Ravi & Brenda

Hello, we are Brenda and Ravi!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us through our profile. We hope this gives you a glimpse into our lives and the kind of parents we aim to be. We have been happily married for two years and are excited to welcome a child into our family.

Choosing adoption for your child is a tremendous gift and we admire your love and strength. We can’t imagine a more emotional decision and we are so grateful that you are considering us. Our promise to you is that our home will be full of love, adventures, family and friends!

Hello, we are Brenda and Ravi!

Our Story Begins...

We met on an online dating service and what was supposed to be a drink after work turned into a full evening with dinner and dessert. From there we moved on to bike rides, outings with friends, ’80s concerts, and meeting each other’s families.

During a visit to London to see Ravi’s family, we got engaged on a day trip to France. Ravi, who loves trains, proposed while we were on the Eurostar, 250ft below the English Channel. Since then, we have traveled around the world together, lived for 6 months in London, and encouraged each other to pursue our passions and dreams.

Our Favorite Things:

● We love to travel and we have visited over 14 countries together. The best part of exploring a new city is finding where the locals hang out!
● Cycling is one of our favorite activities. Each year we do a 60-mile cycle across Cape Cod and many shorter trips.
● We like to try new restaurants and to cook and grill at home. Grilled lamb chops are one of our favorites.
● We unwind by listening to music. Many weekends you can find us on the couch reading, writing, and relaxing with some well-chosen tunes.

Our Story Begins...

Meet Brenda

I grew up in the Boston suburbs in an energetic, warm, and supportive family including my parents, brother Matt, and sisters Andrea and Julie. I had great relationships with my family growing up and we continue to talk, text, and share photos nearly every day. I love getting regular updates about my nieces!

I attended Boston College and afterwards I started a career as a teacher, but I became curious about working with older students. I shifted my focus and found work as an administrator at several Boston universities including Harvard.

Most recently I have been working at a healthcare startup in Boston that helps to improve people’s hospital stays. I love working at a company that makes a positive difference! My job offers a lot of flexibility to work from home and to adjust hours for family commitments.

Fun Facts about Brenda:

● Loves the water and has an advanced open water scuba diving certification.
● Started her career as a high school English teacher. Her favorite subject to teach was creative writing.
● Takes ikebana classes, a Japanese form of flower arrangement.
● Has family all across the U.S. and loves to visit them in New York, Florida, Arizona, and Oregon.
● Is a slow eater, except when it comes to ice cream!

Meet Brenda

Meet Ravi

I am originally from London, which is where my parents immigrated to from Guyana in the ’60s. My older brother Dev lives close to the family home where our mother still lives today.

I’ve always been curious about technology and studied Electronic Engineering at the University of Birmingham. After graduating, I began working at a startup that was acquired by a company in Boston, and this gave me the opportunity to move to the U.S.

What was meant to be 2-3 years abroad turned into a lifetime of adventures in America. For the past four years, I have been working at a software startup where I enjoy mentoring my colleagues who are new to the working world. My company is very supportive of work-life balance, offering the ability to work from home as well as providing parental leave to employees.

Fun Facts about Ravi:

● Loves solving problems and is always keen to mend things. This has included our garage door, garbage disposal, and hemming our curtains.
● Enjoys cycling around the area and bikes to and from work almost every day. He recently bought a rain suit so he can commute to work on stormy days.
● Has great memories of watching Manchester United with his father and hopes to continue the tradition.

Meet Ravi

Our Home, Family, and Promise To You

Our Home

We live in the Boston area in a community with great schools and several nearby parks. There are even plans to develop a new park across the street! We love being able to do all of our chores, like grocery shopping and our commutes, by bike or on foot. We use our car only when we need to get out of the city to visit family or for activities like camping or skiing.

We love our neighborhood because we have great neighbors (including lots of kids!), block parties, and one of the best farmers markets in the area!

Neighborhood Highlights:

● We are around the corner from the neighborhood elementary school, which also has a new park.
● Our local square has a number of festivals, including one to celebrate the invention of Marshmallow Fluff, which was invented in our town.
● We are a 15 minute walk from the Boston Museum of Science, a 10 minute walk to the library, and a 3 minute walk to the local ice cream shop.

Our Family

Ravi’s mom, Zed, and brother, Dev, live nearby each other in London. We make regular visits to see them and they come to see us in Boston at least once a year. They are excited to add a new member to the family!

Over the past few years, Brenda’s family has grown as her siblings have gotten married and started families. So far we have five nieces who would be thrilled to add another cousin to the family!

Our friends and family mean the world to us and we owe so much of our happiness and success to their support.

Our Promise

Parenthood is a responsibility and an adventure that we have looked forward to since we started our relationship. We promise to love, support, and encourage our child to pursue their talents and dreams. No matter what the future brings, we will always be here for them.

Our Home, Family, and Promise To You