Ryan & Timm

Hello! We are Ryan and Timm from Los Angeles

Hello Birth Mom!
You’re amazing and we have so much admiration for you! It takes a very special person to make such a selfless decision and we’re incredibly grateful you’re considering us as adoptive parents. We’re beyond excited to start a family and love that our child will have such a beautiful start to their life through adoption! We’ll get to tell them it was the love and bravery of someone else that made us a family.

We hope by reading this you’ll see we have a fun relationship full of love, trust, and adventure!

Only in Hollywood: We met in 2001 at a high school prom! Well, actually it was a make-believe prom on the set of the film, Not Another Teen Movie. Ryan was the assistant to the director and Timm was an extra. We had seen each other around set for a week or two, passing each other, locking eyes and smiling, but we were both too nervous to say anything. A few crew members found out we were interested in each other though, and were all too happy to pass messages between us (just like in high school). The night we filmed the prom scene, we had a nervous first conversation and the next week, our first date.

Many years later, in April 2018, we made it “official” by getting married in Santa Barbara wine country surrounded by our closest family and friends.

We laugh constantly and value quality time together. We lead a healthy and comfortable lifestyle and are fortunate to travel and experience new people and places. The diverse community we live in, and our loving and nurturing family and friends, have made us more caring, sympathetic people. We can’t wait to share those values with a child and experience the world with them.

Things That Make Us Happy:
• Long walks around our neighborhood (to work things off after dinner)
• Friday movie nights (even though we take an hour to decide)
• Lazy sundays at home
• Ice cream! (Coffee Oreo for Ryan, Pistachio Honey for Timm)
• Travel (around the world or quick weekend getaways)
• Pizzeria Mozza (hands down the best pizza in the city)

Hello! We are Ryan and Timm from Los Angeles

Meet Ryan

In Timm’s Words: friends started calling him “rye” in college with the “e” added because he ate a rye bagel every day. Rye’s a genuinely kind person who cares deeply about our friends and family.

I’m so grateful for him and our life together. He’s intelligent and hardworking but also a big goof ball, obsessive hand-washer, and incredible dancer (he’s the hit of EVERY wedding we go to). No one makes me laugh like him but then, nothing makes him happier than seeing people laugh and succeed.

He’s extremely active and loves to cook. He hits the gym 5x a week, ran the LA marathon, and hikes on weekends. In the kitchen he’s always trying out new recipes which I love because I get to taste them all (his warm rice salad is SO good).

He has an exciting job as a TV executive (the Real Housewives keep him busy!) and will have sixteen weeks paternity leave with our kiddo. He lights up around the kids in our life (nieces, Goddaughter, cousins) and I can’t wait to see the size of his smile when he lays eyes on our future child for the first time.

Things That Make Ryan Happy:
• The beach (especially the golden hour before sunset)
• PRETTY WOMAN (obsessed with Julia Roberts

Meet Ryan

Meet Timm

In Ryan’s Words: friends call him “double m” because of the extra “m” in his name. Timm’s my best friend and other half in this wild ride we call life. He’s big-hearted, thoughtful, and gives the best hugs (seriously). His great passion is for creating things. From designing the remodel of our house to writing stories and screenplays to working in our yard, sharing a part of himself with the world truly excites him.

He’s a social guy but also a big homebody so hosting meals and game nights at our house is his favorite. He always has music playing and he loves good conversation. Getting to know people and hearing their stories energizes him.

Our nieces refer to him as “the fun one” because he’ll play every game imaginable, loves reading to them, and makes them laugh a ton. Our future child will learn so much from him: to laugh, to cry, and that no matter what, their thoughts, choices and feelings matter. My heart leaps with excitement thinking about what an incredible dad he will be.

Things That Make Timm Happy:
• A great cup (or three) of coffee
• Decorating for Christmas
• Cleaning and organizing (for real)
• Design books and magazines

Meet Timm

Our Loving Families

Timm’s Family: His sister and her husband live 20 minutes away (they’re trying for a little one now) and his mom and step-dad visit from Michigan 4+ times a year. Thanksgiving is always celebrated with his side of the family.

Ryan’s Family: Everyone lives in the Boston area but his father loves to visit Los Angeles. Work takes Ryan to NYC often so we couple that with family visits. His sister’s family has a lake house we love spending time at. His brother and his wife plan on starting a family next year.

We’ve each lost a parent. When Timm was eighteen his dad passed away and two years ago, Ryan lost his mom. Both experiences, while extremely difficult, were also reminders to do things that bring us joy, to work to improve the world around us, and that time with the people we love is precious.

For 10+ years we’ve had a Christmas tradition: one year with Timm’s family, one year with Ryan’s, and one year just us. We’re excited to continue this with our child so they have a relationship with both sides of our family.

Our Loving Families

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: We live on a leafy street of family homes, tucked in the hills of North Glendale, a neighborhood of Los Angeles. We have a big yard, several bedrooms, a large comfy living room, and a great park a few blocks away. It’s the kind of place where neighbors look out for each other, ride bikes and play together, and it was with the knowledge that we wanted to adopt one day that we bought our house here.

Riley and Clyde: Riley and Clyde bring us a lot of happiness and have such distinct personalities. We rescued Riley ten years ago and she’s excellent at cuddles and catching bugs. Clyde joined five years later and loves to eat, meow, and chase his sister. He also loves to “knead” your stomach with his paws.

Our Promise To You:
• We promise to encourage your child in their curiosities. We believe a child comes into the world distinctly themself and it’s a parent’s job to pay close attention, keep them safe, and support them in whatever they want to do with their precious life.

• You will always be a vital person in our lives, and we promise to be open hearted to you and your life.

• We understand the importance of heritage and promise to share in your child’s cultural values and traditions.

• We promise to give your child the best education, both in school and out. We will teach them the importance of mistakes and failures. How to pick themselves up and try again, no matter how many times they fall.

• We will always be honest with your child. The world is a complicated, scary, and not often fair place, but we will always help them navigate it to the best of our abilities.

• We promise they will always know (and feel) our unconditional love.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts