Robert & Eretha

Robert & Eretha

Hello we are Robert & Eretha from Burbank, California! We can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be for you to have to choose a family to raise your child. Thank you for even considering us.

Our road to starting a family has not been easy as we’ve dealt with infertility for six long years. We are turning to adoption and know this is the way we were meant to begin our family. We are hoping to have the opportunity and honor to raise your child in a loving environment where he/she will be love and cared for. Your precious gift would bring such joy into our lives and make our family complete.

Thank your for considering us as adoptive parents to your child!

Our Favorites:
Traveling and learning about different places
Love to binge watch tv shows together
Going to Universal Studios & Disneyland
Love attending & volunteering at dog adoption events
Going to LA Dodgers games
Going to the Beach

About Us:
Robert and I met through a mutual friend where I was the third wheel on the dinner date. One week later Robert asked me out on a date (just the two of us) and we both realized that we were a match made in heaven.

We dated for six years and to my surprise Robert proposed to me while we were vacationing in Hawaii – our favorite vacation spot.

We have been happily married for 11 years and have two wonderful dogs, Ozzy and Bella who are like children to us. In our eyes we are the almost perfect family, we just need your precious gift to make us complete.

We love to vacation yearly in Hawaii and love to Cruise. We also love traveling within the United States from the West Coast to the East Coast. Another one of our favorites is enjoying the comfort of our home, grilling in the back yard, entertaining for family and friends and of course hanging out with our precious fur babies.

Robert & Eretha

Meet Eretha

I was born in El Salvador and raised in Burbank, California. I grew up an only child, living with my mom, uncle, aunt and two cousins.

At a young age I began volunteering for the Special Olympics annually and volunteered daily for the American Red Cross as their disaster services coordinator. I gained so much experience working in an office and interacting with people that right after High School I decided to work for a talent management company where I worked with many new and upcoming actors.

After many years in the entertainment industry, I felt that it was time for a career change. I began working for a hospital in administration and was then offered a job to run a radiology department outside of the hospital. I worked in radiology for ten years and then made the hard decision to retire and focus on getting ready to start a family.

I am now a full time dog mom, own and operate my own candle business and I am a full time volunteer and charter member for a Boston Terrier Dog Rescue.

Since I am retired, I would always be home to care for and raise a child. I would teach the child the importance of volunteering and giving back to the community.

I enjoy:
Volunteering and fundraising for dog rescue

Cooking and baking healthy

Making candles to help out dog rescues

Tending to my organic garden

Reading romance novels

Fun Facts About Eretha:
My name is Greek and was given to me by my father who traveled to Greece as a merchant sailor, the captains daughter’s name was Eretha and he took a liking to his little girl and told her that he would name his first child after her… and so he did.

My name is spelled Hereta but pronounced “Eretha.”
I am fluent in English and Spanish – a trait I would love to teach my future child.

I fund raise for dog rescues nationwide with my small candle business.

“More About Eretha by Robert”
I adore and cherish my wife Hereta every day. She is the most kind, gentle, strong, resilient, caring and hard-working person I know. She can accomplish anything she puts her mind to, and her work ethic is beyond compare. Often at night she tells me, “I was non-stop today.”

She is very social and easy going with a natural ability to lead. Because of these traits people often gravitate toward her and rely on her, which she happily accepts. She absolutely loves dogs and is the best dog mom ever. She spoils our dogs beyond belief, even cooking healthy meals for them daily. She cooks great homemade meals for me too.

One of her passions is volunteering tirelessly for a non-profit dog rescue, raising funds for them and rescuing dogs. Another passion is her candle and dog treat business where she donates portions of her proceeds to dog rescue. She will be a wonderful mother and I can’t wait to see her dream come true.

Meet Eretha

Meet Robert

I was born and raised in Southern California in a loving home with my dad, mom and two older sisters. My parents were married for 50 years, but sadly I lost my mom two years ago.

Growing up, I was a very active child and played so many different sports. I excelled in academics and athletics all the way up to college, and to this day I continue to live an active lifestyle by working out, running and playing sports.

