Hi from Samantha in CA!

Hi! Hola! I’m Samantha from Southern California. People call me Sam or Samantha, I like both so you pick which one!

Dear Birth mother: Let me first say that I really admire your strength and courage for considering an open adoption. You must be an incredible and strong person – I don’t know you yet, but I already admire you.

There is nothing I want more in the world than to be a mother, to love and nurture a little one, to show him or her this wide world of wonder and possibility. I hope that going through an adoption brings you a world of possibilities, as well, and that we can help each other through this tough but ultimately good and rewarding thing called adoption.

I can promise you that I will provide a warm, vibrant, happy home for your child and that I will love your child with my whole heart. I am so excited that this is finally happening, I can’t wait to be a mom!

I look forward to meeting you and answering all of your questions. I hope that this profile is helpful to you, and that we have the opportunity to get to know each other.

Here’s My Story: There are two things in this world that I love more than anything else – being surrounded by family and friends and … politics! I know, that may sound strange, but the passion of my life has been a quest to “save the world,” to do my part by working with politicians (and getting them elected) so that we can help make life a little easier and happier for everyone.

But as much as I’ve loved politics and the good fight, I want to be a mom even more. I’ve lived in Vermont and San Diego and Hawaii and Washington, DC. I’ve written speeches for the Mayor of Los Angeles, had cheese and crackers at the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s home, and driven the state of North Carolina to assist former President Clinton at a campaign event for Hillary. And now, I’m embarking on the greatest adventure of my life – motherhood.

My path isn’t exactly the path my parents took. They met in their early 20’s, fell in love, got married, got good jobs, had children, raised a family in a small town in New Jersey near Rutgers University, and 52 years later, they still live in that house and are still in love. But they have always been proud of me and are especially excited and supportive of this next, most important part!

I live with my boyfriend Ira and his 11-year-old twins. Being with them is a sweet peek at motherhood for me, and it makes me want to be a mom even more. Regardless of how this relationship develops in the future, being a mother is first and foremost.

Hi from Samantha in CA!

About Me

A Warm and Loving Home: California is where my heart is, but I grew up in a small town in New Jersey. My mom and dad still live there, in the same house I grew up in, a home that always has the door open and welcomes all comers. I aspire to create the same kind of atmosphere in my home.

My home is in Huntington Beach, California and is a little bit university vibe and a little bit surf vibe – Persian rugs, books, and a piano … decorated with surf boards and every kind of sporting equipment you can think of! When Ira’s kids are with us and when friends and family come to visit, it fills with a vibrancy I love, reminds me of when my grandmother hosted us all at her apartment in Los Angeles and we didn’t even care where we were because we were all together.

Huntington Beach offers so much for children, from surf lessons to music classes, soccer teams to tidal pools, museums to art festivals, and of course, the beaches. My sister Gillian lives in nearby Los Angeles (though right now she’s on location for a superhero movie filming in Georgia!) and we are very close – she can’t wait to be an aunt!

My favorite holiday is probably Christmas…I love bringing fresh evergreens into the house, making it smell like pine, baking Christmas cookies with a recipe from the 50’s, decorating the tree with my Vermont ornaments and little white lights, eating popcorn with hot chocolate for movie nights, and creating an enormous mound of gifts under the sparkling tree.

Meet Peanut and Squeaks: I had never thought of myself as a cat person, but Squeaks and Peanut are adorable! they are great with children and very gentle. First it was Squeaks. She is super attentive if you’re ever not feeling well and a good hunter which works out well because I really don’t like bugs! Peanut was the runt of the litter. As a tiny kitten he was pretty much the fluffiest, cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Peanut is soft as can be and lucky for me, loves to cuddle!

About Me

On Parenting

Meet Ira and the twins Mia and Cade: We met on an airplane, returning from trips to Seattle…to keep talking to me, he watched his bag go around the baggage carousel three times before taking it off!

Ira has been very good to me, but really, he is all about his kids, twin 11-year olds, Mia and Cade. He never had much of a family himself growing up, and so he is determined to give his children what he never had. He is affectionate and charismatic, and his kids adore him. And he has been very supportive of my decision to become a parent, myself.

