Sylvain & Caroline

Hello! We are Caroline and Sylvain from the mountains of Switzerland!

We have an enormous respect for this decision you are making and we know that your choice is full of love for your baby. We admire your courage and really feel that the love for your child is stronger than all the rest. We hope with this profile that we are able to show you that we would be worthy of your trust.

We have been together for over ten years, and are in love more than ever. We enjoy every moment we can be together. We are both full of happiness and love our lives. We travel a lot, work hard and have great times with family and friends. We both speak several languages such as Italian, French, German and English, and look forward to raising our future child in a multi-lingual

On adoption: We always wanted to have our own family and tried to get pregnant for many years, but with no success. It became apparent that adoption was the perfect path for our dream to come true and for our lives to be fulfilled.

Since it is very difficult to adopt in our country we decided to pursue adoption in the United States and can’t wait to take this journey! We truly think that love is what makes a family and would be honored if you chose us as your child’s adoptive parents home!

Our Story: We met in a beautiful hotel on the Swiss Riviera. Caroline was the director of Sales & Marketing and Sylvain the Head Chef of all the kitchens. Slowly we became respectful friends and then fell in love. Sylvain regularly sent freshly prepared dishes full of love to Caroline’s office. A wonderful story of love started in this Grand Hotel in Switzerland.

In the year 2010 we accepted a job in Whistler, Canada for the Olympic Games. We were managing the house of Switzerland; Sylvain at the kitchen and Caroline at front. After that incredible experience we went on a ski trip around British Colombia and in a magical snow storm in Banff, just after 3 years of being together, Sylvain proposed. A moment we of course often think about!

Fun Facts About Us:
• Harmony, respect & passion are key words of our love.
• We speak Italian, French, German and English!
• We both grew up in the mountains – real Heidi land!
• We love hiking & skiing in the Swiss mountains.
• We love to travel around the world.
• Family and friends are very important in our lives.
• Sylvain is a Chef and we love to cook together. It may be difficult to keep up with an experienced chef but Caroline loves learning new cooking skills.

Hello! We are Caroline and Sylvain from the mountains of Switzerland!

Meet Caroline

About Caroline, by Caroline: I grew up in a small town just outside the capital of Switzerland. I had a very joyful and wonderful childhood. Family time was very important and even though my dad was very busy with work he always found time to be with our family and these moments were extremely important and precious to us.

I love skiing and hiking in the mountains. I have a strong connection to nature and truly love the great outdoors. I look forward to sharing this love for nature with my future child!

My career path: I attended a commercial school in the French part of Switzerland before heading to England and Italy to learn the their languages. Back in Switzerland I decided to go to Hotel Management school and began my career in this fascinating business.

With my lovely husband I now manage a hotel in the Swiss mountains. Once we successfully adopt, we plan to reorganize our daily life and be home with our future child as much as possible. Our business schedule is flexible and because we are in a management position, we have plenty of time to be at home raising your baby.

More About Caroline, by Sylvain: Caroline is a wonderful person. She first thinks about others more than herself. For her, harmony and peace around her and her loved ones is very important. She is full of energy, perfectly organized and always ready for a joke. Caroline is very spontaneous and her happiness is contagious! She can almost move mountains with her positivity. Without any hesitation I would marry her again and again! I know in my heart that she will be an amazing mother!

Caroline’s Favorites
Food ▶ All food cooked by my husband
Vacation Spot ▶ Oman, USA, Nepal, Italy
Animal ▶ Our dog Newton and I love sheep!! (they are all around by our house)
Movie ▶ Four Weddings and a Funeral
Band/Artist ▶ Oasis, Laura Pausini, Jovanotti, Bastian Baker & Stress (from Switzerland…)
Hobby ▶ Skiing

Meet Caroline

Meet Sylvain

About Sylvain, by Sylvain: I grew up with my two brothers, Fabrice and Frederic, in a French speaking ski and golf resort called Crans Montana in Switzerland. I completed compulsory school there, and played soccer and ice hockey in local teams.

