Phil & Kimberly

Hello & About Us

Dear Birth Mom,

We are deeply grateful, honored, and humbled that you are taking the time to get to know US while you make such an important life decision. We admire your strength, courage, and love in choosing life and adoption for your baby. It is obvious how much you care for your child already by making this selfless decision and putting their needs above all else.

God Bless you, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us as your child’s adoptive parents. We hope what you read here will give you comfort and peace in your choice, and perhaps we will be the family you dream of for your child.

With gratitude and admiration,

Kimberly & Phil


We are so excited to share our story with you. In a few short pages we want to give you an honest view of who we are. Above all we want you to know that we are a happy couple with 2 great dogs in a safe and loving home.

It has always been our dream to love and raise children. If we are blessed enough to be chosen by you we will do everything as parents to live up to the hopes and dreams that you have for your child. We promise to teach your child about adoption and we will do everything in our power to make sure your child never doubts your love for them.

It is our intention to give your child endless amounts of love, hugs, kisses, nurturing, fun, and encouragement. We promise you that we will love them with all of our heart and soul.

We hope that what you read here will give you peace, comfort, and the assurance that your child will be safe, loved, and nurtured for his/her lifetime.

We pray that you have the support that you need to guide you in the direction that is best for you and through this short glimpse into our lives we hope that you can picture your baby as part of our close family.

We can never fully express our gratitude for the lifelong blessing of a child.

How we met & a little about – US

We’ve been together for over 28 years now…Yes we are High School Sweethearts!

We feel blessed to have found one another and we’ve cherished every moment of our lives together.


Through laughs and pains, joys and struggles, through thick and thin, we’ve grown our love for one another. Even before we found out we would have difficulty having children the natural way we always knew building our family through adoption would be a part of our life’s journey. We believe it’s always been God’s plan for us to adopt.


We have so much in common, and we share similar backgrounds, interests, and values:


We’re both originally from New Jersey, we are true east coasters!


We both come from close knit, super-loving, vibrant Italian families who we adore!


We’re totally obsessed with our dogs!


We’re movie fanatics…one of our favorite movies is 29th Street…we quote it to each other constantly!


Our favorite holiday is Christmas with loved ones, the homemade recipes, festivities, lights & decorations!


Our favorite sports team is the NY GIANTS!!


Hello & About Us

Kimberly & Phil

Meet Kimberly

by Phil

Kimberly is so special to me. She makes me feel like I have it all. She is always doing thoughtful things to show she cares. She is self sacrificing and she pours her life into everything she does. She will go out of her way to make sure others around her are happy.

She has an enormous heart, deep faith, beautiful smile and the natural gift of making each person she meets feel truly special. She lights up a room. She is an extraordinary woman that I am blessed to have as my partner, my best friend, and the love of my life!

She is loving, giving, nurturing, warm, adventurous, energetic, fun, silly, kind, wise, organized, creative, and incredibly talented.


Kimberly was born to be a loving mother. This was never more clear than when I watched her care for our beloved basset hound Klute in his final years of his life. He suffered the loss of mobility in his back legs and he needed round the clock care. For over 3 years Kimberly did whatever was necessary to make Klute feel comfortable and loved. This included cooking homemade food, hand feeding him, administering medications, carrying him, and taking him for walks in a stroller.

I can only imagine the devotion she will have to our future son or daughter.


Kimberly will be an AMAZING MOM and I cannot wait to parent together!


by Kimberly

I am born & raised in New Jersey and consider myself a “Jersey girl.” I am one of 4. My brother Dennis is the oldest, then me, then my sisters, Nicole & Tiffany. I was brought up by a very close-knit, middle class, Italian/Irish family with parents who lived & breathed for our happiness.

I am forever grateful to them. My brother Dennis works for a Bank, and my sister Nicole is a devoted stay-at-home Mom. My sister Tiffany was born with CP. We were blessed to have her in our lives for 6 years. She continues to have a profound impact on my life after having taught me what it means to be a parent/family member who must care for a fragile child with special needs.


My true passion in life is volunteer work with children and animals. I love working with our local dog rescue by doing “Home Visits” in which we meet with applicants to approve them for adoption or foster.

I also love donating my time to CP. I can’t wait to share with my child the joy of helping other children in need.


my Career

I knew from a young age that I wanted to be an Actress. I graduated, cum laude, with a BFA in Acting from MSU. I have Acted, Danced, Written, Directed, & Produced. I work in the Entertainment & Hospitality industry. My priority now is to start our family. I can get generous timeoff and I have great flexibility in my job. Nothing is more important to me now than being hometo raise a family.


Meet Phil

by Kimberly

Phil’s kind smile and big blue green eyes drew me in, but his friendly, outgoing warm personality and his big heart is what I fell in love with. He has a genuine deep caring sensitive soul. I have never met a more patient man!

He has a natural gift for teaching and he always has a positive attitude. He sees the good in everyone and every situation. He is intelligent, optimistic, confident, articulate, and determined and he will succeed at whatever he puts his mind to.

