Tamara and Steve


We are Steve, Tamara, Keaton and Parker from Woodland Hills, California. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and consider us as adoptive parents. We could never truly understand how you may be feeling at this moment, but we want you to know how much we respect and honor your courageous consideration. We hope to make it a bit easier for you by sharing this little window into our lives.

Your gift is the best miracle we could ever hope for and one that will ALWAYS be cherished. We hope you enjoy our story, and we look forward to hearing yours soon too!

~ Steve & Tamara

Our Story: Together for sixteen years and married for twelve, we knew early on in our relationship that we had something special. We met online when there were only a couple of dating websites! We both loved to laugh, had a passion for traveling, and came from bigger families that were especially tight knit. After 4 years of dating, we got married – a destination wedding, of course, in one of our favorite places, Breckenridge, Colorado. We’ve always made a great team because our strengths really complement one another. We’ve been blessed with two amazing biological children, Keaton and Parker. After trying unsuccessfully for a third, we simply concluded that maybe the universe had something else in store for us. We believe family is a fundamental part of life and one of the most precious gifts one can have. We are so grateful to be at the point in our lives where we can bring another child into our home.

Things We Love:

  • Music, animals & board games
  • Indian food
  • The great outdoors
  • Christmas & Halloween!
  • Seeing the world, especially Hawaii and Europe!

About Steve

About Steve by Steve: Raised in Mesa, Arizona, I was the youngest of four. I was bit more rambunctious than my older siblings, but my parents were always very patient and supportive (great role models!). I studied marketing in college, and for the last couple decades, I’ve worked in advertising, building ad campaigns for fun clients like Adidas, Disney and Playstation. I enjoy summer days at the beach, hiking and biking, snowboarding, arts and crafts, collecting records and playing music.

More About Steve by Tamera: I remember when I first started loving Steve. It was when we first started dating and he was so excited to introduce me to his friends and had a genuine sweetness about him that I knew was beyond special. I knew he would be a great father when he’d volunteer to take care of my cat, even though he was very allergic to him. To see him with our kids is a blessing. He loves playing with our kids, whether it’s puzzles and building with our son, or practicing piano and attending tea parties with our daughter. And every night after books, he plays the guitar and sings them to sleep. It’s a part of the night the kids always look forward to. He is patient, funny and most of all so incredibly loving… a devoted husband, father, brother, friend and colleague. He is my rock and my best friend. I love sharing my life with Steve and can’t wait to raise another child with him!

Steve’s Favorites

  • Food: Mexican
  • Movie: Royal Tenenbaums
  • Musical Artist: David Bowie
  • Place: Amsterdam
  • Hobby: Playing guitar
  • Sport to Watch: NFL Football


About Steve

About Tamara

About Tamara by Tamara: I was raised in Oregon by my incredible mom. After graduating, I knew I wanted to live in Los Angeles, California as I had a passion for the entertainment industry. I was so fortunate to be able to fulfill that dream and have been working as a Producer in Television for 20 years. In the beginning, there were long hours but I am now in the stage of my career where it is incredibly flexible. I only go into the office about once a week and work about 20 hours from home which really works with our family. I love my job, but family comes first and that will always be the case.

Over the years, I’ve become a foodie and love to cook and bake. We have our own garden and on Sunday mornings, I’ll go out and pick veggies and herbs for that week’s meals.

More About Tamara by Steve: After only a few dates with Tamara, I knew she was special. Of course, she was beautiful and fun to be around, but she had a kind heart and an adventurous spirit. She was driven and confident, but at the same time incredibly down to earth and approachable.

As we had kids, I got to see her evolve into an incredibly caring and devoted mother. She really leaned into it. As the kids got older, she has prioritized health as a lifestyle and keeps us all on the right track. Tamara’s top priority in life is the mental and physical well-being of our kids. Family and raising Keaton and Parker has shown me how boundless her love is, and how much more she has to share as we look to grow our family one last time.

Tamara’s Favorites

  • Food: Indian
  • Movie: Love Actually
  • Musical Artist: The Beatles
  • Place: London
  • Hobby: Cooking/Booking
  • Sport to Watch: Basketball
About Tamara

Our Children

Meet future big brother and sister, Keaton & Parker!

Keaton is a clever and curious 11-year-old force of nature with a huge heart. He loves baseball, Legos, drawing, swimming, and video games. Keaton seems destined to be a builder – he creates sophisticated buildings from blocks, builds model airplanes and loves video games like Minecraft where he is free to push his creative limits. He has so much love to give and would love to have another sibling. We recently watched the movie ‘Storks’, after which Keaton said, “Can we have a baby delivered to us? I’d love to become a brother again!”

Keaton’s Favorites

  • Food: Pizza
  • Book: Alex Rider Series
  • Board Game: Monopoly
  • Toy: Kapla Blocks
  • Sport to Play: Baseball

Parker is an outgoing, imaginative and hilarious 7-year-old. She loves dancing, singing and recently started playing the piano. The elaborate back-stories created for her dolls and stuffies that attend her tea parties are unmatched. Despite her strong sense of independence, it is hard to imagine another little girl that wants a younger sibling more. On a daily basis, Parker is playing house and loves the ‘big sister’ & ‘mom’ roles. Not a week goes by with at least one request for a ‘real life’ baby sister or brother. Parker asked recently if she could share her room with the baby, and has volunteered for dirty diaper duty!

Parker’s Favorites

  • Food: Mac N’ Cheese
  • Book: Junie B. Jones Series
  • Board Game: Candyland
  • Toy: LOL Dolls
  • Sport to Play: Soccer

Meet Our Pets: We have 3 cats (Bowie, Ryder and Jagger) and a dog (Otis). 5-year-old brothers, Bowie and Ryder were rescued when they were 12 weeks, and are a bit timid but very sweet. Jagger is a about 2 but still acts like a playful kitten.

Our newest addition, a Golden Doodle named Otis, just turned a year old. Everyone loves Otis – he is a calm, gentle, loyal friend to all! Keaton and Parker have become very close with all the animals and help in feeding and cleaning up after them. Our pets will make great companions to your child!


Our Children

Our Home and Community

Our home sits in a beautiful neighborhood outside of Los Angeles, California. We have a big backyard with a grassy area, swimming pool and playhouse, perfect for entertaining and hanging out. We host dinner parties at home throughout the year with our family and friends. Whether it is a holiday, birthday, or just a regular night throughout the week, we love to get together with those we love most.

Our neighborhood is family-friendly, and we are close to great schools, parks and several biking and hiking trails.

Our Family and Friends: Tamara comes from a large family with three sisters, one brother and parents who live within a two-hour drive. Tamara’s mom lives in Oregon and often comes to visit for extended periods. Her mom also hosts us up there once or twice a year. Tamara has several nephews and nieces, and the family continues to grow with her brother getting married this winter. She also has a life long family-friend that lives nearby. ‘Papa Joe’ has become an unofficial grandfather and a great support and influence on the kids.

Though Steve’s parents have both passed away, he remains very close with his family. His siblings live in Austin, Northern California and Phoenix. All in all, Steve has four nieces and one nephew, and even recently connected with distant cousins in Sweden.

If you choose us to be the parents of your child, we promise…

  • To provide a home where the values of education, community, self-worth, confidence, compassion, respect, service, and responsibility are taught.
  • To provide and sustain a safe environment that empowers your child to discover and celebrate their identity.
  • To encourage a strong sense of moral, ethical, and spiritual understanding.
  • To always surround your child with laughter and lots and lots of love.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn more about us and our family. We wish you peace in whatever decision you make.

Steve, Tamara, Keaton & Parker

Our Home and Community