Stephanie & Kirk

Hello! We are Stephanie & Kirk

Hello! We are Stephanie & Kirk.

A Special Note To You: Thank you for taking time to learn more about us. We admire you for your decision to give life. Your love, selflessness and courage for your child will ALWAYS be honored by our family.  It is impossible for us to know exactly what you are going through, but we imagine choosing loving and supportive parents for your child will bring you peace. Our promise to you is to allow your child to live a happy, full life, with strong morals and values. We will do everything to help guide and encourage your child to dream big.

Why Adoption is Perfect for Us: Although we struggled with the pain of infertility for years, we never lost hope in our dream of having a family. Infertility led us to adoption and we are extremely thankful for that. In 2017 we adopted our son John. Growing our family through adoption has given us a tight and unbreakable bond. Our hope is to be blessed with another wonderful life and raise him or her to be courageous, kind and confident.

Our Story

We were both born and raised in California and have been best friends ever since our first date in high school. After 11 years of dating through college and securing our careers, we finally, finally said “I DO.”  We had a traditional wedding with a giant reception. Everyone we know showed up to celebrate with us, which made the wait well worth it. Falling in love at a young age was special because we’ve truly grown up and experienced most of our lives together. It has allowed us to establish a solid base for our growing family. Just about all our relatives say we have the best marriage, and we don’t disagree. Our dream has always been to have a big family. We both have two siblings and lots of cousins all close in age. We know first hand how special it is to grow up with siblings and cousins and we want the same for our children. Thankfully, our day to day life always involves our son. We visit family, friends, schedule play- dates, attend a gym for parents and their children and enjoy walks to our neighborhood park. Breakfast and dinners are always together. There is mostly music playing in our home instead of television. You’ll find a lot of children’s books and toys on the floor. Occasionally we watch Sesame Street and sports, but for the most part we are playing and interacting with one another.

Things That Make Us Smile:


  • Watching Kirk and John together
  • When John learns something new, his eyes get really big
  • My great-grandmother’s stories
  • Old couples



  • Driving home to Steph and John after work
  • FaceTiming John on my lunch break
  • Memories with grandparents
  • Listening to kids tell stories
  • Thoughts of a growing family
Hello! We are Stephanie & Kirk

Meet Kirk

About Kirk, by Stephanie: Kirk is the best husband and father. He works very hard to provide and is a protector by nature. Kirk’s commitment to our family and compassion for others makes me so proud. You can’t be upset with Kirk. He is so funny and can still make me laugh like the day we met. Kirk’s attitude and energy are always great. He is spontaneous and fun-loving. Kirk makes friends with just about everyone he meets, because he is so genuine and down to earth. I love how Kirk teaches John new things. When Kirk gets home from work, John stops whatever he is doing, looks at me with a huge smile and whispers, “Daddy” then runs to the door. Trusting Kirk as a father has been so easy, from late night feedings, to dirty diapers and all. I was always confident in Kirk’s ability as a father, and watching him in action makes me smile every time.

About Kirk, by Kirk: My childhood was great, because I was (and still am) very close with my entire family. They ALL welcomed John into our great family with tears of joy and arms wide open. God willing, they will all be able to welcome another amazing child into our family. I grew up playing on the family ranch with all of our cousins, making up games and playing every sport you can imagine. My immediate family spent much of our time together at sporting events, camping/hiking, playing cards and board games, and supporting each other at various school events.

For Work: I found a job less than a month after college graduation and I still work for the same company 16 years later.

Meet Kirk

Meet Stephanie

About Stephanie, by Kirk: Stephanie has a smile and laugh that are unforgettable. I fell in love with her in high school, and eleven years later we got married. I am still chasing her around like when we were kids. She is so much fun and has so much love to share. Our faith is very important to her, and it has made us so much better together. John is the luckiest little guy to be able to spend all day with her, and she was obviously born to be a great mother and wife. Her days with John are filled with reading books, playing games, dancing, singing and much more. We can’t wait to grow our family and share all of this with a new baby.

About Stephanie, by Stephanie: I grew up in a small town surrounded by a supportive family and great community. My parents raised me to know and trust God, to be thankful for everything, to work hard and be kind to others. My brothers and I all grew up with wonderful memories. Thankfully, I am able to stay home full time with John. Our days are so much fun. We mix it up with play-dates, zoo trips, walks around the neighborhood, mommy-and-me gym class, music class, visiting grandparents and hanging out at home. I am so grateful that I am able to stay home and spend as much time as I possibly can with John. I intend on taking full advantage of this amazing opportunity as a full-time mom, and hope to add another baby to our family! I am enjoying every minute and feel I am doing exactly what I was meant to do.

Things That Make Me Happy:

  • Family
  • Bible study
  • Volunteering
  • Walks & runs around the neighborhood
  • Cooking & trying new recipes
Meet Stephanie

Our Loving Families

Big Brother John: Witnessing John’s birth in the hospital was miraculous. We feel honored and blessed to have been chosen by such beautiful birth parents. John was surrounded by unconditional love from the moment he was born. Family and friends from across the country prayed for John, the birth parents and us during the adoption process. It was an amazing experience we will cherish forever. John has brought so much joy to our entire family. His life is truly a miracle and we give all the glory to God.

About Our Faith and Family: We both come from big loving families with strong Christian values. Our parents have been married for over 38 years and live nearby. Together we have three brothers, one sister, two sisters-in-law, three nephews and two nieces, all of whom cannot wait to welcome another child to the family. We grew up with our siblings and cousins (all close in age) and would love for our children to experience the joy of having a big close family as well. As you get a glimpse into our lives, we hope you will know immediately in your heart how much love we have to share with your child.

Our Loving Families

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Why We Love Living Here: Our home in California is in a perfect location. We are close to our families and can easily get away for weekends at the mountains or the beach. Our neighborhood is safe and family oriented. We have a beautiful clubhouse, park, and elementary school a short walk from our home. The school district we are in is excellent and one of the best. We have many gatherings at our home with plenty of room for children with 4 bedrooms and a great backyard for barbecues and swim parties.

Our Vacation Home: We love the outdoors and spending time at our cabin in the mountains. The weather is perfect in the summer at the lake and winter is filled with snowball fights, sledding and building giant snowmen! It has become a very special place to share with our families and friends.

Thank You: Thank you so much for taking time to get to know us. If chosen, we promise to love your child unconditionally and honor the beauty in adoption. We pray for your decision to be one that gives you peace and comfort.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts