Sarah & Christy

Hello from Sarah, Christy & Max!

After the many profiles you’ve read through, we are so glad that something about our profile intrigues you!

First off, we want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the opportunity to be considered as your baby’s future parents. We realize it takes incredible strength and courage to be able to trust someone to raise a child you brought into this world. We’d be honored to be the family you entrust to the future of your baby.

We started our journey for a family 8 years ago and while we were unable to have our own we knew we wanted to be parents and were thrilled to be blessed with Max through adoption in 2014. Parenthood is everything we imagined and more! And now for a second time we are looking towards adoption to complete our family and provide Max with a sister or brother to enjoy life with. We have so much love to give and promise to provide a house of love, laughter and adventure. Thank you for taking the time getting to know us.

Our Story: We met in January 2003 after finding each other via an online dating site. We didn’t have pictures of each other, but after weeks of talking via email – we knew we should meet. Neither of us had much success with blind dates in the past, but after the hours flew by and we parted ways, we both knew it was pretty much love at first sight.

The next two years entailed many road trips around New England, enjoying every season through our love of the outdoors. Hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing, tennis, and swimming were all a part of our weekends away and have stayed that way until this day.

We married on one of the most beautiful days in September 2006, surrounded by a large group of friends and family. Our song was Etta James’ “At Last” and it couldn’t have been more fitting.

Fast forward to now and our life has become an even greater adventure growing our family through adoption. We are excited at the thoughts of a new little one in our lives.

We Live for the Outdoors: We are so lucky to be close to so much of the great outdoors – the mountains, ocean and lake areas of New England are all short drives away.

We own a camp house on a lake in New Hampshire. We now can share our love of fresh air, sports, and the beauty of the outdoors with Max, family, and friends. The house is a perfect place for kids of every age to explore and really learn the joy of being outside. We’ve spent the last year perfecting our form on the rope swing!

Hello from Sarah, Christy & Max!

Meet Sarah

Sarah as a Mother: When Sarah became a mother, she naturally grew into her new role and quickly re-prioritized her life around Max’s needs. Sarah works for a health-marketing firm where her hours are flexible so she can work from home one day a week. One of her great joys is cooking for Max – starting with homemade baby food to whipping up French toast or her family secret recipe for spaghetti and meatballs.

Sarah is one of the most fun and energetic parents I know – I know she can’t wait to share more of herself with a new little one.

Sarah is Silly: Sarah is silly, caring, athletic, intelligent, social and thoughtful. I think her sense of humor is the part of her that balances me the most. Probably as the youngest and a decade younger than her older twin sisters she’s always been considered the “kid” and never let that joy go.

Sarah is Daring: Sarah grew up as quite the tomboy including climbing trees, building forts and even playing football. When Sarah was 6 years old and broke both of her wrists at the same time. She claims she’s broken most of the bones in her body, an indication of her daring even from a young age. Sarah has a love of the outdoors that matches mine, although I don’t quite share Sarah’s love of adrenaline!

Meet Sarah

Meet Christy

What you Should Know about Christy: It’s hard to sum up all the things you love about your soul mate in a few paragraphs, especially when the list keeps growing!

Christy (definitely not Christine) is smart, funny, kind, sometimes corny and all around beautiful to me. Christy grew up in a small town in Connecticut and was also a tomboy climbing trees, riding her bike and playing fort in the woods.

One of Christy’s favorite memories is the time her family rented a camper and canoed down the Connecticut River. Christy’s family is a bit spread out but we get together often to celebrate birthdays and holidays.

Her Life’s Work is Inspiring: Christy is not only a dedicated family physician but started her medical career doing research in HIV and has traveled to Africa to create better access to healthcare in rural areas. As a family doctor she cares for patients of all ages. She’s “Doctor Christy” to the kids in her practice and one of her favorite parts of being a family doctor is watching “her” babies grow up.

From the very moment Christy held Max 3 years ago, I’ve witnessed her heart grow 10 times bigger. Our little guy has brought out so much joy in Christy and she truly relishes the time she has with him – whether it’s taking him “hike-hiking!” in a backpack, coloring & drawing or the quiet time reading with Max in her lap. I can’t wait to see Christy’s heart continue to grow with a new little one in our lives.

Meet Christy

Our Family & Friends

Meet Max: Max has been such a blessing since the first moment we met him and we have cherished all the moments and milestones of the last three years with him. He has lots of neighborhood friends who he sees at the park, music, gym or art class.

Max has grown up hiking in our backpack, swimming in the lake and even kayaking with us and we’re not surprised that he emphatically states he wants to go “outside” from dawn till bedtime.

We are excited to watch Max grow up as the “Big Brother” – from the way we see him with other infants and children, we know he’ll be great at it.

Family is all About Traditions: A few of our favorite family traditions include: the Thanksgiving “Turkey” Bowl Football Game, Christmas & Palm Trees in Florida, New Years in New Hampshire, Rope Swing Contest at the Lake – craziest jump wins, Blueberry Pancake Regatta: Teams paddle to an island, pick as many blueberries as they can and paddle back to make and eat as many as they can!

Our Family & Friends

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: We are so lucky to live in a beautiful and quiet area of Boston. We live next to two parks, which have playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts which we use often. The park next to us hosts a number of children’s events, from an Easter egg hunt, concerts in the summer and a Halloween party in the Fall.

We’re also lucky to be close enough to walk to some of the best culture the city has to offer – Fenway Park, many museums and the Boston Symphony. We spend most weekends up at the lake house doing what we enjoy most of which is being outside playing, swimming, hiking or skiing.

Meet Our Cats, Mogul and Zoey:
They are always tumbling around playing together or snugging up with us with a warm blanket. Mogul loves to eat green beans and drink ice water out of a glass. Zoey can jump more than 6 feet in the air, likes to sleep curled up on small pieces of paper.

In Closing: So, you’ve arrived at the end of our profile. Thank you so much for taking the time! We know you must have many questions as you search for the right family to adopt your baby, we hope that we were able to give you a picture of what your child’s life would be like if you chose us to be parents. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your story.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts