Stephanie and Rick

Dear Birth Mother

Hello! We are Stephanie & Rick from Mississippi. We want to thank you for having the strength, courage and love to consider adoption. We also appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us. Through this profile, we hope you get a sense of the values we hold close to our hearts.

We have always wanted a child. Doctors are not sure why, but a biological child is not in our future. We are excited to adopt a child because we believe love is what makes a family. Also, adoption feels natural to us. When Rick was 13, his parents adopted his sister and two years later, also adopted his brother. Our child will feel loved, safe, and respected just like his siblings do.

About Us: Our long-winding story began in Cincinnati, Ohio. We met in 1999, Rick asked Stephanie to go on a date for six months and FINALLY she said yes. Our first date was homemade spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread at Rick’s house. After pouring the wine, Rick sat down and Stephanie said, “some silverware would be nice.” It remains a running joke to this day!

After 7 years of dating, Rick proposed at one of our favorite spots. A beach in North Carolina during Stephanie’s family vacation. Some members of the family watched through a telescope as Rick dropped to a knee and Stephanie said yes. After the engagement, we had a beach wedding on Captiva Island with our families and closest friends by our side.

We have been married for 11 years and together nearly 20. We are each other’s best friend and enjoy traveling, relaxing on the beach and making new friends. We relocate often due to Rick’s job as a manager in local newsrooms. So far, the list includes Cincinnati, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Boston, Orlando and Madison, Mississippi. We have enjoyed the food, culture and friends we’ve made in those cities. In the end, it’s not about where you are — it’s about the people you are with!

Quick Facts About Us:
• We have lived in 6 states!  Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, Massachusetts, Florida and Mississippi

  • We both grew up in Ohio and met in Cincinnati
  • We have two cats named Xavier and Coco
  • We both do yoga
  • We love to travel. Our favorite trips were to Italy and St. Lucia
Dear Birth Mother

Meet Rick

I grew up in northeast Ohio, where as Lebron James famously wrote “nothing is given. Everything is earned.” School and sports dominated my childhood. Some of my fondest memories are of my Dad coaching my baseball team and taking me out to golf. My Mom was always my biggest cheerleader rooting me on from the stands and taking me to endless practices.

I graduated from college with a degree in communications and have worked in local newsrooms around the country. I am currently a News Director for a local news station and take great pride in serving the community every day. We hold the powerful accountable for their actions and collaborate with community leaders to make our city a better place to live. It is a demanding job but I have always dreamed of coaching our child’s baseball/softball team or teaching him or her how to golf.

A Few Fun Facts:
• I enjoy cooking and make most of our meals

  • You’re out! If I wasn’t a journalist, I would have been a professional baseball umpire
  • Cookie Monster is my favorite muppet
  • I’m a terrible singer but have an uncanny ability to remember lyrics
  • My nickname is The Beatnik (the goatee was a bad idea!)

More About Rick – by Stephanie: Rick is my “Rock” and I am lucky to call him my husband. He is funny, kind, supportive and very loving. Even after 19 years, there isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t make me laugh because of the silly things he says and does. Rick would do anything for anyone and always has my back. He has the biggest heart and loves children. I know he will be an amazing father and can’t wait for the day he carries the title ”DAD”.

Meet Rick

Meet Stephanie

I grew up in Central Ohio and had a very fun and loving childhood. Some of my fondest memories as a child are spending time with my family on the beach. Every year we would travel to the Carolina shores with my entire family (including grandparents and cousins) for a week on the beach. These were the best vacations! I’m guessing this is why I have such a love for the beach to this day!

I am an executive assistant at the state’s largest hospital.  My position allows for flexible scheduling so I can make time for family needs and events. I am able to change my hours to accommodate the needs of the day and can work from home when needed. This will be very helpful when we are able to bring a new baby home!

I love kids!! When I was a teenager I was the neighborhood babysitter and that’s when I really knew I wanted to be a “MOM”. I can’t wait for family trips to the Beach and Disney World!!

A Few Fun Facts:
• I love yoga

  • I’m a pretty big Hello Kitty Fan
  • I like Reality TV Shows (more than I want to admit!)
  • I collect salt and pepper shakers
  • I have really small feet. I can buy shoes in the children’s section.

More About Stephanie – by Rick: Stephanie is my best friend and the love of my life. She has a huge heart and her love for friends and family is endless. She is kind. She never hesitates to help a friend or give food to a homeless stranger. Her quirky sense of humor keeps us laughing all the time. She is the person I am meant to be with. She inspires me every day to be a better husband and man. Stephanie’s love holds me together, even on days when I think I might break. She will be an amazing mother who loves and supports our child every day.

Meet Stephanie

Our Home

We live in a quiet neighborhood in Mississippi which has been recognized in several studies as the “best place to live” in the magnolia state. Our town boasts the best school system in the state and is filled with kid-centric community art and sport programs. It is also known for a seven-acre park that includes a lake, walking trail, chapel and playground. A beautiful reservoir is a ten-minute drive from our house. The 33,000 acre lake is great for outdoor activities like boating, fishing, water-skiing and camping.

Our Furry Friends: Say hello to Xavier and Coco, brother and sister from the same litter. We went to rescue one cat and Stephanie was immediately drawn to Xavier’s tuxedo but Coco nuzzled her way into Rick’s heart.

Xavier’s tuxedo ensures he is always the best dressed cat in the house! He is a loving, relaxed cat who loves snuggling close to whoever is sitting on the couch. He loves having his belly rubbed and curling up in his white blanket.

Coco loves attention – but on HER terms. She is an independent cat who wants to be petted but on her schedule! Sometimes, that schedule includes a 5 a.m. wakeup call as she meows besides the bed until we call her up and make space for her to lay down.

Our Home

Meet Our Family & Friends

Stephanie’s Family: My dad is not my biological father but fits the definition of “DAD” perfectly. He married my mom when I was six and raised my sister and I as his own. My parents currently live half the year in Ohio and the other half in Florida. Do you see a theme here – my parents love the beach too!! My sister Natalie is six years older than me and she is truly my best friend. We laugh, we cry, and we tell each other everything.

Rick’s Family: Most of my family continues to live in northeast Ohio where I was raised. My mom and dad have divorced but I remain in close contact with both and they are excited at the thought of becoming grandparents. My sister, Meagan is in a management program for a Fortune 500 company and lives close to my mom. My brother, Patrick recently moved to New York City where he is working as a barber while trying to start his own fashion line.

Our Friends: We are blessed to have built a network of friends who live across the country. Thanks to group text messages and video calls, we feel like our friends are never far away. We typically travel to see friends in Cincinnati each Memorial Day weekend. We also travel regularly to have a group vacation with our closest friends and their children. Some of the places we have traveled to include Siesta Key, Ana Maria Island, Destin, Florida and the Gulf Shores of Alabama. We look forward to traveling to wine country, Key West and even a trip overseas!

Thank You: We truly appreciate you taking the time to read about us. We hope this glimpse into our lives assures you of the loving, caring, and stable home we will provide for your child.

We believe that Rick’s experience of growing up with an adopted brother and sister gives us a unique insight into raising a family built through adoption.  Not a day will pass where they won’t feel how loved they are and see how beautiful adoption is. We wish you the best throughout your search and secretly hope your search has ended now that you’ve “met” us!  We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers and hope to hear from you soon.

Meet Our Family & Friends