Ron & Kristi

Hello! We are Kristi and Ron!

Dear Birth Mother: The selfless act of placing your child for adoption leaves us beyond words. Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents. We have wanted to give more of ourselves and expand our family for a while, and the time has come to make it a reality.

We feel that we have been blessed with the ability to care for and provide endless love, family, community and opportunities to another child.

Growing up, each of us treasured the word “family”. It meant belonging. It meant having gatherings with lots of games, fun, food, laughter and unconditional support regardless of where you came from.

Our son, Ori, talks of being a big brother regularly and though we have not been able to do so naturally we welcome and embrace the chance to provide for another family member through adoption!

About Us: We met while trying to tap dance for a theatrical production at our college. It was funny and hard all at the same time. And we think that’s what makes us strong; being able to tackle the hard stuff and having fun in the process.

We hit it off as friends but didn’t start dating until we reconnected many years after college. We thank God for bringing us back to each other to start our family.

Ron is a writer and pilot who travels all over the world.

Kristi, is a pediatric occupational therapy assistant and who loves arts, crafts and dancing.

Ori, our biological 3-year-old son whose mischievous, kind-hearted, and creative spirit keeps everyone guessing what he’s up to!

And last but not least, Maulee, an adorably friendly 12-year-old Siamese cat whose hobbies consist of lying in the sun and begging for extra scratches under the chin.

We Will Teach Our Children:
• How to be grateful for what we have, how not to take yourself to seriously
• Show compassion and empathy towards others even when they aren’t nice to you
• Be able to stand up for what is right and for yourself
• Learn from our mistakes in order to make wise choices
• To trust in god

Fun Facts
• We’ve been all over the world! Kristi was born in Japan, Ron lived in Alaska
• We love and appreciate art in all its forms, from finger painting to opera to dancing on the living room rug
• We try hard to eat healthy – and eat together. It sounds a little old fashioned, but family meals are a great time to catch up, slow down, and connect
• Faith and family are a central part of our lives

Hello! We are Kristi and Ron!

Meet Kristi

I was born in Tokyo, Japan while my parents were working in the mission field. When we returned to the States we lived in California, Texas, and then settled along the California central cost for most of my childhood.

I’ve always appreciated different cultures and love experiencing new things. Growing up, I was blessed with opportunities to study piano, sing, and pursue many artistic interests. My love of people and desire to make a difference drove me to a degree in behavioral science. But it wasn’t until I combined that love with my creative endeavors that I truly found my passion and became an Occupational Therapy Assistant.

Currently, I work part-time helping struggling kids meet development milestones, gain more independence, and live life to the fullest. The part-time schedule allows me to have a balanced life and stay at home for my family.

I have one brother, Jared, who has four kids of his own, so there are quite a few people waiting to play with their new cousin!

Fun Facts
• One of my great passions is dancing. I’ve been a competitive ballroom dancer for many years. My favorites are swing (lindy hop), cha cha, bolero and rhumba, but I’ll dance to literally anything from country to hip hop!
• Good nutrition and health have always been important to me
• I love the outdoors, camping, hiking, nature, and animals
• I’ve got a sweet tooth and love good coffee

More About Kristi by Ron: It’s been said that “the mother’s heart is the child’s classroom”, and when I hear that I always think of Kristi.

She has so many incredible qualities, from her thousand-watt smile to the joy she takes in music and dance. But those pale in comparison to the amazing example she sets as a mother. She’s kind, patient, loving, creative, and has passed those qualities on to our son. It’s because of her that he’s a healthy eater, stays on a regular schedule, and is such a happy and well-adjusted little kid.

If there’s a better testament to a woman, I can’t imagine what it might be!

You Might Be Surprised:
• RON: I actually used to have hair! I’m somewhat afraid of heights (apparently many pilots are). I used to be an opera singer.

KRISTI: I was a project manager for construction sites and have a fairly good grasp on how to get these types of projects done around the house. I have never eaten a hot dog or hamburger.

