Sarah and Matthew


We are Sarah, Matthew, and Grayson from Winter Park, Fl! Thank you so much for taking the time to read through our profile and learn a bit about us through our stories and photos. More importantly, thank you for being courageous on this journey though pregnancy that you’re taking now, and ultimately for considering us as potential adoptive parents for your child.

As you take a peek into our day-to-day moments and gain an understanding of our past, we hope you feel like you know us well as a life-long friend.  We want to express how EXCITED WE ARE TO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO WELCOME ANOTHER CHILD INTO OUR FAMILY, OUR HEARTS AND OUR WORLD!

Adopting a child is such a pivotal part of our family and our future and without incredibly strong women like you, would not be possible for us.  We can’t imagine the difficult decisions you’ve had to make already, and hope you know how much admiration and respect we have for you! We know what you want is what’s best for your baby and we hope that you will find us to be everything you envision, in your baby’s future.

About Us:

We grew up in Michigan and are high school sweethearts. From childhood pals to life-long partners we’ve always know we’re a spectacular team! In 2018 we were fortunate enough to adopt our son, Grayson, and experience becoming parents as our heart grew wildly!  WE’RE THRILLED TO SOON CREATE NEW MEMORIES AND TRADITIONS WITH A GROWING FAMILY!

Top 11 Things to Know About Matt/Sarah:

  • Our favorite place to travel is up and down our California Coast! We used to live in California but recently moved to Florida. We’ve found it to be such a beautiful state full of people soaking up the sun & having fun!
  • Although we grew up fishing and camping, we are both beach bums and love the ocean!
  • We stop what we’re doing and dance to our wedding song every time we hear, “Come Away With Me”
  • We always have our great American Flag hanging at our front door
  • Our favorite sweet treat is Phish Food Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream!
  • We go nuts over birthdays!
  • Matt’s favorite movie has always been Top Gun….it was his inspiration to join the Air Force
  • Our favorite thing to make as a family is homemade pasta (mess and all…)
  • We grew up 2 miles apart in a small town in Michigan, and are still each other’s very best friend!
  • Sarah has a vintage apron collection….and insists that all guests wear one as we host the annual Italian-themed Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Our most favorite role is the world, is being a parent!

About Matthew

About Matthew, By Matthew:

My childhood was fun; filled with a variety of sports, fishing at my grandparent’s lake in the summer, playing with friends after school, and family dinners each night.

I graduated from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and have now worked for the Air Force for over 16 years. I love that I am able to serve my country and make an impact each day. My job is flexible too, which allows me to take time off when needed for important family time.

I spend my free time having fun in the back yard, splashing in our pool, reading a great book, exploring all of Florida with Sarah for new coffee shops and restaurants to try, grilling out for our friends and neighbors, and playing with Grayson at the park!  I am very much looking forward to RAISING OUR CHILDREN WITH GOOD WORK ETHICS, A LOVE FOR ADVENTURE, AND A GRATEFUL HEART AS I WAS.

My Favorites:

  • Enjoying a coffee with Sarah at our favorite local coffee shop
  • Hitting the sand and surf on a sunny beach day
  • Playing with Grayson at the local neighborhood park

More About Matthew, By Sarah:

Matt is my HANDSOME HERO! He’s the most patient, honest and trusting person I know and is always up for an adventure. He constantly reassures me of decisions I am facing and really lists when I’m needing to talk though anything on my mind. He’s goofy and makes me laugh every day, and he remembers the little details in peoples live…like their favorite song or a pastime adventure. He is an incredible leader both at work and with our group of close friends. He has shared so many incredible qualities with me, making me the best version of myself. IT’S BEEN A JOY TO WATCH HIM BECOME AN INCREDIBLE, FEARLESS, STEADFAST FATHER, and I can’t wait to become a parent with him again!


About Matthew

About Sarah

About Sarah, By Sarah:

I’m the oldest of 4 kids and was raised by my two hard-working, goofy, adorable parents. My parents still live in our Midwestern hometown, and are still the most generous, grounded people I know. After graduating college in Michigan, I married Matt, and we ventured back and forth across the country and have now settled down in sunny Florida. Working as a Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor has allowed me to develop patience, intuitive nurturing skills, and a true appreciation for everyone’s differences.  I get to spend the week at various wellness clubs/community centers (even where Grayson attends daycare), with people of all walks of life….helping them persevere through a challenge or defeat a struggle. As much as I adore my job, I’m fortunate also, to have a lot of flexibility and now work part time, and spend my afternoons with my children/family.

My Favorites:

  • Hosting friends & family for dinner and pool parties at our cozy, bright home
  • Teaching my morning kickboxing class
  • Making my grandmothers hand-rolled pasta recipe
  • Making up songs & dances with Grayson
  • Having family-tickle-contests and hearing Grayson’s laughter
  • Interior decorating projects (my latest is our 100-yr-old house renovation!)

