Ryoko and Aron


Thank you so much for giving this opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about our family.

We are Aron and Ryoko from the Columbus area, Ohio. We are grateful that you care about your baby so much that you are willing to consider an adoption plan for them. This journey will be a humbling experience, when we think about the decision and sacrifice you are making. Yet, we understand that if you love someone unconditionally and with your whole heart, then you will do what is best for them.

We are choosing adoption because it is the best opportunity for us to build a family after going through biological means of starting a family that didn’t work out for us.

As we went through events in our lives, we both ventured paths uncommon, and learned to build a trusting relationship away from our own families (although, still supportive). Based on the experiences we have had, we believe the term “family” is more than just blood. Truly, it is the people and animals in your life — the ones who accept you for who you are, and love you no matter what.


Our Story

Just like you are unique, so are we. Aron is an engineer, and Ryoko is a professional translator. Neither of us thought we would meet someone who lived 6,000 miles apart — Aron is from Michigan and Ryoko is originally from Nagoya, Japan — however, we found each other in Ohio, a place both of us came for career opportunities.

By the time we met, we were already mature enough to understand who we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together with. Not-so-long story short, one evening at a restaurant, as we both started talking about the future, Aron ended up drawing (engineers’ habit – need a drawing) a marriage ring design of what Ryoko wanted on the back of a receipt. How not romantic, haha! It did not take very long for the two of us to become a couple and start our journey together. We are a happily married couple and can’t wait to start a family!

The past 5 years our lives have been stable and fulfilling, with a home purchase and the added companionship of one handsome furry friend, our dog Murphy. Our parents were proud that we met and we have had the chance to widely experience the cultural differences we share from both the East and West. Throughout our marriage, the act of this cultural exchange and time with our respective families strengthens the bond, and broadens our perspective for a new addition to our family.

Five Family Traditions

  • Going to baseball games in summer and hockey games in winter
  • Planning family game night and playing board games together
  • Attending the Wag festival (local dog festival)
  • Going to the Irish Festival (local summer festival)
  • Running 5K races from Spring to Fall
Our Story

About Aron

I grew in the West Michigan area, attending the public school system and worked early on in my life to build a career in the Engineering field. I attended college and tried a few different places to live on the East and West Coasts USA, before finding my way back to the Midwest for a more solidified base in automotive engineering. Throughout my twenties and thirties, I maintained a number of hobbies, played sports and skied, volunteered my time with charity and became aware of an attachment to animals.  Today, my hobbies are but a doorway to hopefully introduce another person into geekdom with my endless 80’s movie knowledge or economic board gaming, or simply show a young person how to properly build Lego.

Thankfully, I have the luxury of somewhat flexible work schedules, both at the office or at-home. My laptop is put away at the end of the day so I can focus on family time.

More About Aron, by Ryoko

Aron has a big, warm heart. Sharing his company puts you at ease, and you feel comfortable in his presence. He is incredibly supportive, caring, and a dedicated husband and dad (to our dog, Murphy) and always puts family first. Aron never relents that he is stupendous dork, and it shows as he is always trying to get a laugh out of you or a smile. At times, he can be intensely serious when he is focused, but in an instant, he will try to make me more comfortable …yes, foot rubs.

If something needs fixing, Aron is on-task. Generally, there is a solution in a problem and he can find it (even if it takes a few tries!). In all the world, there is no man that enjoys changing oil or cleaning a stove top more than he does.

Aron’s immediate family lives in Michigan and the West Coast of the US, and we return home as much as we can to visit, including holidays.

Quick Facts and Favorites

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

Favorite Food: Whatever Ryoko makes, Spicy food, Chocolate, Cheese

Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Die Hard, Predator, Aliens, The Orville

Hobbies: Board gaming, 3D printing YouTube content creator, Snuggling with dogs, Hiking, Travelling


About Aron

About Ryoko

I grew up with my parents and my older brother in Obu, Japan, surrounded by nature and rich history. As I was graduating college in Japan, my curiosity grew to see things outside of Japan. With a couple of journeys to other countries in-between, I landed here in Ohio.

My father played a huge role in my life that he was progressive as opposed to his generation. He encouraged me to see the world, learn other languages and challenge myself. My mother was also supportive of my endeavors, teaching me how to take care of myself, especially cooking and sewing that I enjoyed since I was little.

Today I work as a translator for a global automotive company, and I feel rewarding when helping people overcome language and cultural barriers. The work is anything but mundane, and that intellectually keeps satisfying my curiosity. My schedule will be flexible and I can focus on the new baby at home, with plenty of family time.

More About Ryoko, by Aron

Ryoko can handle the harsh stresses of work and everyday life better than most. She is strong and sturdy like a Roman column (ahem, I am complimenting her), but simultaneously elegant and well-equipped to handle just about anything.

Ryoko is adverse in the ways of Westerners, but provides a delicate Japanese touch to everything she does (especially at dinner time!). As a transplant in the U.S., she is adaptable and is extremely disciplined. It can be imagined that a life of structure, yet independent, would be the expectation of having a new family member.