Meet Kristi

Meet Ron

I was born in Studio City, California, and grew up with the kind of neighborhood I’ve always wanted for my own kids – one filled with good neighbors who create a true community on the block.

I later spent a few years in Alaska, and then lived in Las Vegas during my high school years before returning to California for college.

I studied music, theatre, and English literature at Concordia University. Ironically, I work in a completely unrelated field today: I’m a pilot! It’s not a 9-to-5 job, but when I’m not working it does have the advantage of giving me full days at home, rather than just a couple of hours in the evening with the family. My hobbies include gardening, cooking, writing, and photography.

Fun Facts
• I’ve traveled to nearly 100 different countries on six of the seven continents and love seeing the world!
• I started my web site in 1995 — it was one of the first personal web sites on the internet and was once featured in the Wall Street Journal
• I’m kind of a prankster. I once took apart a car and put it together again inside a building just to see if they could figure out how to get it back outside
• I sang for one of the country’s largest opera companies for more than a decade

More About Ron, by Kristi: Ron is my steadfast partner for life. He is always even-tempered, loving and supportive. I love Ron because he put family first from the time we met. He puts our well-being and future before his own.

When things are tough I can count on him to think clearly and steady our path. Ron sometimes works long days, crazy hours and still takes the time to sit and play with Ori, scratch the kitties chin and go on evening walks. If you ask our family and friends they’ll tell you one of Ron’s best qualities, aside from his selfless nature, is his quick wit and sense of humor.

He is brilliant in this department and always catches people off guard. He makes me laugh and appreciate so much about life! Until I met Ron I was constantly on the go. In testament to him, he has given me a second chance to stop and smell the flowers.

Meet Ron

Our Loving Family

Meet Ori, our loving and inquisitive 3 year old. From the time he first began to talk, he expressed a desire to be a big brother. Ori wants to hug and look out for them — and share his special books, cars, and sweet treats, too. We always had a desire to expand our family, and Ori’s enthusiasm confirmed that it was the right move!

Our Family & Friends: We are blessed with a wide variety of family, friends, and neighbors which keep our house busy! Ron has two half-brothers who have kids of their own, while Kristi’s brother, Jared, has four kids. There are many other cousins, nieces, and nephews on both sides, and we’re close friends with many families who live on our street.

In addition, Nana and Grandpa come down from San Luis Obispo frequently! This makes for a long dinner table at Thanksgiving, raucous gatherings for birthdays, and a 4th of July party which is famous throughout town. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Pets: Maulee has been with us for as long as we’ve been married. She’s a seal-point Siamese cat – they’re more like dogs, really, in the way they behave. Instead of aloof and independent, she’s intensely interested in being part of whatever we are doing. Maulee loves kids and will hang around while Ori is playing, listen to bedtime stories with us, and has even been known to push aside the shower curtain and hop into the bath, just to be part of the ‘action’.

Our Loving Family

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: We live in a sleepy community in Orange County, CA. Our house is single level with a yard large enough for a football game or doing cartwheels till you’re dizzy.

Favorite activities include picking fruit from our trees and playing in the sprinklers until sunset. It’s a wonderful and safe feeling to walk down the streets and have people say hello, roll down their windows to wave as they drive by, and to offer help when you’re out of town for a weekend. There isn’t a day that passes when we haven’t thought about how lucky we are to have this supportive community around us.

One of the wonderful things about Southern California is that we’re close enough to take a trip to the beach for a walk or an easy drive up the mountains to the snow in winter.

Being able to take advantage of the great outdoors and feel the wind on our faces, hear the waves crash, or birds chirping in the trees make it easy to slow down and be grateful for things like family. In addition to nature, it’s a wonderful thing to be so close to live performance venues, international street fairs and cultural activities.

Thank You: again for taking the time to learn a little about us! Your sacrifice is not unnoticed, and we pray for your well-being during this process. Your health and inner strength are our top priority. Our dreams of becoming a family of four are only possible because of your strength and love for your child, and for that we are grateful.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts