Sierra and Ed


Hello there! We are Sierra & Ed from Northern Kentucky. Thank you for being courageous and choosing adoption for your child. We admire you and we know that your decision to place your child for adoption is not an easy one. We know you have chosen this path out of love for your child. Please know that you will be accepted and loved for exactly who you are and we will be praying for you and for your child.

We have been married since 2018 and although Sierra has wanted to adopt since she was five years old expanding our family naturally is not an option and so we continue to be open to life through the gift of adoption.

Getting to Know Us: We met through online dating in 2017. We went to a Mexican restaurant in Cincinnati and instantly clicked. We had similar values and a deep respect of one another as well as our mutual love of God. Ed proposed at the beautiful Cathedral Basilica in Covington, the same place that we went on our second date. We enjoy cooking together, going to the movies, going on picnics in the park, and traveling with one another and with our families on summer vacations. We each have our parents and siblings living nearby and our big, blended family spends most weekends all together.

Our Favorites:

Children’s Book

  • Ed: Ender’s Game
  • Sierra: The Hungry Caterpillar

Children’s Movie

  • Ed: The Land Before Time
  • Sierra: Stuart Little


  • Both: Board Games – We have almost 50 in our game room!


  • Ed: Easter
  • Sierra: Christmas

Musical Artist

  • Ed: Weird Al
  • Sierra: Safetysuit


  • Ed: JRR Tolkien
  • Sierra: John Green

Our Thoughts on Parenting: We have always longed to be parents. We will cherish and love this child for the uniquely, beautiful character that they possess.  We will provide a loving nurturing, stable, and supportive environment to guide them to their fullest potential.



About Sierra

Meet Sierra by Sierra: I grew up in a small town along the Ohio River. I am the oldest of three girls. We grew up riding bikes in our neighborhood, attending dance and gymnastic lessons, we also both play the piano and have had lessons since we were young. My sisters and I are all close. I went to college and graduated with a biology degree from the University of Cincinnati. I one day hope to become a stay-at-home mother. My hobbies include reading, cooking, baking, playing piano, learning and practicing Spanish, and hanging out with both sides of my family.

I look forward to teaching a future child how to cook and bake and how to play the piano if they have an interest.

Sierra’s Favorites:

  • Color: Purple
  • Movie: A Walk to Remember
  • Food: Mexican
  • Book: Pride & Prejudice

About Sierra by Ed: Sierra is the sweetest, most caring and self-giving person I’ve ever known. She has a joyful demeanor that spreads out to everyone around her. She always takes care of everyone and always has a kind word (or a hug) for them. At family gatherings children gravitate towards her because she listens patiently, engages actively and hugs liberally. Her kind heart, giving spirit and infectious laugh will help equip her into stepping into the role of motherhood, which I can’t wait to see!

About Sierra

About Ed

Meet Ed by Ed: I grew up on a farm in South Western Ohio. I am the middle of seven children and always liked being part of a big family.  When I was little I loved fiddling with my dad’s tractor and other equipment on the farm and one time I took apart our old broken-down VCR and got it working again.

I skipped 5th, 7th and 8th grades and went right into high school when I was 11 years old. I studied Chemistry in college and went on to get my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in that subject before I went to medical school. I went into family medicine and completed my residency in South Carolina. I’m a Family Medicine doctor now, but work entirely in the hospital.

I enjoy tinkering, reading and tabletop gaming. My youngest siblings and I play all sorts of different board games together and even dressed up crazy to go to Comic Con in San Diego.

I hope to encourage our children to love learning new things, to take things apart and figure out how they work and to teach them to find joy in discovery at every stage of life.

About Ed by Sierra: Ed is one of the kindest, selfless, and most peaceful man that I have ever met. He is incredibly generous and he puts others before his own self-interests. He is an excellent family man and I have no doubt that he will be an incredible father.  Ed is a leader in many ways and he is level-headed in a crisis. He is always able to offer sound advice to family and friends, and to lift the family up in prayer when the situation calls for it. I am so incredibly blessed to be his wife!

As a doctor, he truly cares about his patients and is compassionate and attentive when they are concerned. He balances me out and makes me a better person. He has an excellent sense of humor, a goofy side, and likes to tell jokes as well as make people laugh.

Ed’s Favorites

  • Color: Blue
  • Movie: Ghostbusters
  • Food: Spaghetti
  • Book: The Silmarillion
About Ed

Our Home and Community

We live in a 4-bedroom home, with a big front yard and backyard and a deck. Our basement is set up as a movie theatre and gaming area. Our house is situated in a quiet neighborhood with a sidewalk and a city park just down the street. Behind our backyard is a long stretch of woods and in the mornings when we eat breakfast, we’ll often spot deer sneaking into our yard to steal from Ed’s blackberry bushes. Our neighborhood is perfect for children.

It is close to everything, safe, and there are of lots young families with children all around.

We Promise Your Child…

  • We will always be honest with them
  • They will always be loved for who they are
  • The world is exciting and full of surprises
  • It’s okay to make mistakes
  • Happiness comes from being true to yourself
Our Home and Community

Meet Our Loved Ones

Our family means everything to us. We consider it a blessing that we all live near to each other and get to hang out and be around both sides of the family very often.

Ed’s mother and Sierra’s parents and all of our siblings are within a 20-minute drive. Sierra’s oldest little sister Savannah lives down the road with her husband Nate and their son Billy. On Saturdays everyone comes to our place for big family dinners. Sierra’s parents host Christmas and Thanksgiving. On the 4th of July we put on a big firework show on Ed’s mother’s farm. Our child will have a ton of cousins and see them often. Sierra’s youngest sister Scarlett is 13 and she is a great aunt who is very good with children.  We also have game nights with Ed’s siblings Regina and her husband, Joe, as well as Ed’s younger brother Joey.

Six Family Traditions We Love:

  • Saturday family dinners
  • 4th of July party on Ed’s mom’s farm
  • Family vacations together
  • Cooking something new once a month
  • Bonfires with smores
  • Pool parties at Sierra’s parents’ house

In Closing: Thank you for considering us! If you choose to share your child with us, we promise to fiercely love your child, to honor you and to ensure that they are grow up strong, healthy, and loved.



Meet Our Loved Ones