It’s also easy to see that she will be a good Mom, as there is no bigger fan of our dog.  She enjoys giving him daily walks and lots of attention. Working together for problem solving is an expectation, as the both of us have an equal share of home responsibilities and help each other whenever possible. It would be exciting just imagining we can talk in both English and Japanese, as she can teach Japanese to our future child, and yes, I need to improve more.

Ryoko’s family lives in Japan, and we try to see them once a year during holidays.  Their heartwarming welcome, including Ryoko’s relatives, always mitigates the jet lag away!

Quick Facts and Favorites


Occupation: Translator/Interpreter

Favorite Food: Sushi, Spicy food, Dark Chocolate

Favorite Movies & TV shows: Spirited Away, Cinema Paradiso, The Office, Better Call Saul

Hobbies: Trying new recipes, Running, Skiing, Travelling, Reading, Craft


About Ryoko

Our Home, Family and Promise

Where We Live

We live in the Northwest Columbus area, in Ohio, a place we both feel comfortable with its suburb feel, cultural diversity and great educational opportunities. This friendly community offers one of the top school districts in Ohio with nature parks, recreation, and space to groom a young person in any interests they may have. The winter season of Ohio is tolerable with experience and provides charm in it’s own way. The fall colors and abundant hot summer festivals attract many visitors even outside the state. The overall central nature to Ohio allows for easy travel to anywhere, including international destinations. The closeness of family and natural points of interest in the USA makes Ohio and the Midwest an attractive, centralized location to set up a home.

With our future child, we are looking forward to visit the zoo (Wildlights holiday magic!) and aquarium, car shows, historical places, nature reserves and cultural adventures.

Our Dog, Murphy

We’d like to introduce Murphy, the hairy goofball (His photos appear throughout this profile.)

Murphy (a.k.a. Squishy) is a golden-colored handsome boy who loves us unconditionally, with a strong connection to Aron — Murphy was rescued 10 years ago from his native Michigan. A very smart listener, he understands both English and Japanese commands—although more than a few times he simply responds to the person with the cookies!

We accommodate him with lots of snuggle times and walks, regardless of the weather, which helps us stay healthy as a family. Murphy’ disposition is friendly and slobbery, he has already shown to be good friends to Aron’s young nephews when visiting. More or less, he curls up at the feet of those he wants to please. He will make a great fur companion to the new family member.

Aron’s Family

My parents live in Michigan, California and Seattle, and we return home as much as we can to visit, including holidays. I am especially close to my twin brother, Jason, who is married and has two children in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Every time we visit my parents, we also visit Jason and his family, and play board games as much as time allows. My eldest brother Robert and sister Tamara live on the west coast in Santa Barbara and Seattle, respectively, and from time to time we have the opportunity to meet up with them and their families, including a big family get together at my parents’ house for Christmas. Although my family is smaller by most observations, there is no shortage of interesting personalities and raise-by-village perspectives offered by my family.

Ryoko’s Family

My family lives in the Nagoya area of Japan.

My parents both worked hard to provide for our family, and they always made sure my elder brother Daigo and I were doing well, asking what happened at school or with friends, mostly at the dinner table. We had a no-nonsense upbringing, but led me to a pathway of independence, supporting my wishes to travel, study and work abroad such as Canada, Australia, France and the U.S. My fondest memories growing up were my dad reading my favorite books every night and my mom smiling and saying “yummy!” after eating the cookies I baked that were mere failure. The love they gave me shaped me into the person I am today.

Every time we visit Japan, usually for the New Year’s celebration, we have fun with my brother and his family, and travel different areas of Japan with my mom (my dad has passed away). Daigo is an auto mechanic, and he and Aron both love motorcycles and engineering of it, so they sometimes ramble on and forget the time, while I also catch up with what’s going on with my nieces and sister-in-law. One memorable trip we took was visiting the most northern part of Japan, which is close to Russia, for skiing and seeing my mom’s relatives. On this trip, Aron was especially surprised that his cell phone he lost while skiing actually found its way back to him, which isn’t rare in Japan.

Our Promise

For your child, we can provide a two-parent household full of love, structure, encouragement and enrichment, with a close extended family, family friends and a fluffy friend.

We can ensure that your child will be raised in a positive, encouraging, and morally stable home. Our choice to marry later in life has provided time for us to explore our inner spirit in our twenties and thirties, and we would not wish to choose a path for another without allowing them to experience their own spirit.

With our diverse background, anticipate your child to have exposures that may not be otherwise the norm — opportunities to become bilingual if your child wishes, and appreciate cultural differences from both sides of the Earth, and probably more.

Our home is already multicultural, and we are grateful to welcome your child to join us. We feel a home of differing backgrounds is an asset, especially in an evolving world of opportunities from other places in the world than just the United States.

Thank You

Thank you for considering us adoptive parents to your child. We hope that the thought that we can be your child’s adoptive parents brings you happiness and reassurance. That, more than anything, makes us one happy family.

~ Aron and Ryoko


Our Home, Family and Promise