Ramie and Brian

Hey There!

We are Brian and Ramie. We’re honored that you are taking the time to learn a little about us and for considering us to be your child’s adoptive family. We admire your selflessness in making this decision and if chosen, we look forward to including you in your child’s life in a way that is comfortable for you. We knew early on that we wanted to be parents and often discussed adoption as a possible way of growing our family.

What Parenthood Means to Us:

  • Providing a loving and stable home.
  • Supervising their education and ensuring they get the proper support for their individual needs.
  • Supporting their interests.
  • Helping them to embrace both their successes and failures.
  • The opportunity to enrich their lives by introducing a variety of cultures, so that they’ll learn to appreciate and respect everyone’s similarities and differences.
  • Teaching them the value in giving back to the community.
  • Offering our unconditional love and support.

Our Love Story: We first met online in 2001. While we have many friends in common, it actually took a while for us to encounter each other. It wasn’t long before we started blowing off our friends to go out to dinners and movies together. At the ten-year mark we decided to finally make our relationship official.  Having been together for so long, and because we live so far away from our parents, we chose to have a spontaneous elopement-style wedding right in front of our apartment. Both of our families woke up the next morning to a surprise video of our wedding! We had been together for so long the reaction from our family was: “We forgot you weren’t married!” Luckily, our neighbors were excited to find themselves as guests in our surprise wedding ceremony.

A few times a year we try to spend a weekend away at spots close enough to drive to, but far enough away from home they feel like a mini vacation. One of our favorite local trips was to Santa Barbara, which included visiting the zoo where we hand fed a giraffe!

We make sure to have family-time most evenings. On weeknights this usually involves TV/Movies or a little bit of Nintendo. During the weekend we enjoy flea markets, museums, and walks around our local parks.

Every Sunday we try to carve out a few hours for family “creative night” where we do something artistic or crafty together, and we’re always trying out something new. We recently tried quilling!


Hey There!

About Brian

About Brian Written by Brian: I grew up with my mom and dad in a small suburb in Kansas City. My half-sister, Krystal, is 15 years younger than me. Although we didn’t grow up in the same house together we still keep in contact today. In many respects I had the ideal American childhood. Sledding in the winter, catching lightning bugs in the summer, and, sadly, raking leaves in the fall.

Every summer we packed up the car and drove to a scenic corner of the country armed with cameras. We visited places like the Grand Canyon, the Badlands, Yosemite, you name it. I dream of sharing these sorts of experiences with my future little one.

Nintendo & 80’s movies were such a big part of my childhood that no one was surprised when I ended up working on both movies and videos games for a living.

When it was time for college there wasn’t a computer animation school accessible to me. After years of self-study I landed my first gig and soon I was working in Hollywood with names I recognized from trade-magazines. Today I’m a department-head at a prominent animation studio, recently recognized for over a decade of service. It’s a very family friendly place that also encourages a life/work balance.

Some of My Favorites:

  • Movie- Terminator 2
  • Food- Fatburger with Fat Fries!
  • TV Show- Star Trek the Next Generation
  • Book- Red Dwarf Omnibus
  • Relaxation Activity- An afternoon nap to the sound of rain.
  • Theme Park- Disneyland

More About Brian by Ramie: My first impression of Brian was that he was a total goofball and a bit of a nerd. I still think those things! He definitely makes life more fun, despite his bad jokes. He’s a talented artist. He’s very smart. He loves animals and they love him. Most importantly he’s a very caring person. He always has time for someone who needs him. He volunteers several times a year, including at a Special Olympics event for the athletes and at an annual Christmas event held for local families (he dreams that they’ll ask him to play Santa one day). He has a way of inspiring people to be better by leading by example.

About Brian

About Ramie

About Ramie Written by Ramie: I was raised in California by a single mom. I have a younger brother (Patrick) as well as a younger sister (Karina) so mom definitely had her hands full. Like most kids, my favorite times of the year were Summer and Christmas. I did love our frequent trips to the nearby beaches and the not so frequent trips to Disneyland.

In my late teens we moved to Oregon, there I completed school, earning an associate degree in paralegal studies. I’ve previously worked in childcare, as an administrative assistant, and as a hospital switchboard operator. I’m currently a housewife and am looking forward to being a stay-at-home mom.

Some of My Favorites:

  • Movie- Superman, silent comedies
  • Music- Tom Petty, Billie Eilish
  • Food- Mexican
  • TV Show- All time: Dark Shadows; Current: Superman & Lois
  • Hobbies- Crafting, art, reading, playing with our cats
  • Book- Count of Monte Cristo
  • Theme Park- Disneyland

More About Ramie by Brian: Ramie is a kind gentle soul. Never one to raise her voice or shout, but rather always ready to offer a warm praise. Somehow she puts up with my sense of humor (albeit with a raised eyebrow) and always has time for others. She enjoys sharing her love of crafts with our family and friends, and has been known to gift her spare craft supplies to the children in our lives. Her arts and crafts projects bring me back to the wonderful times I had with my mom learning new ways to be creative. I can easily picture Ramie and I creating memories like those with our future child.

About Ramie

Our Pets and Community

We rescued Anderson and Sutton in 2020. Over the past year and a half they’ve blossomed into happy, playful, loving cats with two very different personalities.

Sutton is patient and kind, as long as those around her are as well. And anyone who can open the treat canister is an instant best friend.

Anderson is the more athletic and feistier cat. He loves to jump high and run at lightning speeds. Not to mention he’s a pro at teaming up with Sutton to ask for treats.

Our Home and Community: One of the reasons we chose our home is it neighbors an excellent school. On top of that we have a handful of parks nearby that regularly hold events like outdoor movie screenings, art classes, and magic shows.

We’re a short walk away from a farmer’s market that hosts a big Christmas event complete with a large firework show. Our favorite museum in the neighborhood hosts an annual outdoor concert series.


Our Pets and Community

Meet Our Loved Ones

Our families reside in Oregon, Nevada, Missouri and Texas. The physical distance makes holiday dinners with the family a rare occurrence. But we do have our own traditions, for example at Christmas time we support an organization that brings together families and provides them with enough food for the holidays AND a visit with Santa! This sort of volunteer work involves lots of hugs – the whole organization is all about making sure that everyone has a happy holiday full of love. We can’t wait to show our little one the joy a day like this brings for everybody.

Even though most of our family lives in other parts of the country, we are always exchanging silly-kitty photos or finding ways to entertain ourselves together on-line. Brian enjoys taking a long walk while on the phone with his folks and finding unusual things to snap a photo of along the way. So far the best reaction he got was from a photo of someone walking their pet pig on a leash! We took our nephew to Disneyland several years ago and he can’t wait to show his new little cousin the magic he found there!

Our two best friends, Windy and Melissa, have been by our sides since the beginning of our relationship. Windy was there when we first met! Melissa not only gave one of her daughters Ramie’s middle name, but she called us while she was in labor when we couldn’t be there in person.

Our friends and family cannot wait to watch us raise our child. Some of our loved ones are even embracing new technology to make it easier to watch our family grow, since they cannot always be nearby.

Thank You: If you choose us we promise to share our values of love and inclusivity with your child, and that we will always support them in doing what makes them happy in life.

Meet Our Loved Ones