Ritabelle & Carina

Aloha from Hawaii

Dear Birthmother,

Warmest ALOHA from both of us in Hawaii. We send you this heartfelt greeting of love from our soul to yours and baby. Aloha is being a part of all, and all being a part of us. We respect all that is a part of the Creator and part of us.

We wish to express our MAHALO NUI LOA, big gratitude and thanks for your selfless courage and compassion in choosing adoption. We cannot even begin to imagine how difficult this choice must be for you, putting the best interest of a child above all else. This decision take tremendous love.

We are ready and waiting with open arms and open hearts to meet you, and to create a future that is full of joy and endless opportunities for your child.

Your child will grow up knowing that his birth mother and adoptive parents loved her even before she was born.


Our Story

Ritabelle and Carina met in 2001 at work – Kokua Kalihi Valley, which is a federally qualified health center in Honolulu, HI. Ritabelle, a physician and Carina, an eligibility/social worker were both committed to working at this health center because of its strong mission to serve underserved and vulnerable populations.


We wish to leave behind a footprint and legacy of our love through the miracle of adoption. Rather than opting for IVF and other means, we wish to give a child a second chance and help a birth mother during her time of need.

The experience of parenthood will help us in our personal growth and development, there is so much to learn from a child. We believe that children are not vessels to be filled, rather beautiful candles to be lit. In the words of the song by late Whitney Houston: We believe the children are our future, Teach them well and let them lead the way, Show them all the beauty they possess inside!


Our faith is extremely important to us and guides all that we do. Our careers are largely an expression of our faith in action, to serve the poor and needy. It is not how much a person makes, rather it is how much of a difference he/she makes. Ritabelle has served the church in many roles as Sunday school teacher, lector, organist, choir, volunteer etc.

As a teenager she joined the Legion of Mary, to visit homebound disabled persons. Air One, Christian music is Ritabelle’s favorite radio station and is always playing in her car.



Aloha from Hawaii

Meet Ritabelle

Meet Ritabelle

Meet Carina

Carina was born and raised in the Philippines, she immigrated along with her family to Hawaii at the age of 16. Her childhood was happy and she was her mother’s favorite child.

She had many friends and was extremely popular due to her generosity towards others. Her name means “pure”, “beloved”, and “promises”. Through the eyes of Ritabelle she is all this and more, she is the love of her life.

Carina is a caregiver and homemaker. She is at her best element at home and enjoys cooking, gardening, and raising pets. Carina is extremely well known in the Filipino community and plays an active role. She has assisted thousands of people apply and obtain Medicaid, Food stamps, Social Security, and US citizenship.


Carina has reached the peak of her career having worked at Kokua Kalihi Valley for over 25 years. She is the senior eligibility/social worker and has 5 staff under her supervision.

Carina will retire immediately as soon as the baby arrives. Ritabelle has changed jobs and schedules so she can work mostly from home. We have both been blessed with good jobs and financial security.


Meet Carina

Our Home and Family

We live in a suburb of Honolulu. We moved into our new home in December 2012. This neighborhood is a planned master community and has a golf course, single family homes, children’s parks, swim club, and fitness center.

We have a lot of friends and enjoy socializing and entertaining at home. In the next 4-5 years it is projected to complete the hotels, restaurants, lagoons, all within walking distance from our home. Our neighbors are mostly young couples with small children. It is a safe quiet community that is excellent to raise a child.


Carina is the 4th child among 6 siblings and was the primary caregiver to her deceased parents. She has brothers and sisters living in Hawaii.

Ritabelle’s parents are living in Mumbai, India, and they fully support and encourage adopting a baby girl. Ritabelle has 1 elder brother who lives in Mumbai and 1 sister living in Singapore.

Carina and Ritabelle have 3 dogs – Sheba, Bandy, and Lani; 1 parrot – Rainbow; and 1 fish – Babu. Both Carina and Ritabelle have many godchildren. They are the favorite aunties among the nieces and nephews. In Hawaii, we have a word called “hanai” or adopted family comprising of many close friends with whom we share our lives with.


Our Home and Family

A Special Message to You

In Closing

It is providence (divine guidance) that will ultimately determine our adoption destiny. We surrender to the will of god to guide both our hearts. We thank you for taking the time to get to read our profile. We also wish to thank you for considering us to love, nurture, and raise your baby.

If it is the will of god for us to adopt your baby girl, it will be for his endless glory to manifest and shine brightly through the life of this precious chosen child.


We pledge the following:

  • To perceive our relationship with our child as a sacred relationship
  • To rise above our fears and transform ourselves to meet the requirements of our child’s spirit
  • To shower our child with endless hugs and kisses
  • To fill our child’s life with joy, fun, creativity, and exploration
  • To accept our child simply as she is
  • To teach our child trust and respect
  • To teach our child to learn to read, so that she can read to learn
  • To never permit the television be our child’s babysitter
  • To protect our child from any abuse
  • To set appropriate boundaries as our child grows
  • To let our child’s light shine brightly
  • To give our child roots and wings


A Special Message to You