy

Country Visited: Uganda

Food: Anything vegetarian

Book: West of the Great Divide – A book about trains that I’ve had since I was 8!

Sport: Nordic skiing

Month: September

Animal: Dog

About Paul

Meet Oliver

Ollie is a rambunctious, happy, sensitive and kind 3-year-old. Ollie likes to wake up his daddies and run downstairs to play cars with Daddy-Paul or Daddy-Blair. He loves pancakes, Lego and exploring outside. This year, he learned how to ride a scooter and ice fish. He likes music and singing (his rendition of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” is impressive). He adores his nanny Dil, who takes care of him when his daddies are working. He loves the Paw Patrol.  He is growing like a weed, and thriving. He likes hugs and kisses and saying, “I love you.” He plays well with other children, and will be a wonderful big brother.

A Few of Ollie’s Favorites:

Favorite Book: The Ultimate Book of Airplanes and Airports

Favorite Food: Ice Cream

First Word: Dog

Home Sweet Home: Canada is a safe, prosperous, diverse and outward-looking country. It is big and beautiful and boasts a strong social safety net. Your child will have dual U.S./Canadian citizenship, and will have the unique opportunity to live and work in both countries.

Saskatoon is an attractive city in western Canada (north of Montana and North Dakota). It is a quickly growing, multicultural place with a vibrant cultural scene and lots of outdoor recreation. Saskatoon has great schools and a well-regarded university. Our house is in a funky neighborhood close to the university. The streets are lined by historic character homes and gorgeous old trees. There are lots of kids and families. Our house has plenty of space, is kid-friendly, and on any given day is full of creativity, learning, music and laughter.

Meet Oliver

Our Family

Our extended family is very important to us. We use Facetime and vacations to connect with our loved ones. Both sets of parents, and Paul’s grandmother, live on the west coast. Blair’s older sister, Courtney, works in Human Resources in Calgary where she lives with her husband Marcel and their three boys. Paul’s older sister, Hayley, is a writer in Toronto where she lives with her husband Greg and their two children. Paul’s younger sister Corrina is an engineer who lives with her husband Keith and their two kids in the Netherlands. Oliver’s birth parents live in British Columbia, and we keep in touch with them regularly.

Our extended family normally spends Christmas together on the west coast. We recently purchased a cabin in the Canadian Rockies, where Paul’s parents also have a home.

Every February, the extended family meets there for a week of skiing, skating, hockey and just hanging out together.

Meet Arnie: We rescued our lovable terrier Arnie from a shelter when he was a puppy. He is an enthusiastic participant in our adventures and is Ollie’s pal. We work hard to make sure Arnie has a great life. Every workday, he heads off with his dog walker and his “pack” for off-leash expeditions around town.

In Closing: Our hearts and home are open and we will ensure that your child knows the great gift you have given our family. We promise to raise this special person with unconditional love.

Thank you for making decisions for your baby out of love, selflessness and courage. We are committed to you and your baby. You are our hero and we promise to honor you on this journey.


Paul, Blair, Ollie (and Arnie, too!)

Our Family