Ricky & Carly

About Us

Dear Birth Mother, we are Ricky & Carly from Missouri. No matter where this journey takes you, we want you to know that we are encouraging you and admire your strength. You and your child are loved.

We hope you will see a glimpse of the love we have in our home. Our daughters, Macy, Lexi, and Zoey are very excited to have a younger sibling. You will find comfort knowing your child will be loved to the fullest, encouraged, and supported in every way throughout their life. We will be blessed beyond words to be chosen by you. The gift that you would be giving our family will never be forgotten, and we are humbled by your courage.

Our Story: Ever hear that opposites attract? We are living proof. We met through a mutual friend which lead to a date at a restaurant. We spent the evening talking about every subject and that eventually lead to music.

Carly didn’t understand Ricky’s choice of country music and 80’s rock, and Ricky spent the evening trying to figure out Carly’s alternative and oldies music. Despite our opposite choices in music, Ricky proposed at the same table at the same restaurant from the first night we met! We have been happily married for 13 years and going strong.

We love to indulge in monthly date nights or long weekend getaways with just the two of us, but our main indulgence in life is our family. We love spending time together with our children doing the things they love. We make it a priority to have family dinners at the table each evening because no matter how the day goes, it ends with the family being together.

On Adoption:
We knew from an early stage in our marriage that we had a desire to adopt. Carly’s best friend of 30 years was adopted and through this friendship, we felt the want/desire to become adoptive parents. We know that our family is not yet complete, but we are unable to conceive due to a medical procedure Carly was required to have. We know that whoever God places with us will be the perfect fit and will be loved unconditionally.

About Us

About Ricky

Meet Ricky, By Ricky: I was raised in western Oklahoma in a small town with a population of 300. I had a simple, yet fun childhood with 3 younger sisters. It’s hard to be mischievous when everyone knows who you are. I was raised to be respectful and treat everyone with kindness. I’m now a Plant Manager for a packaging company in Missouri and have been with the same company for 19 yrs. My job allows me to be flexible with hours as needed.

I spend a lot of time working around the house whether it’s painting a room, building a storage bench, or refinishing cabinets. Carly likes to call me “Renovation Ricky” when I start a project. I have an intense passion to provide happiness to our family.

By Carly:
I’m so lucky to have Ricky in my life. He has always made me feel like his #1. I honestly didn’t think I could love him more until we had children together. Seeing him as a father is one of the most amazing things I have witnessed. Ricky’s favorite thing in the world is spending time with his family. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing as long as we’re together.

Ricky also amazes me with his desire to help friends and family. Our niece has Spina Bifida, and he has made her items to assist with physical therapy. He will go above and beyond to see someone smile.

My Hobbies:
• Working around the house
• Researching new technology
• Spending time with all my girls
• Lazy days/nights watching a movie in our theater room
• College Football and NFL weekends
• Taking family vacations every year

About Ricky

About Carly

By Carly: I grew up in a small town in Missouri in a loving, Christian home. Having 3 other siblings meant I was never bored.

I went to college and received a degree in Business. I am currently a Senior Escrow Officer and have been in this industry for 13 years. My office allows me to have flexible hours or work from home.

I love to read and I love to sing! I’ve been singing since I was a little girl and grew up in a very musical family. On Sundays, I sing on the worship team at church. We also have family karaoke nights that the kids love!

I mostly enjoy sharing experiences with our children. Seeing them light up when they go on their first plane trip, swimming with dolphins, or something as simple as trying a new food brings me pure joy. I will always be my children’s biggest advocate.

By Ricky: Carly has an unwavering love for our girls. She is the thread that holds our family together. Carly has an incredible voice, and it makes my heart skip a beat when she leads a song. Her humor is very slapstick, and sometimes she is the only one who gets her jokes. I just smile and give in to the humor.

As a wife, Carly is my better half. She’s patient, understanding, and is always supportive. By far, being a mother is her greatest attribute. I really enjoy listening to her play a game with our daughters or trying to do gymnastics in the living room.

My Hobbies:
• Book club
• Singing/listening to music
• Entertaining guests
• Board Games
• Cooking big meals on Sunday
• Going to Broadway shows

About Carly

Our Family

Our Family: Family is very important to both of us. We have been blessed with amazing support with our decision to adopt. Ricky’s parents live on a farm in Western Kansas. Ricky has three younger sisters. Every year for Thanksgiving we spend time with Ricky’s side of the family.

Carly’s family live close by. Her parents have been married for 40 years. Carly’s 2 brothers and sister are very close and get together at least once a month for game night or birthdays where the girls enjoy playing with their numerous cousins.

We also have an amazing group of friends. Carly has a monthly book club while Ricky will have poker nights with his buddies. Every few months, we all get together with our children and have a potluck game night and host holiday events together.

Meet Our Kids:

Macy, 12 years old:
• Loves to read
• Plays Piano, Cello and Bass
• Has a beautiful singing voice
• Enjoys painting and drawing
• Thoughtful of others
• Archery

Lexi, 12 years old:
• Loving
• Independent
• Dependable
• Loves cooking
• Playing board games
• Basketball

Zoey, 7 years old:
• Hilarious
• Quick witted
• Silly
• Tender hearted
• Giving
• Loves cheerleading

Our Family

Our Home & Thank You

Home Sweet Home: We reside in a suburb of Kansas City, MO. Our house sits in a quiet established neighborhood. Ricky built a theater room and game room in the basement for countless hours of entertainment. In our large back yard, the kids frequent the play set and trampoline.

We have neighbors with all different backgrounds and cultures. Our street has an annual ice cream social and even has a fire truck that shows up for the kids to play on. We enjoy many activities around town including multiple parks, ice skating and roller rinks, and the Chiefs and Royals games. We cannot wait to share these activities with your child.

Meet Our Dog, Boomer:
• Named after the Oklahoma Sooners
• 2 year old Maltipoo
• Loves kids and snuggles
• Birthday is on Halloween

As Parents: We teach our children to be kind, respectful and have the understanding that life doesn’t always go their way, so they have to choose joy. We are involved with all their activities and their schoolwork, yet we encourage them to be independent and confident. We promise to provide your child every opportunity for success, and we will always be there for support. Our commitment to you is that we will love your child unconditionally, and he or she will grow up in a home full of laughter.

Thank You: We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to meet our family. It’s so hard to put into perspective how much your child will be loved and supported throughout their life in 8 pages, but know that we are so excited to welcome another child to our loving, fun and not yet complete family. We’re only missing 1 piece to our puzzle.

Our Home & Thank You