Ira gets Mia and Cade a couple of days a week and every other weekend. He is super creative, especially with fun things to do with kids, from rope swings to skateboard ramps to blankets in the trampoline for star-gazing.

My Thoughts on Parenting: I can’t wait to teach my future child all about music and books and mountains and the ocean, all about love and friendship and trust and loyalty, about kindness and justice and the strength that comes from being honest and doing what is right. I believe that we are all in this together, that we should all participate in our democracy and do our part to make this world, our country, and our communities, a better place.

I was brought up to believe that a good education is the foundation for a life of understanding and fulfillment, a life that is interesting and rewarding. The Kennedy children were quizzed and challenged to debate ideas at their dinner table, I think that with that foundation, some nurturing, and some structure, a child’s talents will grow and blossom. That, and a good dose of playing and exploring outdoors! And love!
I hope to provide a warm, loving home filled with music and knowledge and laughter…and a good bedtime routine!

On Parenting

My Career and Fun Facts

I am passionate about my work: I used to work in politics – I worked for the Mayor of Los Angeles and on political campaigns at the city, state, and federal level. I loved it. But it wasn’t helping me start a family, so I changed careers and got a job as Vice President for Project Management at a small company in the water industry.

The work is surprisingly interesting, and making sure Californians have water is important to every person living in the state. The company I work for is wonderful – everyone there believes in family-work balance, they allow for the unpredictability of parenthood and life, giving time off for school plays, sick kids, and whatever you might need.

I already have the freedom to work from home several days a week and they provide 12 weeks of maternity leave. Plus, the pay is much better than the pennies I earned working in politics!

Things I love to do in my free time:

• Stand-Up Paddle Boarding on the Bay is fun and kind of relaxing, like going for a walk on water. It is one of my favorite ways to unwind and exercise at the same time!

• Hiking. I also like day hiking in Laguna and other parts of southern California – I live in a really beautiful place but I do miss the trees and green of the east coast so I’m on a perpetual search for green!

• Reading, whether it’s political articles, biographies, histories, or a good novel, is always a favorite of mine. And then there’s Twitter – finally a way to express my impressions of what’s going on in the world, with an audience!

• Rowing. When it comes to exercise and getting outdoors, my first love is rowing. There is nothing like the feel of the oars entering the water and the boat gliding along – it’s magic. Rowing is the one thing in this world that can calm me, plus it’s a really good workout!

A Few Of My Favorites:
• Favorite TV show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, West Wing,
Mad Men
• Favorite food: Pizza (especially in New Jersey) and Enchiladas (especially in San Diego)
• Favorite sports team: Chicago Cubs (best fans, great sportsmanship, and Dad’s loved them
since childhood)
• Favorite musical artist: Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam; but lately I’ve been into Eric Church, Zac Brown,
Lee Brice
• Favorite reading material: Political writings (papers/magazines like The Atlantic, Washington Post, etc.)

My Career and Fun Facts

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. The first moment I held my friend’s newborn baby, I was in love. I spent a lot of time at my friend’s house that first year, changing diapers, rocking her baby to sleep, playing peekaboo, and learning about so many of the joys and challenges of motherhood.

Because I knew there was a chance I couldn’t have a child of my own, that experience was life-changing. The love I felt was overwhelming and has led me here.

I can imagine how scary this all must be … it’s a little scary for me, too! I really admire your courage and kindness in considering adoption.

I like the idea of open adoption because I believe the more people loving a child, the better. And I think that having the chance to get to know who he or she is and where they come from, will help them live a more fulfilling life. I promise to give your child a life filled with love and warmth and opportunity, and the chance to get to know you.

Wonder Woman might be able to repel bullets with her bracelets and possess superhuman strength, but with the strength it takes to consider adoption, she’s got nothing on you.

Thank you for reading my profile and for considering me as an adoptive parent. I hope it helps you to make a decision that is good for you and for your baby.

Thank You