Rebecca and Stacy

Hello from Rebecca & Stacy in Arizona

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read our profile and possibly consider us as the future parents for your baby. “Thank You” doesn’t seem to be enough for this incredible gift you’re considering giving and even though we haven’t met, we are in awe of your courage, compassion and strength.

We are both very excited to be taking this journey through adoption. As parents, we will provide a loving and safe environment and your child will have a “stay at home mother!” we intend to pass on our life values: respect for themselves and others, compassion, loyalty and the importance of family.

Our Story: We met in 2001 and had a great connection at the time but as life can get in the way sometimes, we weren’t able to begin our relationship until 2010.

This was a very easy, natural beginning for us because we had been best friends for 9 years. We then realized we are one another’s soulmates, which is a once in a lifetime feeling! To live with your best friend as well as the person with whom you can be yourself all the time is awesome, and we both love it!

Hello from Rebecca & Stacy in Arizona

Meet Rebecca

Introducing Becky, by Stacy: When I met Becky, I heard this laugh…it was unbelievably loud and funny. Not that her laugh sounded funny, but I just knew whatever was just told to her was hilarious! Becky’s laugh is very contagious. I had to meet her! A friend of a friend introduced us, and we hit it off like we’d known each other for years. We can talk for hours about anything and nothing. I so love that about us.

She has these beautiful eyes that would make anyone melt! Becky is full of life and love. The amount of love she has to give is out of this world. I watch her with our friend’s children and her nieces and nephew and I can’t wait for us to have our own family. She’s going to be a fabulous mother, and she’s going to love being one. She has a real gift of patience and tolerance. She’s kind, sweet, generous and loving. She’s a kid at heart. I can’t wait for her to experience all the wonders of being a mommy. I love her dearly and I can’t imagine my life without her. She’s my forever.

Her smile is so eye catching, beautiful, perfect and it makes any room she’s in light up. Everyone notices her when she’s around. She’s definitely the life of the party. For some reason people from all walks of life seem to be drawn to her. She never has a problem sitting down and having a conversation whether she knows them or not. She always seems to make people laugh and smile before walking away. She’s a true gem.

Becky is a kid at heart! She loves to be goofy. She’ll do anything to make people laugh.
Becky is spontaneous and adventurous! She loves to do new and exciting things like parasailing, ziplining, and taking helicopter rides.

Becky is animated! She has to talk with her hands flailing and all the facial expressions and sounds effects she can do to make sure you understand completely.

She loves family traditions! Every Thanksgiving, she looks forward to the three kernels of corn. For each piece you have to say what you are thankful for. At Christmas, there’s a “treasure” hunt for her big gift with hints and clues. We can’t wait to continue these traditions with our future child.

Meet Rebecca

Meet Stacy

Introducing Stacy, by Rebecca: What I love the most – she is my soulmate, best friend, the person I can be myself around, act silly with and laugh about anything and everything. She is the most caring, sensitive, nurturing person I know. She has such a big heart! She puts others first; their needs before hers. I love that she is ready to have any kind of fun: camping, hiking, Disneyland, road trips to anywhere or a ride on the Harley. Any idea that comes up, she’s always game for it. Best of all,

I know she will be a wonderful mom. She has a great relationship with her adult children (from a prior marriage) Julian and Jessica. In spite of being a single mom and working full time, she raised them very well.

Stacy loves to entertain; she loves to open our home to family and friends. She is a talented cook and we always have fun no matter what we do. Some of her favorite gatherings are: game night, barbecues, and breakfast in our pajamas with our girlfriends. Stacy is a natural server and giver to others. When people come to our activities, they always feel at home due to her easy, friendly manner. She is very sensitive to the needs of others, and I love that!

Stacy is a very good cook! She can make delicious enchiladas and a great cheescake. They are both a hit at any of our dinner parties.

Stacy knows her 90’s bands! At any moment, she will sing a part of a song at home or in the car and quickly ask “Who sang that?”

The girl can dance! She has some moves whether it’s a country song or a current top 40 hit.

Stacy is a mountain climber! Hiking is something she is really good at and enjoys. Due to her long legs, she’s a better climber than I am and loves teasing me about the fact!

Meet Stacy

Our Family & Friends

The People We Love: We love to have fun with our families! A huge bonus is “Nana and Papa” live very close and can’t wait to be hands on with our little one.

Becky’s brother, Steve, and his wife, Khendra, gave our family 3 nieces and 1 nephew. Becky has been an important part of the children’s lives since birth. They are darling, funny, smart kids, and she is blessed to have them as family.

Stacy’s grown children (from a prior marriage) Jessica and Julian, are excited that we’re expanding our family. Stacy has a great relationship with them. They love attending all of our family functions such as barbecues, hiking and camping. When we all have the time Disney is the best place for us to go and have fun. Stacy’s mom (Diane) and Rebecca’s mom (Wendy) have become good friends over the years.

Our Family & Friends

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home Sweet Home, where the memories are made. We live in a very comfortable neighborhood on a dead end street, with low traffic. Our next door neighbors are great friends of ours who can’t wait to be Uncle Devon and Aunt Kathy.

Our home hosts all of the neighborhood barbecues during the spring and summer, and it’s always a good time.

We are very happy to live within walking distance to local restaurants, movie theaters and malls. And we’re only 5 minutes away from the zoo, Reid Park and the baseball stadium. The zoo has many fun events throughout the year, such as “Zoo Lights” for Christmas and “Howl-o-ween” for Halloween (of course!) They also have “Summer Safari” Friday nights and “Little Critters” workshops to name just a few.

We are blessed to live in Tuscon. We love the outdoors and we’re able to go hiking, camping, fishing and play in the snow at nearby Mount Lemmon. Yes, even in Arizona we get snow! So, as long as there is an outdoors, we will never be bored.

We are passionate about giving back to the community. We help local women in need. We started a local charity for women with breast cancer who are uninsured or underinsured. We raise the money they need for medical expenses to start or continue treatment. We have been blessed to help an awesome woman, Sue, for the past 10 months. We funded many of her treatments and provided for her assisted living expenses.

We have held a couple of parties to help with the expenses…a Mardi Gras party and a motorcycle gathering party with a local band and vendors. Both events helped bring in money to help our charity continue. Stacy’s organizational skills coupled with Becky’s personality made us a “Dynamic Duo.”

Becky has recently retired from law-enforcement which will give us the capability to have a stay at home mother for your child. Stacy has been in the restaurant service industry for over 15 years!

Thank you! We understand you must have many questions as you search for the right family to adopt your baby. We hope that through our pictures you were able to see what your child’s life would be like if you chose us as parents. We have lots of love to give and can’t wait to continue our fun with a little one.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts