Shelley & Stephanie

Hi! We are Shelley and Stephanie!

Dear Birthmom: We can’t wait to expand our family with a second adoption. We have been so blessed by this process with our daughter Stella, and the three of us are ready to share our joy and love with another child. More than anything we want you to know that your child would be loved and cherished, in a safe and nurturing environment. We have a lot of fun together and balance nicely as a couple. We hope to answer any questions you have and welcome into our lives!


About Us: In 2012 our lives were wonderfully changed forever when we met our daughter Stella. She is sweet and kind and is looking forward to being a big sister.

We want our kids to know that they are not alone and can be confident in their place in our family. They will know that it is okay to disagree, and that we can talk through anything. Bottom line – there will be family meetings!


We enjoy…hiking in the woods, rainy days with a book, dancing, seeing live music, watching birds and flowers, canoeing, watching movies, obstacle courses, horseback riding, traveling, exploring, going to the mountains, history, museums, Halloween, making new traditions, people watching, kayaking, snuggling in blankets and enjoying life together.


A Special Note From Shelley: Open adoption is important to me. When I was growing up my mother told me about her own decision to place her child for adoption. She was 17 when she got pregnant. She talked openly about her decision and that she was happy she was able to give someone the gift of a child. Her only wish is that she knew where the child was placed. This has shaped the way I feel about adoption.


Hi! We are Shelley and Stephanie!

Meet Shelley

About Shelley, by Stephanie: Shelley has the biggest heart I have ever seen in another human being. She is extremely intelligent, educated and career-driven and these qualities deserve respect and admiration. I do believe, however, it is her passion for life and relationships that make her a truly special human being.


Shelley is someone that doesn’t want to miss a moment in life. I love how she will pretend not to be sleepy or tired or sick because the last thing she wants is to miss an opportunity, even something as simple as taking a walk in the park or a Friday date night at the movies.


Shelley is a loving and energetic mother. Stella and all of Stella’s friends turn to her to fix their toys, to help them create magnificent castles with blocks, and to do their hair and their dolls’ hair too! She has endless passion and enthusiasm for her family and friends. It is infectious! Stella has her passion for life and beauty too because she has learned from her mama.

Shelley Talks About Her Dreams: When I think about being a parent I think about sharing all of the love I have in my heart. I think about introducing this beautiful child to all this world has to offer. I hope that our child will see what unconditional love really means and how important family is. I want to share my love of animals and reading stories, watching movies and studying history with our child.


Shelley’s Career: I am a Senior Director of IT Fields Ops and Deployment for a large retailer. I love to work with people and technology and in my job I get to do both. I am responsible for making sure that all of the technology in the store including cash registers, phones, laptops, etc., is working like it should be. I feel very lucky to have a job that I enjoy while being able to support my family, because time with my family is the most important thing to me.


Meet Shelley

Meet Stephanie

About Stephanie, By Shelley: Steph is a brilliant combination of intelligence, elegance, beauty, strength, athleticism and nurturing. She is incredibly driven and works hard to reach her goals. I respect her honesty and her self discipline.


I love when she tells jokes, especially puns. I really love it when she cracks herself up which makes me laugh uncontrollably. Steph also enjoys making up her own words to songs to fit a current situation. I appreciate the sweet way she takes care of our pets. I get tickled at the way Steph worries about me getting a good lunch. She will pack my lunch and make sure I have plenty of snacks.


From day one, Stephanie has lovingly and devotedly taken care of Stella and I. She is very affectionate and caring, and is relentless in her pursuit to nurture and support her family. She does extensive research on healthy living, plans our daily activities, prepares wonderful meals everyday and for guests on special occasions. I couldn’t do all that I do without her daily love and support, and I see Stella growing into a loving and nurturing human being because of Steph.


Stephanie Talks About Her Dreams: I dream about all of the fun stuff but I also dream about the structure and protective environment we will create for our child. I believe in good nutrition, intellectual stimulation, consistency in all things including bed times, rules, daily affection and affirmation.


Stephanie’s Career: I have a Master’s degree in Public Health and worked in the industry for 17 years. I was a Regional Manager who oversaw employees monitoring clinical research sites. I loved my career, but my true passion is being a mom! Since Stella was born I have been a stay-at-home mom. I now spend my days taking Stella to music class, Spanish immersion, to museums, botanical gardens and parks to play. She also helps me clean the house and take care of our animals.


Meet Stephanie

Our Family and Thoughts On Parenting

Shelley: Family is precious to me. I lost my mother, father and my grandmother who were all influential in my life. We are very close to my Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and their kids. We try to get to Ohio and Florida at least once each year to visit them. We also had a big family reunion this summer; it was so wonderful to spend time with each other’s families and watch them dote on Stella, the youngest member of the family.


Stephanie: I grew up in a multi-cultural family; my mother is Philipina and my father is Caucasian. Yes, I was teased about this, however I love this part of my story. I grew up in a family that had no racial hatred and did not allow any exclusions. I am proud of my racial complexity and am excited by the possibility of having more diversity in the family Shelley and I are creating.


We Love Kids: We love children and have made many new friends with families who have kids around Stella’s age. We have hosted many get togethers at our house, and often attend playdates at friends’ houses, parks, museums and childrens’ play centers. We have a wonderfully full social life that revolves around children and we absolutely love every minute of it!


Thoughts On Parenting: We believe in being a parent first and providing good boundaries with a lot of affection. We believe that children should be taught responsibility and that they should always know that their house is a safe place and that their mothers will always love them.

Our Family and Thoughts On Parenting

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: Our home is located in a small community and we feel so fortunate to live here! We are able to walk to restaurants and parks. Our neighborhood is full of children with some of the best schools in Atlanta. There is also a community garden just two blocks away where we want to take our kids to work in the garden and show them how to grow plants. We are walking distance to two children’s parks and can easily drive to the science museum for kids.


Our community offers so much to do as well. Twice a year there is a jazz night downtown where families gather with picnic baskets and listen to music. There is also a beach day where sand is brought in so kids can make sand castles. The town square hosts book fairs, arts festivals and a brilliant fireworks display on the Fourth of July.


The school system is well known for being wonderful and a definite selling point for the real estate here. There is an early childhood learning center just two blocks from our home and have heard from friends that it is an amazing place for kids.

Thoughts About Life: We are very open to spirituality and focus on general spirituality as opposed to organized religion. We feel freedom in that we have respect and admiration for those that are committed to their faith and particular teachings, but do not feel tied to any system of beliefs. Our child will be raised to acknowledge a power greater than themselves, that they have purpose in life, and that we have souls that go on after our lives are over. While our kids may choose a different path (and we are fine with that), our ultimate goal is to raise children that are kind, loving, understanding, respectful, appreciative, and living peaceful lives in harmony with all living things.


In Closing: We dream of expanding our family and look forward to our daughter knowing the joy of being an older sister. Your child is chosen and is truly a gift that we could not create without you. Your child will be loved and cherished. We will teach them to be strong and independent with a generous heart. We will teach them what a gift life truly is and how brave their birthparents were in their decision to bring life into this world for those who were not able to. Your child will know that above all else, they are unconditionally loved and that they brought so much joy into their mothers’ lives.


Our Home and Closing Thoughts