Ray & Natalie

Hello! We are Natalie & Ray

We’d like to start by saying hello! Our journey towards becoming parents has been a long one. It has been filled with tears and sorrow, but also hopes and dreams. We know that you are making an extremely selfless and difficult decision that will forever change your life, our lives, and the life of your baby.

You are not alone, we are in this journey together. WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY!

This is us! We met in Florida in 2011 and have been together ever since. Natalie knew that day that she had met the love of her life, the man beyond her wildest dreams.

Ray received a job opportunity in California just a few months after we met. Ray was not going anywhere without Natalie. Ray proposed and we got married in Malibu, CA, in 2014. We have so much fun together and enjoy going on adventures, seeing the world, spending time with friends and family, and giving back to our community through volunteering!

Although we have struggled with infertility issues, we leaned on the grace of God. That’s when we decided to give back and started working with the Foster Care system to help children in need. We attended parenting, special needs, diaper changing, CPR, and first aid classes! Never being parents before, we found this experience both rewarding and thrilling.

We received a call August 15th, 2017 regarding an emergency placement for two brothers, ages 2 and 7, awaiting their forever adoptive home. Our immediate response was “yes”, and without hesitation, we packed up and were on our way to meet them!

Joshua and Chance were with us for 6 months. We were able to share Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s with them. IT WAS THROUGH THIS EXPERIENCE THAT WE KNEW WE COULD LOVE A CHILD WHO WASN’T BIOLOGICALLY OURS. That experience led us to knowing that God’s plan for growing our family was through adoption!

Fun Facts
• We have been together for eight years, married for four!
• Rays favorite TV show is “The Wire”
• Natalie’s favorite TV show is “This Is Us”
• Natalie loves Starbucks
• Ray loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
• Every Tuesday is Taco night at our home
• Natalie is a great cook
• Our favorite place is the beach
• We have gone skydiving, zip lining, parasailing, diving, explored cenotes, fed milk to lions, fed carrots to giraffes, and kissed dolphins

Hello! We are Natalie & Ray

Meet Ray

RAY HAD A PEACEFUL CHILDHOOD. He played football, baseball, basketball, and soccer (his father was even his coach!) He was an A student who was accepted to multiple, top, competitive universities in New York, and was recognized for his academic achievements. Ray was very close to his younger brother, Rob, mother, and father growing up.

After high school, Ray enrolled at the University of Buffalo where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

Upon graduation, Ray moved to New York City where he lived for eight years, worked on Wall Street, and earned his Masters Degree in Business Administration. After earning his MBA, Ray moved to Florida, where he met his once in a lifetime love, Natalie.

• Curious – he loves to continuously learn and read
• A sports fan – his favorite team is the LA Rams
• Highly successful – Healthcare Technology and Operations Executive

More About Ray by Natalie: Ray is smart, consistent, a provider, and loyal. He is a kid at heart and has a great sense of humor. It is his tradition to ride a roller coaster every year on his birthday! He’s also a thrill seeker. He has been skydiving twice and has flown a plane.

Meet Ray

Meet Natalie

NATALIE WAS BORN IN CHICAGO AND GREW UP IN DAYTONA BEACH, FL. Her parents both worked very hard to create opportunities for their children that they didn’t necessarily have growing up. She spent most of her youth in the dance studio; her passions are ballet, modern, jazz, and tap.

Natalie grew up in a Christian school and excelled in playing the piano and flute. She spent many summer breaks at her mom’s place of work, in a nursing home, where she would volunteer, affording her the opportunity to learn about the realities of life and the importance of giving back to the community.

This early life experience led to her successful career in the Home Health and Hospice industry, where she has unlimited flexibility to work from home whenever she wants.


• Fluent in Spanish
• Family oriented
• Chill
• Giving

More About Natalie by Ray: Natalie is giving, loving, independent, and a nurturer. I have never met a person that did not like Natalie, she genuinely cares for others. She is a teacher at heart and a great public speaker.

Meet Natalie

Our Loving Families

NATALIE’S FAMILY IS CUBAN, they speak fluent Spanish and English, and her parents have been married for 42 years! Her mother, Olga, is a nurse who specializes in Alzheimer’s. She is the best cook and “mimi” that a child could ask for! Natalie is very close to her father, Rafael, and has always been a “daddy’s girl.” She describes her dad as fun, hardworking, funny, and a man of wisdom.

Natalie is close with her older brother, Tony, who has 3 children. They are a close family and share lots of love.

RAY’S MOTHER, KAREN, LIVES 15 MINUTES FROM OUR HOME. His father, Bob, retired in New York State after a very successful career as an Entrepreneur and taught Ray to be the man he has become. Ray’s younger brother and best friend, Rob, has three children, Jared, Ella, and Ava.


A Few Family Traditions:
• Birthday parties are a big deal in our household! We go ALL out to celebrate!
• Thanksgiving- we volunteer each year at the St. Mary’s Dining Hall for the homeless in Stockton, CA. We also feed the community by delivering hot pizzas and bottled water with positive handwritten messages.
• Christmas- Each year we bake together, we drive to see Christmas lights and listen to Christmas Music.
• Our New Year’s tradition is a dance party in the living room while we count-down! We also cook together and then hand paint our visions and goals for the upcoming year.

Our Loving Families

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

In this house there is love: We have a large, clean, bright, and loving home. We have 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a swimming pool, and a jacuzzi. We reside in Danville, CA, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Danville’s school district ranks amongst the best in the country. We work closely with our community by volunteering and feeding the homeless.

Our Heartfelt Thanks. We promise to provide our future child with:
• Unconditional Love and Family Support
• A Safe and Stable Home
• An Excellent Education
• The Tools and Resources to Achieve Their Goals

Our Home and Closing Thoughts