Sean & Simone

Simone and Sean

Dear Birth Parents,

Thank you for reading our story, we hope this helps you get to know us a little better and to see the beautiful relationship and life we’ve built together, but most of all we hope you get a sense of how much love and support we have to give a child.

We always wanted a family and tried soon after we got married in 2012. Adoption was always an idea we talked about because we both come from modern and diverse families (with step and half brothers and sisters, and adopted family) so this diversity was cherished and celebrated. Having a biological baby wasn’t meant to be for us but we are so excited to be given the chance to be adoptive parents!

We’re both born in England but 6 years ago we decided to follow our dreams and make a beautiful home and life in LA, California. We’ve been together for over 13 years and met working at the same TV company in London, we had our first dance at the Christmas party and after working on the same show we fell in love.

After Sean proposed in Dublin, Ireland we married in 2012 in France, which was a beautiful celebration with all our family and friends, then in 2014 we moved to Hollywood when Sean was offered a wonderful job in television.

We love to keep fit and have adventures together so go on hikes, bike rides, kayaking, rock climbing, yoga and traveling. As soppy as it sounds we know we are soul mates and feel lucky to have found each other.

Simone and Sean

All About Simone

Hi I’m Simone, I was born in Liverpool, England, a city famous for The Beatles and English soccer.

After University, when I was 21 years old, I moved to London and started working in television. I’ve been lucky to work on a variety of fun shows like ‘Big Brother’, ‘MasterChef’, ‘The Four’ and ‘Fastest Car’ and met so many of my best friends in the industry.

A few years ago I started to see the amazing benefits of meditation (to help me sleep, unwind from a stressful day and feel strong and healthy) and now I get to help people by teaching them how to meditate which I love.

I enjoy keeping healthy with good food and physical activities from horse riding, kayaking and dancing. I’ve always been creative and love art so try to go to markets and art fairs to soak it all up.

I also enjoy decorating the house and garden to make it homely. I’m a social buzzy bee so whenever possible I’ll be cooking and hosting dinner parties for friends & family.

I’m close to my family and even though they are in England we stay in touch with regular Facetime, calls and they often come out to visit us. I am really close with my cousin Anna who was adopted from birth so I saw how wonderful this experience was in my own family. Naturally I always felt this was something special so I had a calling to adopt a child myself someday.

My wife Simone is a beautiful person inside and out, she radiates warmth and kindness and is just wonderful to be around. She brings out my playful side and reminds me that life is for living and enjoying. She is also adventurous and smart and curious: I feel so lucky to have such an incredible partner and friend. In fact, I consider our relationship to be the greatest accomplishment of my life.

All About Simone

All About Sean

Hey I’m Sean, I was Born in Oxford, England and mostly lived in the countryside in Devon as a child. I moved to London for College and afterwards went straight to work in television.

In 2010 I started working for the BBC and in 2014 I was offered a dream job in Los Angeles at one of the world’s biggest television companies who make shows like ‘American Idol’ and ‘America’s Got Talent’.

In 2017 I joined Netflix and I feel very lucky that I get to work with brilliant people and make entertaining (I hope!) television,

I’m the oldest of my brothers and sisters (Leila, Gabrielle, Luke, Ravi and Shanti) who I love dearly and I’m a doting uncle to their gorgeous children (Nyla, Henry, Leo, Aura and more on the way!).

My stepmother Santha is like a mother to us all and she absolutely LOVES babies and children so is the dream Grandmother.

I’m hardworking and ambitious but I never forget what’s truly important in life: family, friends and finding time to play and have fun. My hobbies include reading and writing novels. Fitness and health is also important so I’m often hiking, doing fitness classes and yoga.

Sean is a really smart, hard working and sensitive man with a great sense of humor.

He is honest, loyal and caring. We work really well as a team: I cook tasty meals and Sean washes up, I organize fun parties and Sean tidies up (so as you can see he’s excellent at cleaning and I’m excellent at making a mess 😉 we’ve even worked on TV shows together!

I know that no matter what, he loves and supports me in everything I do and will always be there for me and that love will be exactly the same for our child.

All About Sean

People We Love

We are both British and mixed race (I’m half Chinese, half English and Sean is half Somali and half Scottish) so we have the most colorful diverse family and are lucky to have such a tight bond, we get regular visits from them and see them in the UK at least once a year.

In LA our best friends Toby and Cam are like family to us, they live close by with their 2 children: Evy (4) and Jagger (2), we are their Godparents, so they will definitely be growing up together like cousins!

People We Love

Our Home and Adventures

We live in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles amongst beautiful trees and nature. There are hummingbirds, squirrels and sometimes deer who visit our garden but we’re also about a 5 minute drive to many shops and restaurants. It takes less than 1 hour to get to the beach and we can even drive to the snowy mountains of Big Bear in 2 hours.

Being in sunny California means there’s lots of fun things to do from outdoor hikes, swimming, bike rides at the beach, music events, magic shows, or comedy nights. We also have many great schools, parks, arts & crafts, and playgroups for children close by.

We love traveling and adventures to new countries like Brazil and Europe, throughout America, and of course to visit friends and family in London, England. They also like to come and visit us regularly so we never feel too far away.

Offer unconditional love and support to our child.
Nourish them with healthy food, a safe loving home and take the best care of them. Help them discover their passion and talents, give them a good education and allow them to follow their dreams.

Introduce them to new countries, cultures, delicious food, nature and people and allow them to see how beautiful the world is. Teach them about their heritage, background and to feel proud of who they are. Encourage their creativity from painting, dancing, singing and play play play.

Our Home and Adventures