I enjoyed a very protected and peaceful childhood. My family had and still has a very important connection to each other. My career path: After primary and secondary school I decided to begin working as a Chef. I have been working as a Chef for over 24 years now, and am very passionate about cooking. I can’t wait to share my passion for cooking and food with my future child!

More About Sylvain, by Caroline: Sylvain brings joy to everything he does. He is a very tender, calm and brave person. You can discuss just about anything with him for hours because he is such a good listener. He is a little bit shy, but that adds a wonderful sparkle to him.

Sylvain is very passionate about things such as cooking and our dog Newton. I feel very secure with him. He is like a pillar of strength in stormy water. He is kind, patient and very devoted. I know for sure that he will be an amazing, always-there-for-you kind of dad. He brings a lot of patience with him.

Sylvain’s Favorites:
Food ▶ Japanese and Italian food
Vacation Spot ▶ Oman and Italy
Animal ▶ Our dog, Newton!
Movie ▶ Gladiator
Band/Artist ▶ ACDC
Hobby ▶ Cooking and Soccer

Meet Sylvain

Our Family and Friends

Our family is very important to us and we have a very strong connection with them. Both sets of our parents are in our lives. They are in their early seventies and have been happily married for 40 years. Our parents are wonderful role models and continue to set an example for us.

Sylvain has an older and younger brother, Fabrice and Frederic. Caroline unfortunately lost her brother Mathias in 2009 after a fight against cancer. This sad time brought us both and our families very close together. We often spend time all together. We recently went on a vacation to Tuscany, Italy and had a fabulous time. These moments are very important and precious to us.

We have a very large circle of friends and they are just as much a part of our family. We love to organize dinners and barbecues in our house just to have our friends around. Most of our friends have children and we just love to have our Chalet full of friends and kids.

Caroline has 4 Godchildren, Chiara, Julia, Andrea and Humphrey, she tries to spend time with each one of them as much as possible. Three are in Switzerland and Humphrey is in London. Caroline is very proud of her Godchildren.

Our Family Traditions
• Christmas is celebrated like in a fairy tale. Imagine…there is snow everywhere, candles burning, a crackling fire, children of the village are singing Christmas songs, Church bells ring and in our wooden house the Christmas tree is shining like a star, we can almost feel angels flying around. We would love to share this annual tradition with our future child.

• We love to travel to the northern part of Italy to enjoy the food and the wine and discover the wonderful surroundings.

• Running together is also one of our highlights. In 2019 we will run the New York marathon for Sylvain’s 40th anniversary together.

Our Family and Friends

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: We live in a mountain town in Switzerland, in a very friendly and happy neighborhood, surrounded by family and friends. Our newly renovated Chalet flat has 8 rooms. The heart of the Chalet is our open kitchen with the fire place, an area where we love to be with family and friends.

The school is very close, just about a 10-minute walk. Our neighborhood is a lovely green village with lots of forests and mountain lakes and nice playgrounds for kids.

There is plenty to do with children, such as skiing, cross country, sledging, easy climbing, playing in the snow, and mountain biking. There is also a public swimming pool just about 5 minutes from our house. Our village has farms with cows and sheep as well! Within a 15-minutes drive are cinemas, different children classes from ballet to painting and lots of sport possibilities.

Our Dog, Newton: Newton has been with us for two years and we love having him in our lives. We got him from a farm in Switzerland. We had 7 puppies to choose from and Sylvain insisted that Caroline only had eyes for him. Since that moment we both are very dedicated about Newton. He makes us very happy. He is a brown Labrador, very gentle and quiet. He barks only very rarely and loves to be around children.

Our Final Thoughts: Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents to your child. We have a very happy life together and can’t wait to share our love and our lives with our future child. Our family, friends, our dog, travel, food and sports are the biggest parts of our world. It is very important for us to let you know that we will do everything possible to make your baby happy and offer him/her the best life we can!

Our Home and Closing Thoughts