More About Sarah, By Matthew:

Sarah is the most beautiful person I know, and I am so lucky to have her in my life. Her patience, passion and commitment to life is something to emulate, and something she shares with others every day. Sarah is a terrific mother, and her love of life creates such an ideal environment for our children. She’s dedicated to our family and her faith and never hesitates to share her gratitude. Her creativity in everything she does is her trademark and her positive energy is contagious. I can’t wait to witness Sarah become a mother again.


About Sarah

Our Family

We’ve worked hard to maintain and build upon our relationships with our families. They’ve always been a huge support system for us and have been excited to help us go after our dreams! They’re adore everything about Grayson and have never seen us happier as a growing family.  They’re ABSOLUTELY THRILLED TO TEARS about the newest additions to our family and are ready to be an influential part of their lives.

Matthew’s Family:

Most of Matt’s family lives in Michigan, so we’re fortunate to have time away from work to visit during the Holidays each year as well as a long-weekend in the summertime. Our family continually reminds us that “Florida feels like vacation all the time” so we get frequent visitors through the year. When our family and close friends visit, we love grilling on the deck, heading to the beach, to Disney, or Camping on the Coast and of course laughing for hours around our outdoor fire pit!

Sarah’s Family:

Sarah’s family is spread across the country, which gives us all a great opportunity to travel together and explore each other’s communities. We all seem to find our way back to Michigan for weddings and family reunions and will forever spend Christmas day together celebrating our Italian traditions! Sarah’s family always makes time to visit regardless of where we’ve lived  throughout the years and we often will take tropical vacations together as well. Our siblings plan to visit at the same time because we have so much fun together.

Fun Facts About Our Families:

  • Our Thanksgiving family tradition is grilling homemade pizzas and having a dozen flavors of specialty ice cream for dessert!
  • Sarah’s mom, Mickey, is crazy about her favorite holiday, Christmas, and transforms every part of the house into a winter wonderland!
  • Sarah’s entire family spends a week on the lake camping each summer… a 30+ year tradition!
  • Matt’s mom, Linda, is a chef at two retirement communities and prepares over 50 meals each night
  • Both of our Dads have built each of the homes we grew up in.
  • For the first time in 15-years, we live near siblings and cousins
  • We LOVE to sing and dance together
Our Family

Meet Grayson

Grayson is our 2-year old, sweet, smart son who lights up our world! His goofy curly hair matches his personality completely.  You can find Grayson helping us make his smoothie every morning, building train tracks every afternoon and snuggled up for family story time each night.  He loves to swim, color, play in the sand, and just be outside!  Grayson attends Day Care part time and thrives when he’s around other children.  He’s so kind, loves to share stories and give hugs to nearly everyone/thing he meets! Grayson is loved wildly and shares his heart in return.  He’ll be the HAPPIEST BIG BROTHER when we bring home a new member to our family!

Our Home:

Last year we made a cross-country move to Florida and renovated our 100-year-old dated house, into a bright, beautiful, fun, space where our friends and families love to be!  Matt works from our home office and loves having Grayson visit for lunch break, morning story time or just a quick hug & high five.  We’re surrounded by parks and lakes and love to spend our time there when we’re not in our backyard, splashing in the pool, building sandcastles, playing on the swings or practicing our soccer skills!  Our big open kitchen is the usual gathering place for weekend BBQs, birthday parties, and even wedding showers! We renovated our home with children in mind, creating a cozy space for lots of imagination and fun.

Our Community:

After 5 military-moves together, we’ve finally settled down in Winter Park, FL and it feels like home! Weekend trips to Disney World and the Orlando Science Center are a family favorite. Our community is incredible and full of energy. With sun-filled days, most of the year, there’s always an emphasis on something do to outside. We are a 5-minute walk to the main street of our adorable, family-oriented town and regularly walk to the farmers market together as a family, go to movies in the park and even take a train ride to our neighboring town, for fun. Being involved in our community is important to us, so as a family we participate in many events and support our local community whenever we can!

Thank You:

By now, you know how grateful we are for your sacrifice and for pursuing this gift of life. You understand that we admire and respect you and that we value your decisions and the person you are. You now, have an idea how your baby will be raised and what kind of love, security and opportunities we will provide. You can imagine how your baby will grow, and laugh, and learn and do incredible things in this world with the encouragement we will offer and with us by his/her side. We promise to raise your child in an honest home, full of support, and to always remind them of where they came from. Your child will be loved, always, and greatly, by us and our whole families and know your great love for him or her as well. Our gratitude is far greater than we can even express. FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS, THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING US!

-Sarah & Matthew (and Grayson, too!)

Meet Grayson