Rocel and Dawn

Hello Birth Mother!

We are Dawn & Rocel. We live in Torrance, California. The first thing we would like you to know is that we believe you are a brave, strong, and courageous woman for considering adoption for your child. We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to get to know us during this time. We hope that we can provide you with a glimpse into our lives, in hopes that you feel it will be a nourishing, kind, loving environment for your child to grow up in.

Having a baby of our own has always been a dream of ours from the very first day we met, but unfortunately, we are not able to. We would be humbled and honored to give your baby all the love they deserve and provide an atmosphere filled with love, happy memories, and lots of hugs and kisses.

How We Met & Our Life Together: After reuniting, 6 years after high school, at a friend’s beach get-together, we had an instant connection! We bonded over our shared interest for movies, television shows, travel, and love for dogs! Three years later, Rocel proposed in his hometown, under a park gazebo, surrounded by flowers. In 2014, we got married in Southern California in front of friends and family.

Since then, we have been enjoying traveling, domestically and international, throwing holiday parties for our friends and family, and spending time outdoors with our two dogs, Julie & Simba! We enjoy being outside and we love to make the most of living in sunny California, which is why on most weekends, we find ourselves relaxing on the sand or hiking in the mountains, taking in all the breathtaking views our home has to offer.

We are choosing adoption because we have not been able to have our own child, and because Rocel himself is adopted, we know this wonderful journey is our path.

A Few of Our Interests & Hobbies: We enjoy going to Disneyland, travelling domestically or internationally, participating in charity walks, such as JDRF One Walk, and having TV marathons of our favorite show, Friends. We are looking forward to including our child in our hobbies and interests and learning what interests they will have!

Dawn Enjoys:

  • Baking themed sugar cookies for parties, especially for our nephews
  • Hiking in the mountains
  • Walking our two dogs
  • Collecting pressed pennies

Rocel Enjoys:

  • Going to the gym
  • Creating his own recipes in the kitchen
  • Having a green thumb for growing indoor plants
  • Collecting Pokémon cards
Hello Birth Mother!

About Dawn

This is Dawn – Written by Rocel: The most important thing you need to know about Dawn is that she is the most genuine person I know. She thinks and lives life with her heart, always there when our friends or family needs her most.

Dawn is an accountant. She grew up in Portsmouth, England and Southern California. She has one brother, a handful of aunts and uncles, and several cousins. Her parents are extremely loving and supportive, qualities that Dawn inherited, which I am sure she will nurture our children to be.

Dawn loves spending time with our nephews and seeing her interact with kids always puts a big smile on my face. The amount of joy and love that pours out from her makes my heart sing! She is so attentive and caring, and always listens to our nephews’ needs. She is a rockstar auntie, who always bakes the best sugar cookies for parties!

Dawn’s Favorite Things:

  • Actress: Anne Hathaway
  • Animal: Dolphin
  • Author: Jane Austen
  • Childhood Activity: Pretending I owned a restaurant
  • Children’s Book: Peter Rabbit
  • Children’s TV Show: Puzzle Place
  • Holiday: Christmas!
  • Ice Cream Flavor: Rocky Road
  • Movie: A Walk to Remember
  • Musical Artist: Carrie Underwood

Things That Make Me Happy:

  • Making new recipes
  • Making my husband smile or laugh
  • Spending time with my nephews
  • Going on trips with my family
  • Watching sunsets at the beach
About Dawn

About Rocel

This is Rocel – Written by Dawn: Rocel is 5’2 but is larger than life! His inviting, enthusiastic personality makes him easy to love and get along with! He is the friendliest human being. “There’s no such thing as a stranger, just friends ready to be made!”

Rocel comes from a small family. He was adopted as a baby from the Philippines and was raised in Asia, Europe, and the United States. He spent most of his childhood growing up in Missouri. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the United States Air Force.

Today, Rocel works as a children’s author, writing novels for kids age 9 to 12 years old, and runs his own dog walking daycare. He enjoys spending time with friends and family, and is very attentive to his nieces, nephews, and godchildren! Watching him mentor the kids in his life, I know he will be an amazing Dad, something that he is looking forward to.

