Skip & Kristen

Hello from Kristen and Skip!

Dear Birth Mother: We are honored to be considered as the adoptive parents to your child. We are both very family oriented people – we surround ourselves with family and friends.

We are looking forward to becoming parents together. It has been our dream to love, guide, teach, and nurture a new life. We can’t wait to watch a child blossom and grow into a unique, confident, loving, and happy person. Giving your child an opportunity to grow in our lives and with all of the love and joy we have to offer is a dream come true. We believe in fate and whatever choice you make, was meant to be.

We look forward to getting to know you, meeting you, and giving you a chance to see what kind of people we are. We thank you for giving us this chance. Your choice reflects your love for your baby, great courage and selflessness. It is very important to us that you feel at peace with your decision. We have the upmost respect for birth parents, and our thoughts, prayers, and love go out to you.

Our Story: It has been our dream to love, guide, teach and nurture a new life. We met in 2001. We started out as good friends, as we had so much in common. We were both in very different places in our lives—Skip was divorced and Kristen was newly single.

We began to fall in love as we both trusted each other, felt safe together, and enjoyed each other’s company. Skip has three children—Drew, Caroline and Andrea. Because Kristen had watched her parents go through a divorce as a child, Kristen was able to be patient and supportive of Skip and his children. As a result, we naturally were just drawn to each other. We became best friends and that was the road that guided us to a solid, committed love, that burns even brighter today.

For over 12 years, Skip worked to build his family business. Kristen enjoyed staying at home and helping raise her stepkids who were teenagers at the time. We tried the natural way to have children but it wasn’t in our plan. We never let go of our dream of raising a child together. We both feel confident that adoption is the best way to help build our family.

Hello from Kristen and Skip!

Meet Kristen

I’m a caring person who loves helping others. I am lucky to have amazing family and friends who remind me that I am a great person for all that I do. Skip always tells me that I take care of everyone around me. I think the best example of this is when, as a kid myself, I took care of my mom for years when she was sick and helped raise my brother when he was just a teenager.

As a result, I just became wired to try to always help out others—which is most likely why I have four dogs! Three of them were rescues and I just couldn’t say no! Also, my dad was a police officer, so I learned early on to be very protective of those I love and care about. My father taught me to always be aware of my surroundings and be strong.

I’m also someone who believes in hard work and trusting a power higher than myself. I worked my way through school, from getting my bachelors to getting my PhD—without any help. I persevered and never gave up. I always had the faith that my hard work would pay off.

It is that faith and belief that gave me the strength to work three jobs at once, while attending school full time. I just never give up! I can thank my father for those qualities. I consider myself lucky to have had him in my life for as long as I did. He taught me a lot and has really made me the person I am today.

My father also taught me how to cook and I have to say, I am a pretty good one! Italians love food so I learned as a baby that food matters! Italians think food is an expression of love. Cooking for others is love. I enjoy watching people eat what I cook.

My Career: We have recently started a high fashion consignment designer business out of our barn. We concentrate on doing upscale, fun events, where we sell beautiful designer clothes, jewelry, and accessories that are either from older seasons or are from consignors who sell their barely-used clothing from their own collections. Kristen focuses on the fashion events. We call them “shopping parties!”

In addition, we are currently working on a website which will be completed in early Spring. The business is a great way for us to work together and socialize in a fun and fashion driven environment. In the past, Kristen was a publisher of various fashion, literary, and art magazines in the Boston area. She helped develop advertising strategies and ads for clients. She enjoyed this career for a very long time but is happy to be working from home again.

For a short time, Kristen also spent time teaching middle school in Providence, Rhode Island. She had a blast, as she loves kids and she’s great with them! She learned how to address their unique needs and has fond memories of being a teacher.

Meet Kristen

Meet Skip

I’m a multitasker at heart. I ran a company with 250 employees, can wire an electrical gate outside on our property, and cook a great beef wellington (if I do say so myself). I love landscaping our property. I feel that I’m a very balanced person.

I enjoy giving to others, just like my wife. For instance, I put together all the gifts on Christmas for our friends and family. It gives me great pleasure seeing their faces as they open their presents! I get my giving qualities from my mother Janet, who was incredibly supportive.

My mother has since passed but her love, devotion to our family, and amazing support live on. She was truly “the rock” of our family. She taught me to always follow through. I’m an animal lover at heart. I took on the roll of caretaker to our beloved bernese mountain dog, when he was diagnosed with cancer. I feel such compassion for our pets and enjoy taking care of them.

I’m outgoing but also a homebody. I enjoy nights at home watching a good comedy, and cooking dinner—especially in the cold weather! I’m up for anything, whether that be sailing or relaxing by the beach. Kristen and I are a great team, and we are always on the move. We take pride in getting projects done. I’ve been able to devote all of my time to home life as I no longer work. I like to stay busy at home but also enjoy relaxing with my family at the end of a day’s worth of hard work. I’ve also been able to put a lot of time into our side business since I’m home.

I feel lucky that I’m able to help Kristen achieve her business goals. Her business has grown so much. We are an awesome team! I helped set up the accounting system and find customers for her events. I’m the “business side” to our store. Kristen’s the beauty and I’m the brains.

Being a father is my most important job. I try to be supportive and I always encourage my children to follow their dreams. I have worked very hard to give them the opportunities to do just that. I’ve been able to pay for my children’s educations. I want my children to feel happy and be productive—and feel supported in whatever they choose to do. My goal is to be the most loving and caring father that I can be. I look forward to starting this journey again.

My Career: Skip ran a family business since he was out of college, and his business experience helps him run the “business side” of our store.