I love Phil’s depth and diversity – He is athletic, level headed, easy going, energetic, adventurous, romantic, fun, artistic, silly, goofy, and he loves to make me laugh. He supports and encourages me and I know I can count on him for anything. If Phil is half the father to our child that he is to our dogs, this will be one lucky child!

I can’t wait to watch him teach our child all the cool stuff he knows, and pass on his love of life and family traditions.!

Phil will be an OUTSTANDING DAD and I cannot wait to raise a child together!!


by Phil

I grew up in New Jersey by a very vibrant, fun loving, Italian family. My Mom & Dad gave me a great childhood filled with anything I could’ve ever asked for…love, education, sports, culture, family vacations, fun & tons of devoted extended family.

I have fond memories of Holidays filled with Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins. The homemade Italian specialties filled our table & our stomachs & great music and conversation filled our hearts & our memories.

I cannot wait to extend these traditions to our little one! My parents are retired and cannot wait to welcome another Grandchild into the family to love and spoil.


I am the youngest of 3. My two older sisters have been extremely supportive and loving my entire life. Gina works as a State’s Attorney and has 2 children, Conor 17 & Mia 12.

Dayna works as a Speech Pathologist & has 2 children. Taylor 14 & Gabi 11. I am proud to be the Godparent of Conor & Taylor.


my Career

I graduated college with a BFA in Acting. I have worked in the Entertainment and Hospitality industry for over 20 years Acting, Directing, Producing & Writing. I now work as an Educator for LAUSD as an Elementary School Teacher, and Chess Teacher.

Teaching has given me great insight and experience working with young children. It’s so rewarding and I feel blessed to be doing what I love. My job also affords me great flexibility so I will never miss an important event for our child.



Our Faith is important to us, we hold beliefs that are both religious and spiritual. We both grew up Catholic and we received Sacraments. We belong to Church and go as often as we can but we are not perfect.

We will supply a foundation for your child that will offer faith, morality and stability. We will pray with them, read to them, but most importantly, listen to them and fulfill their needs.

We believe that any child of ours will be able to grow up being taught about God, but ultimately they should decide what works for them in terms of expression of that faith. We will be 100 percent supportive when they are exploring their faith and we will respect their decision when they choose a path.



Kimberly & Phil



Our animals are the loves of our lives and bring us more joy than anything. Nothing makes us happier than waking up next to these two smoochee faces….Bogart & Tessa!

Meet Bogart

Rescued June 1, 2014. He is a 1 yr. old Poodle/Pekingese/Terrier mix. He is very affectionate & he loves attention. His favorite toy is “all” of them!!

Meet Tessa Rescued in 2011, she is a sweet 4 yr. old Basset Hound/Springer Spaniel mix.

She loves to follow Kimberly around & often she can be found snuggled up in one of our laps.

Her favorite toy is a tennis ball!


They are very smart & we have taught them many commands & tricks. They love children & are very gentle. They are super snuggly & we shower them with hugs & kisses! They enjoy long walks, hiking, & playing fetch while accompanying us on our many adventures.

We can’t wait to see our little one playing with these two…they will be great friends!!











PHIL loves 80’s MUSIC & he plays GUITAR!

KIMBERLY has the hilarious habit of SINGING SILLY made up SONGS TO THE DOGS!!


KIMBERLY taught herself how to CROCHET!



Our Hobbies Interests & Passions!

Each Other, Cooking, Chess, Bowling, Photography, Swimming, Holidays, Baking, Running, Tennis, Snuggling with Bogart & Tessa, Volunteering, Basset Hound Rescue, Museums, Decorating the Christmas Tree, Kayaking, Dancing, Hiking, Watching Movies, Reading, The Simpson’s, & more!!



Our Families!



We are blessed to come from close knit, loving and supportive families. We cherish the culture and heritage they have passed down to us by way of faith, tradition, morals, values and education.

Our family is our strength. Both families have given us a wonderful, solid foundation, in which they taught us respect, love, generosity, and the value of life. Kimberly’s parents just celebrated 46 years together and Phil’s parents, 51 yrs. together. They continue to be great role!


Most of our families live in New Jersey but we see them throughout the year as we all take turns visiting each other. We also have extended family in NY, PA, MD, NC, FL, AZ, & CA.

We couldn’t ask for more loving, affectionate, dedicated and fun loving people to have in our lives!


by Kimberly

Family is everything to me. My parents are devoted, faithful people who continue to provide love, guidance, stability and strength throughout my entire life. They just celebrated 45 years together.

They taught us the value of life, the dignity in giving back to others, and making a difference in the world. My Dad is an accomplished man having been a First Lieutenant in the Army, as well as he holds a degree in Business.

My Dad instilled in me work ethic, organization, timeliness, education, and efficiency. I am, as a result, very high functioning.

My Mom was a stay at home mom when we were young and she later joined the workforce. She taught me many life lessons that I use today. Through her eyes and ways I learned to be loving, patient,nurturing, kind, giving, wise, compassionate, brave, creative, honest, trustworthy, graceful, and dignified.

