Ryan and Daniel

Dear Birth Mother

Hello!  We are Ryan and Daniel from Southern California! We would like to thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

Our goal is to make your decision as stress-free as possible by giving you comfort in knowing you are choosing parents that will provide endless love and care to your child.

Our goal is to raise our future child with good morals, a solid education, humility, an appreciation for different cultures, and a love of traveling.

Our dream of becoming parents is also our extended families dream as well. Your baby would be raised in an affectionate and kindhearted family with many traditions and solid family values. A family that gets together not only for holidays and special occasions but also to simply stay connected.

Our Promise To You

  • To provide unconditional love and support
  • To make education a priority
  • A love for traveling the world
  • Holidays surrounded by family and friends

If you find it in your heart to choose us as your child’s adoptive parents, we can promise you that we will always put the baby first, their needs and wants will always be our top priority. We look forward to the sleepless nights, diaper changes, and all the challenges of becoming a new parent. Those moments create lifelong memories that we will cherish always. And we will always have you to thank for changing our lives.

Dear Birth Mother

About Daniel

l was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and moved to Orlando, Florida at 4 years old with my family. My childhood was filled with countless trips to theme parks and the beach! My mom was a flight attendant for Delta Airlines for most of my childhood and that experience is what first made me fall in love with traveling.

Work has never been what has defined me as a person, however it has helped shape me into the person I am today. I began my professional career working in sales for AT&T and stayed with that company for over 6 years. I then spent over a decade in senior level management for restaurants and cafes. Those experiences have taught me the values of learning how to listen, showing empathy, teamwork, and for exceeding all expectations and goals. Since our move to California in late 2018, I have been a stay at home spouse. I keep busy with the running of our household, cooking, being a supportive husband to Ryan, and spending time with our two dogs.

Having the amazing opportunity to be a stay at home spouse will be tremendously helpful when we start our family.

About Daniel, By Ryan

I cannot wait for Daniel to become a father. He is the most attentive and tender-hearted man, who effortlessly brings out the best in all of those around him at all times. He is easily his nephews’ favorite person because he is so playful, fun, and kind. Seeing him with them melts my heart.

Daniel is at the heart of his extended family, and mine! He is the one who initiates get-togethers, phone calls, shared activities and trips. He’s such an extraordinary person. He truly

impacts every person he encounters. It’s hard to find adequate words to encompass my feelings, however, to put it simply, to me, Daniel is love.

Fun Facts About Daniel

  • I was born on Friday the 13th during a full moon, the moon is also part of my astrological sign as a Cancer!
  • Interior designing is a hobby and I love to change the décor for every season.
  • Soft serve ice cream with sprinkles is my favorite.
About Daniel

About Ryan

I was born in Philadelphia and grew up in its suburbs, spending as much time as possible at the New Jersey shore. I received my undergraduate degree from Drew University in New Jersey, which is right outside of New York City. I spent a lot of time in New York City, enjoying its theater, concerts, museums, and restaurants. I still visit New York City as much as I can, and the fact that my brother lives there is an added bonus!

Upon graduation from college, I began working in Human Resources at a not-for-profit organization that serves children with complex medical challenges. I spent nearly 10 years at that company, before moving to Southern California in 2018 to accept my current position as the Vice President of Human Resources at regional healthcare organization. I love my work, and I am currently pursuing a doctorate in the field of Human Resources. I am fortunate that my job and studies allow me a lot of flexibility, and I still can spend a lot of time with family and friends, and soon our future child.

About Ryan, By Daniel

What makes Ryan so special is the way he always supports me in all that I do and how he’s my biggest cheerleader! He’s my best friend who I can binge watch a TV show with while wearing pajamas and the amazing husband I can’t wait to see for a romantic dinner.

Ryan is also the best travel partner! I get lost everywhere I go, and Ryan knows his way around what seems like every major city in the world. He’s so smart and has an answer to any question I can think of. Ryan is so full of optimism, with a heart the size of California!

Fun Facts About Ryan

  • I always see the glass as “half full,” and truly believe in others.
  • I studied in Belgium in college and loved immersing myself in the French language. I still watch the news in French.
  • I was born during a blizzard on January 1st, and I was the first newborn at the hospital that year. I was even in the newspaper!
About Ryan

Our Family and Traditions

Ryan’s Family

I have a large, loving family in the Philadelphia area, which is where Daniel and I met. My mom, Nancy, particularly loves to visit often. My father and stepmom live in Florida, coincidentally near Daniel’s extended family. My brother, Jeff, is a photographer in New York, but has projects in the Los Angeles area allowing him to visit us often. My beloved Aunt Karen lives in Southern California near Disneyland, as do many of my cousins.

Daniel’s Family

I have family all over America, Germany, and Puerto Rico. One of my oldest friends since high school, Jill, lives close by and works as a nanny in California so we see her often. My mother and grandmother live in Puerto Rico and we visit them about twice a year. They are extremely excited about having a future grandbaby in their lives! My brother, David is in the United States Army. He and his wife, Alessa, and their two boys, live in Germany. Ryan and I visit them once a year and always look forward to that trip.

Our Favorite Family Traditions

Daniel’s Family Tradition

Every Christmas I make Coquito, which is the Puerto Rican version of eggnog. It’s a favorite with our families and friends. We also love to decorate our home and entertain over the holidays.

Ryan’s Family Tradition

Growing up, my grandmother’s birthday was always on or near Thanksgiving Day. We would let her pick the entire menu in honor of her birthday, and she would always insist on lasagna or ravioli in addition to of the traditional turkey (which she never truly enjoyed!). We now serve an Italian dish in her honor with our traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Our Family and Traditions

Home Sweet Home

We love our town because we not only have beautiful and quiet suburban living, but we are also close to the city life in Los Angeles and beaches.  Our home is located in a charming neighborhood that is walking distance to excellent schools and on a quiet and kid friendly street. We have a private back yard and cannot wait to watch our future child play here.

Our home is walking distance to excellent schools and there’s plenty of nearby parks and hiking trails.  Our neighborhood is quiet, pretty, and safe. Our neighbors are friendly, and we often help one another in watching each other’s homes when one of us is out of town.

We have two super cute dogs, Beau and Belle!

Beau is a 7-pound white haired Chihuahua mix and is full of love. Beau first came into our life in December 2018, when we opened our front door and a dog ran into our home out of nowhere! He was unkempt and clearly abandoned, without a collar or microchip. We quickly realized that we couldn’t possibly live without him!

We got Belle from foster care and she immediately became best friends with Beau. Belle is a 13-pound white Poodle and she has the most caring eyes in the world. She enjoys sleeping on pillows, exploring the backyard, and all the belly rubs that you can give her.

Home Sweet Home