Skip previously ran a family business, which he sold and then retired from in 2012. His company focused on distributing pumps, filters and other products which are used in the military, biotechnology, and aerospace industries. He decided that since his job as President was so demanding, that it was time that he begin something different which he embraced with great joy. We are having a great time doing this new project and learning together.

Meet Skip

Our Family & Friends, and Hobbies

We are lucky to have great friends and family close to us. We are very involved in our god children’s lives (all 3 of the triplets). We get to see each other very often. We spend most of our holidays with them, as well as our son Drew who lives nearby. Drew and his girlfriend Maura are always with us and we recently booked an exciting trip to Mexico. Drew and Maura come over for dinner and stay with us often. We often visit them on the weekends to dine out. Drew is very knowledgable with computers and often troubleshoots for our side business.

We have so much fun with friends. Our dear friends Kerry and Bob recently had twins. They visit frequently, especially when the pool is open in the summer! We attend the triplet’s soccer games and go out for lunch afterwards.

We have lots of family traditions. Skip has made beef wellington on Christmas day, since he was in college. We celebrate Christmas with many of our friends and family and have started traditions with each of them! Another tradition is traveling to Nantucket with Casey and Garrett and the triplets for two weeks in August. We rent a house together and ride bikes, go to the beach, and go boating.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We have lots of hobbies and interests! Kristen is an avid reader and spends lots of time reading novels. She enjoys magazines and newspapers. Since Kristen was in fashion advertising most of her life and is currently in the designer resale business, she really enjoys fashion magazines and loves learning about new designers and trends. Since she was a child, art, literature, and design always interested her.

We collect art in our home and have a variety of mediums we enjoy. We have sculpture, oil paintings, sketches and wire art. To us, the arts are what make life interesting and different!

We also love going to the beach near our home or while on vacation. You can usually find us doing some type of water sport or walking on the beach. We both grew up in the area and this part of Rhode Island holds a special place in our hearts. We lived less than one mile from each other yet we never met until 2001! We can’t wait to raise a child in the area that holds so many special memories for us.

Our Family & Friends, and Hobbies

Our Home, Animals and Closing Thoughts

Home is where the heart is: We live on ten acres in Southern Rhode Island, just one mile away from the beach! We live here with our 4 dogs, Sam, Romeo, Lucy, Daisy, Peanut, our bunny Bam Bam and one cat named Peaches. The school system here is great and there are a number of excellent private schools close by. Our children attended these schools and they were excellent!

Our best friends Casey and Garret have triplets who we are the Godparents of. They live 5 miles away. Our other best friends just had twin boys. Our son Drew lives in Newport which is just a short drive away.

In the Summer there are pool parties and cookouts at our house at least twice a week and often friends from out of town stay as we have a pool house with a kitchen—which is perfect for our guests! You can usually find Skip grilling at the outdoor kitchen by the pool, while I am running around putting food and drinks out for everyone.

We also have a Studio, which is a small business of ours. We host events for women who love to shop. We are not open all the time but do events once a month. Women come and shop for consigned designer clothes, which we get from the fashion magazine I used to manage. The events are so much fun! We have the studio set up with a small kitchen, bar, and sofa. People come to eat, socialize, and buy amazing clothing. Often the women bring their children. It’s a great atmosphere for families! Kids and animals can run around without worry, thanks to our gated property.

We are big time animal lovers and have 4 dogs, a cat and a bunny. Peanut is a shitz-zu who is 13 years old. He is the prince of the house and Kristen takes him everywhere she goes. He is hysterical as he thinks he is a baby! His favorite place to be is in a canvas bag, by our side as we go to the soccer games, cook outs and family events.

Sam was Kristen’s mother’s dog who we “inherited” when she passed away. Sam is a dachshund. His is a very hearty dog and likes to chase squirrels and other small animals in our yard. He thinks he is a big dog, when he is not!

Lucy and Daisy are our two poodles and they are best friends. They are like two queens, who when together, are quite the team! They prance in unison when we take them for a walk. They are incredibly smart.

Peaches the cat is 19 years old and a rescue. She has amazing green eyes that stare into your soul. The upstairs is her domain, however, she sits at the bottom of the stairs and watches all of the activity at a comfortable distance. She is a tough cat, that still at her age, looks like a kitten.

Bam Bam is our lop eared, albino mohair bunny. He lives in the studio and is litter box trained, so he can run free! We have a TV in the studio and we often go in there and put him on our laps where he promptly falls asleep.

Thoughts On Parenting: As parents, we believe in showing consistent love, respect and keeping an open heart and mind. We believe the way for a child to feel safe, secure, and loved is through parents who are accessible and attentive. Our values are mostly traditional. We were both raised with solid boundaries and limits but we were able to explore, learn, and grow.

We were both raised in a way that gave us the tools we need to be the best people we can be. We will teach compassion and empathy for others. We are both down to earth people and plan to raise our children in the same way. We believe that we are all equal and deserve the same treatment and respect. We hope to teach your child the same values.

As people, we are all so different. Embracing these differences is incredibly important to us. Loving a child is a gift. Our dream is to provide a diverse, happy, loving, accepting environment where a child can discover the wonderful person he or she will come to be.

Thank you for considering us to be able to provide, love, protect, and raise your child as our own. Thank you for having the tremendous strength to make this incredible sacrifice. We hope this glimpse into our life allows you to see how much love we have for our friends, family, and each other. We can’t begin to express how thankful we are for you. We promise we will honor you throughout the child’s life as strong, courageous, and selfless. We look forward to meeting you.

Our Home, Animals and Closing Thoughts