Scott & Debbi

Hello! We are Debbie and Scott from CA!

Thank you for considering us as an adoptive family for your baby. While the circumstances that brought you to this decision may have been very difficult, we know that you are making this incredible and selfless decision out of love.

We recognize it’s a sacrifice and yet a gift at the same time. Should you select us, we will provide endless love, security, attention and guidance for a lifetime of happiness for your baby.

We can offer you peace of mind and the knowledge that your child will have everything you could want for them – a warm, comfortable home with a doting dad and loving mom, the opportunity to reach for the stars and make their own dreams come true, the guidance and support to excel at school and the opportunity to try new things and unlock talents, all the while knowing that it is your unconditional love and your decision that made it possible.

They will be told about how you made this plan out of love and sought just the right couple for them. We will also be sure to let them know we chose both of you right back. We searched for, and found, each other.

Our Life Together:
We met at a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. Debbie knew there was something special about Scott when she first met him. He somehow seemed larger than life! His big, winning smile, handsome face and broad shoulders drew her attention.

When Scott saw his future wife Debbie, three things happened. First, he felt like he was at the top of a hill on a roller coaster. Second, he was pretty sure she was out of his league. Third, he was absolutely determined to talk to her. Best. Move. Ever. That act of courage landed him a date. Well that date turned into falling in in love and in time, an engagement and marriage.

Scott’s career took off and we have lived in a few different places throughout the U.S. – Midwest, South, Northeast and finally sunny Southern California where he is an executive and Debbie is a stay at home mom. Debbie found the (paying) career she enjoyed most was in real estate but feels it is far more important to be there for her family at home.

We have one son (also through adoption) and we would like to complete our family with a baby girl or baby boy! We are tremendously family-focused. Our time is spent with our son going to the park, playing ball, swimming, going to the beach and playing in the sand, going to see the latest children’s movies, walking our dog (our son is learning how to train our new puppy and he is doing an fantastic job – he is so nurturing and patient and gives praise without having to be reminded).

Both Disney and Legoland are within an hours’ drive – we have been to both and we take turns on the rides and adventures so there is both mommy and daddy time. We think we have located every tot lot there is within a 10 mile radius (and boy there are many) thanks to our son’s keen eyesight and love for all things filled with children. Every weekend is a new sense of adventure and discovery!

Our horses are stabled a few miles away and we like to go riding when we can. We like to trail ride and the views are beautiful. They bring us a profound sense of peace and we feel so close to nature. When we don’t have time for a ride we just love on them and give them treats and brush them until they shine.

Hello! We are Debbie and Scott from CA!

Meet Scott

Scott Through Debbie’s Eyes: Since day one, Scott has impressed me. What a gentleman! He always gets the door for me, makes sure to carry the bags, basically looks out for me in every way and has great manners.

Our first date was the evening after we met – we talked for hours before realizing that the restaurant had gotten packed with people (did I mention what a great listener he is? He’s also incredibly funny!) We looked up and there were all these people making quite a bit of noise around us – we hadn’t even noticed.

Scott is a great person. He is loyal. He is a great friend (he’s my best friend) – he has made sure to keep in touch with friends he has made in childhood and college. That wasn’t easy to do when you move away. Scott is very smart and very driven.

Through working hard he has given us a very comfortable lifestyle. We are lucky to have so much and be able to go on fun vacations inviting extended family and friends to stay with us as well. We often vacation with my mom, Scott’s brother Bill and his fiance’ Rachel, and even our good friends and their children. Scott makes this happen.

He’s my rock. I am glad he chose me. He makes me laugh every day and we have the same sense of humor. We enjoy doing many of the same things, hit the beach, boating, dining out, hosting family and friends, traveling – he is more than I can ask for and provides me great balance.

Scott’s an awesome dad (our son adores him). From the beginning, he has been there for late night feedings, expert swaddling (he calls it burritoing) and the typical lifting baby up in the air for smiles and giggles and kisses. Now, he patiently teaches his son right from wrong, how to nicely ask for things, when you earn a reward and when you don’t.

He gives him shoulder rides, lets him squirt him with water, plays hide and seek. The biggest and best giggles and belly laughs come from our son playing with his dad! They build things together and while our son prefers the instruction manual, daddy has taught him to use his imagination and he will now often insist on creating things with his “imagination”.

Meet Scott

Meet Debbie

Debbie through Scott’s Eyes: When I first met Debbie I learned not only is she gorgeous but she’s a great person. I mean a really great person. She loves animals, she’s down to earth, easy to talk to, kind and considerate and funny. Honestly, I think it is because she grew up in the Midwest. You just remain grounded. I like to think we both have those characteristics.

Of course, we fell in love and it didn’t take long for us to get engaged and married.

What has been terrific to see is how great a mother she is to our son. We are fortunate to not have to have Debbie work, which allows us to commit to our family. I think that’s a big deal. As a result, she has him trying all kinds of activities like sports, special science classes, Spanish and drama to name a few. It’s fun to watch what he likes and doesn’t like.