I am a culmination of both my parents. They gave me a good solid foundation for which I am ever grateful. Both my parents told us to follow our hearts, dreams and minds. I have profound respect for them both.

Although my Mom and Dad live out of state, we speak with them on the phone at least once a week, and we also email constantly, We plan several trips to see them and they also come to visit us many times throughout the year.

They are so excited to be Grandparents again, and they are anxiously awaiting Baby’s arrival with open hearts!!



Rose and Marty are my Grandparent’s on my Mom’s side. Grandma Rose is 88 and Grandpa Marty is 89 years young! They recently celebrated 68 years together. They reside in Pennsylvania. We speak with them on the phone, email, and fly to visit them during the year. Grandpa Marty is even on Facebook!

My Grandma Rose is an excellent cook and she has passed down fabulous recipes to me. One of my favorites are her homemade Gnocchi and her delicious Anisette Cookies she would make special for Christmas. We have celebrated many Holidays, Events, and Life experiences together. I am very proud of them and their accomplishments.

I revel in the memories of traditions, old and new, that we will impart on your baby that have been passed down from generation to generation.


by Phil

I have the biggest love, respect, and admiration for my parents. I come from a large close knit Italian Family.

My Dad was Dean of Students at Jersey City State College.

My Mom was a stay at home Mom until I was in Fifth grade when she worked for my school in the Math and Science Department. Education was important in my family and she later received an Associates degree by the time I was in High School.

They worked very hard and they are now both retired. I am very proud of both my parents. They were great role models and I feel very blessed to continue to have a loving supportive relationship with them today. I know I can count on them for anything.

I enjoy everything about them … from their values to their humor. We love to share our life experiences and reflect on our family traditions. Even though my parents are a plane ride away, we have taken many vacations as a family and we visit each other often.

My parents are “Over the Moon” to be welcoming another Grandchild to the family!



We are an active family that likes to explore new places and learn about new cultures! We appreciate diversity and we have a deep connection with the world. We are blessed to go on many family vacations. We’ve been all over this country as well as visited others.

Some of the places we’ve visited are the Jersey Shore, Cape May, NYC, Disney World, FL, Bar Harbor, ME, Washington, DC, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, Yellowstone National Park, San Francisco, Monterey, Carmel Beach, San Diego, Disneyland, CA, Italy, Germany, Paris, France, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Cancun, Mexico, Atlantis, Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, & others.


We can’t wait to take your child exploring new places!!


Our Families!



Our Home is bursting with Love…

This, above all, is the most important value within the walls of our home. We cherish all who walk in our door and we love to laugh and have fun. Our home is stable, safe, patient, fun, comfortable, lived in, and not a museum.

We feel so lucky to live where we do. We live in a wonderful, safe, family friendly community in Southern California.

We are nestled close to the hills, in a quiet, tree lined neighborhood. We are in walking distance to schools, both public and private, our Church, the Nature Center, parks, soccer fields, tennis courts, baseball fields, skating rinks, bowling centers, and swimming pools. Our baby will have many opportunities to play, learn and grow!


Our location offers the best of everything. All the fun things we look forward to doing with our child are all around us: the Los Angeles Zoo, Griffith Park Observatory, & of course, Disneyland, which we hold year round passes to.

We’re also only 20 minutes from the fun and culture of Hollywood, and 30 minutes from the beautiful California beaches. And just a few hours in the car will bring us loads of fun in the way of Sea World, Legoland, San Diego Animal Park & Zoo, Big Bear Snow Mountain, National Parks & more!

We love that we live in a place where we have plenty of sunshine, mild winters, and a million opportunities for outdoor adventure and fun!

The community is diverse, fun, and active. There is always something to do. We have a Farmer’s Market, parades, pancake breakfasts, Christmas Tree Lightings, Easter Egg Hunts, Antique Car Shows, and fabulous Fireworks on Fourth of July.

We are surrounded with friendly neighbors with small children. We love knowing that our child will have friends their same age to grow and play with!



We promise we will provide a nurturing environment where your child will thrive through guidance,love, and compassion. We will encourage education, opportunity, and creativity.

Our greatest goal is to raise a child that is happy, kind, tolerant, generous, self-confident and responsible.



We appreciate you taking the time to read about us!

We can only hope our words and photos touched your heart and conveyed to you how very much it means to us to become parents.

We promise your child will be our number one priority for the rest of our lives. We will strive to be the best parents we can be. We will always be honest, answer all questions, and provide unconditional love and support. It is our deepest desire to always be there for your child and to provide a safe, stable home where they will grow and flourish.

We promise to make their adoption story an integral part of their life and one that is looked on with great respect for the loving and selfless decision you made.

Your child will know that you loved them enough to not only give them life, but to give them the gift of a wonderful life. At the same time you are giving us the most incredible gift on earth – the opportunity to become parents.

We CAN’T WAIT to learn more about you.