Hello! I’m Shirley from Los Angeles, California

I wanted to thank you so much for reading my profile and considering me as an adoptive parent for your child. I can’t imagine how challenging this decision is for you.

I have been thinking about adoption and becoming a parent for a very long time. Nothing would complete my life more than to take the best care of your baby and to give him or her the most amazing life possible.

About Me: I’m a loving, generous, smart, funny, highly principled, hardworking person who loves my life and who’s looking forward to sharing it with a beautiful baby.

I’m lucky enough to work in a field that I’m passionate about: the film and television industry. I have a great career as a Production Executive. I have spent quite a bit of my time on my career and have reaped the benefits of being in a great work community.

I started running half-marathons 3 years ago. I became involved in the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society charity, ran two half-marathons and raised $10,800, and I’ve also participated in 2 triathlons. My next goal is a full marathon!

I have always loved photography and started collecting black and white photography years ago. Also, I belong to the board of directors for a film festival in Los Angeles where I get to indulge my love of film and art!

Hello! I’m Shirley from Los Angeles, California

About Me

You might be surprised to know…
• I took flying lessons in my twenties and went skydiving once!
• I skipped eighth grade and entered college at 16 ½-years-old.
• My brother and sister-in-law are 6 feet tall. I’m 5 feet three inches.
• I love nothing more than to have friends over for dinner parties, play tennis, run, go to museums and the theater.

My Travels & Adventures: I have been so fortunate to travel quite a bit for work and for fun. I have traveled to at least 30 states and countries all over the world which include: United Kingdom, France, Italy and most of Europe, Japan and other parts of Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Egypt and Scandinavia.

My Faith and Traditions: I was raised in the Jewish faith and attended temple services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

I am culturally Jewish and many years ago, I started my own traditions, such as having an annual Passover Seder. It’s a joy to be surrounded by my closest friends for this lovely ceremony. I also celebrate Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas with old friends in Los Angeles. I look forward to sharing these traditions with my own family.

About Me

My Home

I live in a beautiful, tree-lined neighborhood, on a quiet street in Los Angeles, California. I’m close to parks, playgrounds, museums, the ocean, and canyons where I hike with Sammy. Almost everyone would like to move into this neighborhood since the elementary school is very well regarded.

Meet Sammy: I have a wonderful Corgi pup, Sammy Miles Davis. He is three now and I got him as a 10-week puppy. Sammy is my first dog and we couldn’t be happier together. When I decided to get a dog, an old friend of mine in New York suggested corgis since they are small, fast, have big smiles, are known as clown dogs and are great with kids. Sammy is truly a gem and my best friend

My Home

This is My Village

I’m very close to my immediate family on the East Coast and visit with them often. My mother, Bella, typically visits every winter. My mother used to work in Special Education Placement at the Board of Education for many years and loved her job. She is now retired and plays bridge, goes to the theater and travels often. My brother Mark, his wife Andrea, and their twin girls usually love to visit since the family loves all things Disney.

Everyone is incredibly excited about the new addition to the family. Our extended family lives all over the world: New York, Santa Cruz, Northern California, Paris, Germany and Israel. We try to get together as often as we can.

I have a vibrant community of old, wonderful friends, trusted neighbors, book club buddies and great colleagues who I am also close to. My circle in Los Angeles know my family in New York well and we all love to get together when they come to town.

My beloved “adopted” family ranges in type and age from 30s – 90s. The common characteristics of all of them are – they are loving, kind, moral, intelligent, successful, have great values and fantastic home lives with emotionally healthy families.

Words From Some Dear Friends:

From Heather, married mother of 2 small boys: “I have known Shirley for over 10 years (before my own babies were born.) Shirley is one of the most consistent and responsible people I know. My children who are 8 and 5, adore her. She is great with them and is one of very few friends that my kids truly respond to. She intuitively knows how to be with kids. They listen when she talks. She makes them laugh. They respect her. Shirley will make an excellent parent!”

From Andrew and Peter, married friends, fathers of 2 small boys: “We’ve known Shirley for over 11 years. Shirley was so excited when we adopted our children and has been such a fun and loving “Aunt” to them. She hosts a wonderful holiday party every December and her home is filled with friends, their children, love and laughter, which confirms that she will make a fantastic mother. Shirley is warm, patient, thoughtful, loving, and so much more. She has built a life that’s ready to embrace a child, and we fully support her on this journey.”

This is My Village

Closing Thoughts

My Promise To Your Child
• I promise to be the best mother to your child.
• I promise to read so much that your child will be able find new worlds in great books.
• I promise to show your child beauty in nature when we walk with gentle Sammy.
• I promise to put your child’s education, health, safety and emotional and physical well-being above all else. I promise to give your child a safe, secure and happy home.
• I promise to help make your child the person he or she is meant to be.
• I promise to listen carefully whenever your child asks anything of me and give him or her everything they ask for (within reason.)
• More than anything, I promise to love and take care of your child in a way that makes you happy and relieved you entrusted your child to me.

My Final Thoughts: I wanted to thank you again for reading my profile. I feel like I have been preparing my whole life for this moment. I can only image the decision-making process on your part and how difficult it is.

I look at this time as a team effort, as if we were in a championship game and we were both making the most important play of our lives. Life is a journey and I have the patience, the love and understanding to help your baby discover what makes him or her special and life pretty wonderful.

Thank you again dear, sweet Birth Mother.

Closing Thoughts