She is very active with his pre school and spends a lot of time as room mother, baking with our son, helping him with his letters and sounding out words (Debbie comes from a family of teachers so that seems to have rubbed off on her), building all things LEGO, helping him attack me with “snowballs” when I walk in the door after work. She also makes sure he eats his vegetables, says his please and thank yous – pretty much setting clear boundaries and providing lots of praise.

Meet Debbie

Our Family

Meet Big Brother: Our son’s Montessori (preschool) teacher pulled Debbie aside with a big smile. She was helping our son with his journal and asked him about getting a wish – what would he wish for? Well, giggling, she then told me he replied “a baby sister” (or brother, frankly she didn’t expect it and couldn’t remember which). We were shocked. We had not told our son we were considering adoption. We didn’t want to get his hopes up.

His teacher went on to say that she thought he would be a great big brother (in her class the ages are 3-5). We knew he was caring and loving with little ones but to hear this from his teacher brought us great joy. She made a point to let us know that she could not honestly say this about all of the kids in her class (lol)!

Needless to say, we love our son to pieces. We adopted him at birth. We can not imagine loving him more. He is smart, playful, loving, funny and very silly. He is very independent. He is gentle with our very small dog and loves to water plants, play pirate ship, build forts and play with cars and he throws a mean tea party!

We recently put together a responsibility chart for him to earn rewards for such things as feeding both of the family pets Murphy and Gil (our goldfish), help pick up his toys, etc. He works hard to earn the smiley magnet and hopes to get the bigger prize at the end of the week (special ice cream treat, latest Disney movie, etc.).

He is kind and energetic, he is always giving kisses and hugs and gravitates towards other children. He is loved by all. Together, we read to him every night at bedtime. He loves to give what he calls “FAMILY HUGS!” grabbing us both on either side of him for a big squeeze.

We hope to share many of these family activities with your baby and add many special mommy and daddy baby times too! We believe that two siblings brought together by the story of adoption will support and love each other with this special bond throughout their lives.

Our Dog, Murphy: What a little dynamo our Murphy is! We got him through a shelter as we were looking for a dog that would be small and suitable for our family – frankly we are used to large breed dogs and this was quite a departure…but he’s perfect!

While not a pocket pooch we can lift him easily and he fits on everyone’s laps perfectly. We have video (hey you need proof of this kind of stuff) of him running into our son’s room to wake him up with kisses (yup, adorable). He has a penchant for squeaky stuffed dog toys so we make sure to have a good supply on hand and he can’t wait for Scott to get home and play (they race through the house chasing each other).

We named him what we thought was this old man name because he seemed kind of quiet and sleepy. Well that ended quickly and our fun-loving furball came to life! He’s not too loud but will alert us to anyone coming to the door. He also likes to sleep under lots of blankets. We have purchased our first dog sweaters (very embarrassing) and he likes to take us for walks. He’s ready for baby too!

Our Family

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Happy Home: We really enjoy our new home. It is big and comfy! There are four bedrooms (one is set aside for a future nursery) and a bonus play area. The large kitchen opens to a big family room with a cozy fireplace. The kitchen island is at the heart of this gathering space, we do lots of cookie and brownie batter mixing here. The nearby table and bench seating also allows for a great place to do crafts and color or paint. The family room and the large bedroom/bonus room on the first floor are filled with toys and have plenty of room for even more!

Across the street is a park that we love to run around in and our backyard is like a giant playground. The pool is off to the side and fenced off for safety of course. There is a grilling/outdoor kitchen area to serve up tasty hamburgers, hot dogs and grilled vegetables. You can talk to the chef (either one of us) and enjoy the endless views of the foothills – the ocean is just a few miles away too! We have a raised firepit with big comfy chairs and best of all, a large play structure with swings, slide, climbing walls and a kitchen!

The yard is planted with fruit trees, a mini garden and lots of pretty flowers. Another outdoor gathering spot has a raised fireplace and chimney with lots of comfy seating as well. Here we enjoy the stars under blankets in cool evenings sipping hot cocoa. It’s also a great spot for roasting marshmallows and making s’mores.

Our home is nestled on a private cul de sac street (so not a lot of cars going by). Although there aren’t too many houses there are at least 15 kids of all ages on our street alone. The neighborhood itself has many parks including a few awesome waterparks (shooting water, shallow lagoons, baby pools and waterfalls) for babies and kids to play safely with their parents.

We chose this family-oriented neighborhood on purpose. The elementary school is in walking distance and has received great reviews, the town itself is more than 50% children. We attend most of the planned family activities with picnic blanket and lunch….July 4th games and fireworks, the annual Halloween parade and party, Christmas tree lighting and Santa visit (including cookie decorating and ornament making), Easter Bunny visit and Egg Hunt…you name it and we are having fun!

A Special Message to You: Wow! You hung through with us until the end? (Happy Dance followed by Family Hug!)

As you can see we try to handle life with a little humor and lots of love. That’s what you can expect if you choose to place your baby with us. Endless snuggles, lots of adventures, loads of playtime in the sunshine and stomping through muddy puddles in the rain. Making the most of life!

We will give your baby a stable and solid foundation on which to launch their dreams. Life is full of ups and downs – it’s our job to make sure they have the tools to weather the storms and make the most of life.

Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude that you are considering us. Thank you.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts