Seth & Rebecca

Rebecca & Seth

Dear Birth Mother: Hi! We’re Seth and Rebecca. While we may be small in stature, our sense of humor, love of life, family and friends (and each other) is anything BUT small!

Thank you for taking this incredibly courageous, respectable and loving step in providing your child with a wonderful and caring family. (And, hopefully, that family is us!) We were each raised in warm and loving households which fostered our desire to one day become parents.

Although fertility has not come easy for us, we have never lost hope that someday soon we will raise a child. We hope that you will make that miracle happen for us. A miracle we would be forever grateful for and one which will never be forgotten.

Our Life Together: While Seth was smitten at first sight, Rebecca was a bit more hesitant… We met in New York City on a dating app called Hinge; Rebecca showed up with strep throat and left after one drink. Despite months of Rebecca being “sick,” Seth never gave up and on the day she had her tonsils removed, Seth sent every flavor of ice cream to soothe her throat (and constant sweet tooth) earning a place in her heart. His constant thoughtful nature and sense of humor meshed perfectly with her love of laughter and compassion. Within a year we were engaged. Four months later we were married and moved across the country to Los Angeles to be close to Rebecca’s family.

Over the past 5 years, we have continued our passion of adventure, travel, hiking and love of spending quality time with friends & family.

We bonded over the fact that our kindergarten best friends remain our best friends to this day; encouraging some of those friends to move from the east coast and Cleveland (Seth’s hometown) to sunny LA. We host house parties, go out to eat with friends, Seth plays sports on the weekends, Rebecca spins, and we spend every Sunday night by relaxing on the couch watching Netflix.

Rebecca & Seth


About Seth: Growing up in Cleveland sports were my favorite past time and something I continue to play with my childhood friends to this day. Sports have never been about winning (although that’s always an added bonus!) but rather about the teamwork, friendly competition and leadership skills.

I have always had a sarcastic sense of humor and have never stopped joking around with friends and coworkers, keeping work lighthearted and entertaining. As the Head of Design in a tech startup, I began my career in animation and motion, as I’ve had a love for Disney and animated films since childhood. My parents always encouraged me to find my passion, taught me to be kind and respectful to all, and if you don’t succeed, to try, try again.

More About Seth, by Rebecca: Wherever Seth goes, he instantly makes a friend. He never sees the bad in people but only what makes a person special. He is driven, loving, caring, compassionate and hilarious. Seth prefers talking on the phone to texting because he loves to hear a persons’ voice; the intimacy and personalization that is created and often lost on text.

We often joke that he is the most loved son, son-in-law and uncle. His heart is ever expanding, his energy is never ending and he will always be the biggest kid in the room. All of these attributes made me say yes to his proposal, knowing he will be an incredibly loving, caring and fun father; one who will instill the same strong values and morals his parents instilled in him.

Funny Facts:
• I’m terrified of heights but I love to ski on black diamonds and hike up 15,000 feet.
I write with my left hand yet my right hand is my dominant hand.
• My nieces gave me the nickname of “Princess” as I did the best impersonations of princesses when we played dolls.
• I met my lifelong best friends in kindergarten.
• Gardening is a passion. I wake up at 6am every day to water the lawn and can be found researching plants until wee hours of the night.



About Rebecca: I have always been an over achiever especially in school, and when I was asked what I was working so hard to become, I told my teacher it was to be a great wife and mother, the same as my mom had been for me. That drive and passion has never stopped, but rather, I have filled my time by turning my love and hobby of fashion into a career as a Director of Merchandising. I love my job as it allows me to work with incredibly creative and interesting people. It also provides me with a flexible work schedule, days where I can work from home and encourages a work life balance.

My family taught me to be giving to all people, encouraged independent thought and higher education, kindness, charity and equality to all. These same morals and values are what Seth and I fill our home with and will pass down to our future child.

More About Rebecca, by Seth: When I first met Rebecca, I was captivated by her beauty and intelligence…and her ability to laugh at my jokes. She’s a strong and independent person who thinks of everyone around her first, and herself, last. She does this all so naturally and effortlessly; traits of a natural born mother.

Rebecca has made me a much better version of myself. I married Rebecca to be with her for the rest of my life and seeing her as a mother would be the cherry on the top. She wants to be a mother more than anything, and one thing I know about my wife is when she has a passion, she never gives up. This constant love is what will make Rebecca an incredible mother.

Funny Facts:
• I love to shop but I have a 90% return rate.
• I was the shortest person to run track and cross country in my high school.
• I am very meticulous and organized.
• I eat like a 5 year old (pizza, mac and cheese, grilled cheese…).
• I met my lifelong best friends in first grade.
• My embarrassing hobby is my love of puzzles and games. I once did a 1,000 piece puzzle all in the same shade of blue!


Our Loved Ones

Our Loved Ones: Rebecca’s family is born and raised in LA. We live about 10 minutes from her parents, older sister’s family (4 boys and a dog!) and extended family. Rebecca chats with her immediate family every day; every weekend is spent with a visit and in summer, Sunday’s always end with a family BBQ. Never ending love, respect and food have always been at the forefront of everything. Holidays are filled with family gatherings, stories, laughter, happiness, and full bellies!

Once we moved to LA, Seth’s dad Frank followed shortly after. He often comes for a weekend visit when he is not too busy golfing with his friends in Orange County. Every holiday Frank joins Rebecca’s family in celebrating their combined traditions. Seth’s older brother, Kyle, and his family, still live in Cleveland and come visit LA once a year. The hardest absence is Seth’s incredibly loving and caring mom who passed away 5 years ago. Her famous recipes have been passed down to Rebecca, who still tries to master the infamous pumpkin pie.

Our Loved Ones