Staci & John


We are John & Staci from Vancouver, Washington. We applaud your bravery, heart and trust in a stranger to give your child a supportive, loving and stable home.

Adoption means the world to us and would mean fulfilling our lifelong dreams of raising a family. Neither of us are able to have children naturally. Parenting to us means that we are able to inspire creativity, develop family traditions and encourage a relationship with birth parents. We promise to love your child as our own, support them through both good and bad times, make sure they are taken care of financially and emotionally and make sure they are aware of who you are and the sacrifices that you have made. We promise to teach your child the importance of education, value in being a good citizen that loves all people and how to prepare for their future.

Our Story: We met while working together at Macy’s. Our first official date was before Christmas and involved getting Staci a Christmas tree as she was new to the area.

Staci knew that she fell in love with John when she moved for a job. John helped her find a place and move. For John it was love at first sight. He knew immediately where his heart was and his intentions.

Our marriage proposal was adventurous. We went snowshoeing through the woods. John got down on both knees to propose in the snow to Staci. On the way back, there were fresh cougar tracks that scared Staci and exhilarated John!

Top 10 Fun Facts About Us:

  • We went on a sailing trip to the San Juan Islands for our honeymoon.
  • We love dancing, singing and cooking dinner together nightly. We enjoy experimenting with food including meals from all regions and ethnic inspirations, as well as recreating generational recipes.
  • We enjoy the outdoors including fishing, hiking and snowshoeing.
  • We love playing card games and board games during the weekend while we drink our coffee.
  • We have A dog named Archie and a cat named Mabel. Staci would love to grow their fur family! John is yet to be convinced.
  • We enjoy sports and the banter that comes along with cheering for your favorite team.
  • We have gone away to a cabin in the mountain, river or snow destination, every Valentine’s Day while being together.
  • We enjoy eating edible things in nature or that we have grown ourselves.
  • We love our families! We enjoy getting together for holidays, birthdays and spontaneous weekend events.
  • One of our favorite summertime activities is sitting on our back porch patio and talking with each other.

About John

About John written by John: I grew up in the Mojave desert in a small town in California. I am a Chief Facilities Engineer for Macy’s, supervising four direct employees and overseeing the overall mechanical upkeep and capital projects for all eleven buildings. I work Monday-Friday and have full work flexibility once I have a child to accommodate their needs to the fullest.

I look forward to laughing, learning, teaching him/her to ride a bicycle, read and how to plan for a future, supporting extracurricular activities, helping with homework, sharing my love for the outdoors and creating family traditions.

My hobbies include fishing, flying RC airplanes, watching sports, boating, mushroom foraging and working on our home.  I get my greatest joy from being in the outdoors, disconnecting from the world and spending time with my wife and dog.

A Few of John’s Favorites:
Food: I love eating different foods from all cultures.

Football Team: San Francisco 49ers

Vacation Destination: Union Creek, Oregon

Television Network: Discovery

Holiday: Valentine’s Day

Season: Spring because of all the flowers that are blooming, chilly evenings and warm days

More About John Written by Staci: He is the most selfless man that I ever met. I know that he will make a great father because he will keep the needs of our child as his top priority, will always go the extra mile to make sure our family is taken care of and will provide a great example and role model of love, a strong work ethic and patience.

About John

About Staci

About Staci Written by Staci: I am from Molalla, Oregon which is a small country town. Most of my life was spent living on a 32 acre farm with farm animals (including Ostriches), a pond, a garden and lots of room for exploring. I work for Franz Bakery as a National Sales Fulfillment Coordinator. I have complete flexibility to accommodate the needs of a child now and upon placement.

I look forward to being able to love a child unconditionally, develop family traditions and laugh at the future things my child says.

My hobbies include working out, photography, scrapbooking, hiking and watching sports. My greatest joy comes from taking pictures of family, nature and moments of adventure.

A Few of Staci’s Favorites:

Food: Sushi!

Sports Team: Oregon State Beavers

Vacation Destination: San Juan Islands

Television Network: Comcast Sports Network

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Season: Winter because I love the snow!

More About Staci written by John: From the first day that I met Staci, she made an impression on me. She was always very caring and put her whole “self” into what she was doing or working on. The more I got to know her, it became apparent to me that she had all of the qualities of being a perfect wife and mother. I knew that the love in her heart and the drive she possessed would help guide our family and future child.

About Staci

Our Home

We live in Vancouver, Washington. Our house is a cute, charming “ranch house” built in the 1950s with the biggest backyard in the block. Our neighborhood is diverse with people from all social statuses and backgrounds. There are lots of parks and recreation nearby and within short distances. The parks can have water access, playgrounds and are very spacious. There are plenty of schools close to the house for all grades. The closest major city that we live by is Portland, Oregon as we live about fifteen minutes away.

About Our Dog, Archie & Our Cat, Mabel: We have two fur babies in our household. The baby of the house is a German Shephard mix named Archie. We rescued him from the local Humane Society four years ago. He is sensitive, snuggly and enjoys outdoor adventures. He has always behaved well around children. He is very curious and alert to them.

The eldest is a Tabby cat named Mabel. She is sassy, spunky, mischievous and a little more reclusive around children.

Our Home

Our Village

John’s family is loving, supportive, understanding, encouraging and strong has a strong Christian faith. John continues to be closest with his mother, Helen. They do not spend as much time together as they would like, but he enjoys their visits and loves to show them new places to explore and catch up on the life of his niece and nephew, Natalie and Nicolai.

Staci’s family is all close, loving, values the importance of relationships and getting together and has always been proud of individual goals and family accomplishments. Staci is close with all family members, but has valued the relationship with her oldest brother Travis through the years. They have always had a relationship that has aligned with a strong friendship and strengthened support through the years. Staci’s brother, Travis has one child, Owen who is two years old.

Family Traditions:

  • Cutting down our own Christmas tree
  • Celebrating birthdays
  • Sailing trips
  • Cabin getaways on Valentine’s Day and our anniversary
  • Holiday dinners that include bringing our own dish and plenty of conversation

In Closing: Adoption is everything to us! We appreciate you for reading our profile and having the bravery, strength and love to go through this process. It is through your decision that we can fulfill our lifelong dreams of becoming parents.

We will never stop pursuing and being the best versions of ourselves and showing up every day for your child! It is important for us both to be able to create and maintain a good relationship with you because you are so important! Your child deserves to know who you are, the sacrifices that you made and the value and trust that you placed in us as parents. We look forward to being able to share pictures with you, meet with and share all experiences as your child gets older.

We Promise…

  • to give all that we have
  • to instill good values and morals
  • to create family traditions
  • to encourage a balance between school, family and play
  • to be silly
  • to support them through good and difficult times.



Our Village