At the young age of 21, I became a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department. I have been with the department for 23 years and I am currently a Detective Supervisor. I give my all everyday to my profession and love my job.

Although I work hard everyday throughout the year, I never miss a vacation, as I take two long vacations a year to spend quality time with family and to recharge. I am looking forward to my retirement, a short seven years from now so I can be home full time.

I enjoy:
To play and watch sports (Basketball,Baseball, Football and Golf)

I have passion for running and love to run marathons.

Grilling up some steaks for family/friends

I always have some kind of wood project going on in the garage.

Fun Facts About Robert:
He loves his dogs more than anything and will do whatever he can for them.
He takes pride in his manicured lawn, loves fixing and doing home improvements himself.
Loves to grill and hang out in the back yard with the family and the dogs.
He’s a fun loving uncle. He makes his nieces and nephews (5 total) constantly laugh. The party is not fun unless uncle Robert is there to make them laugh.

“More About Robert by Eretha”
Robert is my rock, my husband and my best friend. He is a very loving and supportive husband. I have literally won the lottery with him because he is wonderful to me.

I see how affectionate and loving he is with our dogs Ozzy and Bella and I can only imagine how great of a father he would be. We are his everything and a child would bring so much joy to his heart. He has a warm heart and I know that he will be the best dad he could be.

He is caring, kind, and affectionate and I know how badly he wants and needs to be a father. He is so wonderful with his nieces and nephews and any child would be lucky to call him dad.

Meet Robert

Our Family & Pets

We have a great family foundation. Our families are very supportive of our decision to adopt and everyone is so excited to have a baby in the family. We love hanging out together for BBQ’s, Birthdays or for 4th of July – where yearly we host an amazing party at our house to watch the awesome fireworks show from our back yard.

We live in the hills, close to the Burbank Starlight Bowl where the fireworks show is held.
If we don’t celebrate the holidays twice (visiting each other’s side of the family separately) then we celebrate it all together as one big happy family under one roof.

Robert’s family is about a 45 minute drive from our home and my family resides in Burbank where we live.
Our support from everyone is amazing. We are both very lucky and fortunate to have a such a strong and loving family and friend foundation.

Fun Family Traditions:
4th of July BBQ at our house to watch the fireworks show

We attend many classic car shows with Robert’s side of the family

We always decorate for Halloween and pass out candy each year

Summer concerts at the Starlight Bowl

We make and have tamales every year for Christmas

“Meet Ozzy and Bella”
Our babies, Ozzy (13) and Bella (10) are our everything. They are like our children and both are Boston Terriers.

We got Ozzy 13 years ago and rescued Bella 10 years ago from a Boston Terrier rescue group which is now the rescue group that we volunteer for. We will always rescue and foster dogs. It is such a big part of our lives and our dogs lives.

Although Ozzy and Bella are a bit older they still enjoy daily playtime, walks and homemade food and treats. Ozzy and Bella get along great with children and always interact great with Robert’s nieces and nephews. I know they too are excited to have a 2 legged brother/sister around to play with.

Our Family & Pets

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

We are from beautiful Burbank, CA (Media City Capital of the World). We live in the Burbank hills, in a very safe and beautiful neighborhood.

Many of our neighbors are original owners and treat us so wonderfully. We all take care and watch out for each other. We often get together for visits or gatherings.

Our home is close to schools and in a great school district. We are surrounded by many parks, beautiful hiking trails in the Burbank mountains and the fabulous Starlight Bowl just up the street from us. Every year we attend the Starlight Bowl for fun summer concerts with family and friends.

We are close to the beaches and mountains and are very close to Universal Studios and Disneyland! Los Angeles is a wonderful city with so much to do with a child!

Closing Thoughts
Our Promise: We promise to love your child unconditionally. We will provide a life full of love, laughter and compassion. Family is and will always be a priority.
Thank you for taking the opportunity to learn a little bit about us.

We hope by reading our profile, you can get a feel for how grateful we will be if you choose us. We want you to know that we will love your child and will provide the best possible life for them.

Thank you.

Robert & Eretha

Our Home and Closing Thoughts