Rocel’s Favorite Things:

  • Actress: Emma Watson
  • Animal: Turtle
  • Author: J.K. Rowling
  • Childhood Activity: Hide and Seek
  • Children’s Book: Peter Bridge to Terabithia
  • Movie: The Sandlot
  • Children’s TV Show: Curious George
  • Holiday: 4th of July
  • Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Musical Artist: Thomas Rhett
  • Place to Take a Child: Movie Theater
  • Reading Material: Children’s Literature

Things That Make Me Happy:

  • My wife’s jokes
  • Food adventures
  • Traveling to Missouri and Florida
  • Spending time with friends
  • Interacting with the kids from my author signings


About Rocel

Home and Community

We Love Our Home and Community: We love living in California! We are just 3 miles from the beach & an hour away from the mountains! We love that our neighborhood will give our child the best environment to grow up in and enjoy the outdoors!

Our charming two-bedroom apartment is nestled between two neighborhood family parks that are filled with happy children! Knowing the fire department is on the corner of our street makes us feel protected by our community. We are blocks away from a family-friendly mall filled with an array of shops and several restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines to choose from.

We love spending time on our comfy couch watching our favorite movies and television shows! Since Dawn likes to bake and Rocel enjoys cooking, we also spend a lot of time in our kitchen, which is always filled with delicious scents!

We love our two dogs, Simba & Julie. Simba walked down the aisle and sat with the groomsmen at our wedding. Julie was a gift from Rocel to Dawn but she has been on Rocel’s “team” from the beginning. They are both loyal little dogs and a big part of the family.

Which Would You Choose… This or That?

Netflix or Youtube

  • Dawn: Netflix
  • Rocel: Youtube

Call or Text

  • Dawn: Text
  • Rocel: Call

Music or Podcast

  • Both: Music

Cake or Pie

  • Dawn: Cake
  • Rocel: Pie

Hot or Iced Coffee

  • Dawn: Hot coffee
  • Rocel: Iced coffee

Sneakers or Sandals

  • Dawn: Sneakers
  • Rocel: Sandals

Big or Small Gathering

  • Both: Small gathering

Movie at Home or at the Theater

  • Dawn: At home
  • Rocel: At the theater
Home and Community

Meet Our Loved Ones

Dawn’s parents live in Florida but visit often! Her father (who always wears a colorful Hawaiian shirt) enjoys fishing, grilling, model trains, and puzzles! He is also knowledgeable of Florida’s local wildlife! Her mother is extremely friendly and gives the best hugs! She enjoys collecting seashells and has a love for ballroom dancing! Rocel was adopted when he was thirteen months old. His father was a wonderful dad but he passed away when he was twelve years old. His mom, is “super cool”! She loves concerts, fashion, music, and movies, and is always up for a fun adventure to the mall.

Our friends are a big part of our lives. They are our chosen family, and we love celebrating each other’s milestones, from graduations to newborns! We strongly believe love from family is crucial for raising a child, as well as having a supportive network of family friends! “It takes a village.” We are blessed knowing our future child will have an amazing family who will love and support them.

Our Thoughts on Parenting and Adoption: For us, becoming parents will be the ultimate dream come true, and we are so happy that adoption will make it a reality. Thanks to his parents, Rocel was adopted and afforded many opportunities in his life. We knew that someday, we wanted to adopt a child, and give him or her love and opportunities like Rocel was blessed with. We have many family traditions and values that we would love to pass on to our future child. We envision our family to be outgoing, full of love, and enjoying life experiences to the fullest! We know that life will change once we have a child, and we are looking forward to all the new adventures our future bundle of joy will bring us. We promise to love and care for our baby, to always provide a loving home, fight through the tough times, and raise our child with encouragement and support, helping them reach their dreams.

Adoption will always hold a special place in both our hearts. Should you choose us, and open your heart to our family, we want you to know the following things. We promise to honor your journey. We will always love and protect this baby and both of your stories. We promise that this baby will grow up in a loving home and a happy environment with loving parents, supportive family members, and accepting family friends who will love them very much. We will encourage our child to be the best version of themselves and promise to have fun, laugh until it hurts, make many happy memories together, and get through the tough times.

Meet Our Loved Ones