Steve & Andrea


When deciding on how to begin our conversation, the first words that came to our minds were Thank You.


Thank you for taking time to read this profile. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for choosing the gift of life for your child. Thank you for loving your baby so much that you’ve decided to make an adoption plan. And finally, thank you for considering us to care for, love, and protect your baby.


There is so much that goes into this decision that you want to make sure it’s the best choice possible. Our hope is that we can bring you peace of mind in knowing that your child is happy, cherished, and loved.



Our Life Together… written in the stars

We were both raised in New York, and under very similar circumstances. But it took us each a journey of 3000 miles to Los Angeles to finally stumble upon each other. Sure, our paths could have crossed back East, but there must have been a grand plan that led us to come together all the way on the other side of the country.

Andrea moved to Los Angeles to be near her sister (who is adopted) and be a source of help and support as she was having twins. ( The boys are now 10 years old!). Steve moved to California to follow his passion to work as a television writer. As Andrea was getting ready to move, her best friend of 20 years told her that her older brother, had a buddy already living in Los Angeles. She said “give him a call”. Four years, and a hundred Fajitas later, we got married!


Whether playing tennis, walking on the beach, biking, going to the farmers market or even watching our favorite TV shows, it’s easy to see why we are best friends. And over the first years of our marriage, we’ve built a foundation of friendship, trust, respect and love. For years we have dreamed about starting a family, and we are so excited it may soon be a reality through adoption.


Our Play

We love to travel. And living in California we are so close to so many terrific places. We often take weekend trips to San Diego, Palm Springs and Santa Barbara. In the winter we love to go skiing at nearby Big Bear and usually go back east to spend the holidays with our families. We also have family in Chicago, Florida and Seattle. We cannot wait to include a child in our adventures!



Our Home

Our home is located on a lovely, tree-lined block in Los Angeles. It’s in a great school district close to parks, farmer’s markets, great restaurants, beaches, hiking trails and even a fun petting zoo on Sundays. It’s a very rare find, an adorable family neighborhood in the big city of Los Angeles.



Our Getaway

Every year we look forward to going to Steve’s family beach home in Long Island, NY. The house is just steps from the ocean and has been in the family for 30 years. It’s a fun beach town where everybody knows everybody, you can bike everywhere and an ice cream cone is never far away. It’s a great place to catch up with all of Steve’s extended family.

Our Life Together… written in the stars

Steve and Andrea

About Steve… by Andrea

My husband is the most generous, loving and funny guy you are ever going to meet. He approaches every task with commitment and dedication but also with a healthy dose of humor and fun.

I think Steve’s most outstanding quality is his ability to make me (and everyone else) laugh at any moment. When I come home after a long day, just giving him a hug makes me feel so cozy and lucky.

Steve is also great with my nephews. When my sister had the boys, she could never ask for a better “Uncle Steven”. The fact that he loves video games, music, sports, movies, pretty much anything a kid loves, doesn’t hurt either. Sometimes it’s hard to get him to come in for dinner with the boys around!


About Andrea… by Steve

From the moment I met Andrea, I knew we would be together. In fact, on our first date I said to myself, “This is the girl I’m going to marry” I feel like I am my very best I can be when I am with her. Andrea has such an ease with her nieces and nephews, it’s amazing to watch. She makes everyone around her feel so special.


Andrea loves to laugh with her friends and family and her energy and compassion are contagious, and I know she’s going to be an amazing mom.


Our Work

Steve has a fun and fulfilling job as a writer at E! Entertainment Television. He works with a great group of fun, interesting people and gets to make people laugh every night. Best of all, he can bike to work since he only works a mile away from home. He is eager to join the ranks of his coworkers who have recently started families.

Andrea has enjoyed a long, successful career in publishing ever since she graduated from George Washington University. However, she is now ready to take on the responsibilities that come with the next chapter of her life, being a mom.

Steve and Andrea

Our Family and Friends

We are so blessed to have such a strong extended family. They are all so excited that we are going to welcome a child into our lives. Many of our dear friends have newborns, so your child already has playmates!


On Adoption

We both love children and are eager to start a family. Andrea’s sister was adopted and we have always wanted to grow our family through adoption as well.


Andrea can remember the day her sister came home from the hospital, she was so perfect. Andrea never thought about how her sister came into her family, just that she was so happy to have a little sister. And moving 3000 miles to be near her when she had her twin boys, completed the cycle. What a gift she and now her family are to us!


Many of our friends have adopted children as well, and loved the experience. We are so lucky to have the support of our friends and family as we go through this process.

Our Family and Friends

Thank You!

We have enjoyed such a fulfilling life thus far and it’s been filled with incredible opportunities and experiences. And we are ready and committed to share our life with your child and build a lovely family.

We truly can’t comprehend what this time in your life feels like as you consider this important decision, but please always know that first and foremost, your child will be deeply cherished, loved, educated, adored, encouraged, supported and the center of our life together as a family.


Steve & Andrea.


Thank You!