I’m Roop from Northern California. I’m honored you are taking the time to get to know me as you consider adoption for your child. I can’t truly know what you’re feeling but I am humbled by your courage in finding out what is best for you and your child.

While I thought life would unfold differently – thinking I would be married by a certain age and kids would follow – I am very grateful and blessed for the life I have. But I have never let go of my dream to be a parent and to share my love with a child. If you do choose this path, my hope is that you will learn a little about who I am, and what it might be like for your child to grow up in my home, within my family and community, and what it might be like for us to know each other on this journey. Thank you for giving me the time to share.

I’m so excited to enter my next major life journey of becoming a mom. I can’t wait to be that mom that takes a million baby pictures, gushing over every ‘first’ moment to all my family and friends, caring for them through tummy aches and skinned knees, and celebrating all of the magical moments. I’m so ready to pour all of my heart and soul into being a mom.

This Is My Story: I grew up in a small town in New York and as a child I spent lots of time climbing trees, playing sports and inventing games with my twin sister. After college, I moved from city to city growing my marketing and advertising career and enjoying the opportunity to work at some cool companies. I’ve now settled in Santa Cruz, California, which allows me to be close to the things that are most important to me – family, friends and the ability to be active outside all year.

I’m intensely curious about the world. My curiosity drives me to constantly explore new things and take on different passions. Traveling, sports and music are a big part of my life but I also love having downtime to read, write and relax at home. Generally, I am equally as excited about going to a sporting event, concert festival or a vacation; as I am for a binge-worthy HBO series.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I have a healthy passion for handbags, shoes and skincare products
  • I’ve traveled to 15 countries!
  • I was once a footwear model…because I have very small feet!
  • I’ve run 3 marathons and over 10 half marathons!
  • My favorite live sporting events are NBA/WNBA games



My Interests and Hobbies

  • Art – Experiencing creativity is a must for me! I love going to museums and my own creativity is expressed through drawing, writing, and painting.
  • Exercising – I like staying active! These days I prefer running relay races and obstacle courses with friends, and doing strength training workouts with my sister.
  • Reading – Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve delighted in getting lost in a great story, and I still read about 2-3 books a month!
  • Spending time with friends – I’m so lucky to have strong female and male friendships. Friends who let me be silly, that make me laugh so hard it hurts, and who let me beat them badly on game nights.

My favorite travel moments:

  • Taking a 5-day hike in Chile to see Glaciers
  • Going to hot springs/spas outside of Tokyo, Japan
  • Living/sailing on houseboat in Kerala, India
  • Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef Australia
  • Touring rice fields in Bali, Indonesia

Meet my dog, Georgia: Georgia is a very social and energetic 7-year-old Maltipoo – she loves being around people more than anything but also loves a great game of fetch. She loves kids dearly and will be so excited to add another member of  our family.


My Interests and Hobbies

The Place That I Call Home

I live in Santa Cruz, California which is a small coastal/beach town in Northern California. There’s so much natural beauty in the area, from the pristine beaches to the Redwood Forests. I live in a townhouse community, and my house is a two story, 2-bedroom home with a front courtyard and a backyard. My favorite room in my house is the living room, which is open and airy and has a wide patio door that opens out onto my backyard. I love snuggling up with a good book out there on a crisp evening or having a few guests over to relax and catch up. Santa Cruz is the best place for kids because it’s like a giant playground!

You can watch surfers, butterflies, and passing whales. And because I live in such a central part of the city, I’m close to parks and schools, and within a mile of the famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Because it’s such a great place, people live here for many years, which makes it a close-knit community.

Reasons I love my home and community:

  • It’s equal distance to the beach and to the mountains (10 minutes!)
  • That it’s a medium sized, artsy town
  • It’s sunny 80% of the year
  • The Santa Cruz Boardwalk is a playground for kids AND adults
  • It’s only an hour and a half away from San Francisco and Oakland


The Place That I Call Home

Introducing My Loved Ones

My family is so excited to see me become a mother, and my future child will be very loved by them all.  My mom is my rock and I confide in her with everything. My relationship with her has always been super meaningful in my life and it’s the type of love that I want to share with a child. My dad is a scientist by trade, but in his retired years, he’s embraced his passion for music, and he’ll be excited to inspire creativity and passion in his future grandchild. My twin sister, who knows me better than anyone, lives in New York City with her wife, and I visit a few months every year. They are so excited to be aunts!

Because I moved often in my 20s and 30s, I’ve learned the art of both making new friends and keeping old friends.  I’m still so close with all of my closest college friends that I made 20 years ago, all of whom will be constant fixtures in my child’s life.

My family and friends are a huge part of my life. I feel confident in my decision to become a single mom because of all these wonderful people around me.­­

My Family and Friends Would Say:

“Roop is a beautiful human being. She is kind, incredibly thoughtful, generous with her time, highly intelligent, and warm-hearted.” – Jennelle (Friend)

“I know that Roop will make a wonderful mother to her child, because all through her life I’ve seen how caring, kind and compassionate she is. I can’t wait to have another grandchild to shower with love and care.” – My mom (future grandma!)

“Words cannot express how excited I am to be on this journey with my sister. Roop has a remarkable spirit and has the truest of hearts when it comes to nurturing and growing her family. My wife and I will be there every step of the way with her, welcoming ‘baby’ into our homes and hearts.” – Param (Twin sister)

My Favorite Traditions:

  • Scavenger hunts – Presents are gifted after answering questions or completing challenges. This is a tradition started by my mom when we were kids that my sister and I still do for Christmas and Birthday presents.
  • Halloween costumes – Another family tradition from growing up was making Halloween costumes from scratch. Over the years there have been some epic costumes, including a cardboard Rubix Cube!
  • Visiting New York City – My sister, and some close extended family of Aunts, Uncles and Cousins live in NYC and the city is deeply special to me. There’s nothing like the energy of the city and I love visiting once in the summer and once during the holiday season.
  • Watching Sports – I grew up watching sports teams and players somewhat obsessively. This translates into the tradition of fun family challenges during March Madness, NBA season and College Football season. We love sports so much that when the Olympics were in Atlanta my mother and father were volunteers.
  • Watch the New Year’s Ball Drop – My parents thought that the New Year was a super special thing to celebrate and for some reason felt Cheesecake was the best dessert to accompany new beginnings. The tradition has stuck!
Introducing My Loved Ones

Thank You!

A few promises to you:

  • A nightly bedtime routine with books and snuggles for as long as possible
  • Travel and exploration across the United States and across the world
  • A huge and very diverse group of Aunties and Uncles that will spoil them silly!
  • Hiking, biking, basketball and more… we’ll always be active
  • A hand-knit blanket from grandma… just like my own baby blanket
  • They’ll be surrounded with so much love and be raised to be strong and independent

Thank You! Thank you again for learning about me. I can imagine that the decision to find an adoptive parent for your baby is difficult, and it means so much that you would consider me.

Whatever you decide, I wish for you to know your light and your truth, and I you know you are loved and supported.

Thank You!