Taylor and Matthew


We are Taylor, Matthew & Jackson from Northern California. We’d like to sincerely thank you for considering us. We want you to know that we respect your bravery and courage in this process and are deeply humbled by the prospect of meeting you. Ohana means family. This motto is embedded in the fabric of our lives.

Taylor’s extended family is made up of both biological and adopted members, so adoption has always had a special place in her heart. Following the birth of Jackson, we both knew that pursuing this path was the right choice for our family and would allow us to fulfill our dream of a full house.

The Tale of Two Countries

Matthew, a Canadian, and Taylor, an American, first met in the summer before our senior year of high school and began dating after being introduced through Taylor’s cousin. We often discuss the fact that although we were born in two different countries, we ended up finding each other.

Our love story flourished and our commitment to each other was evident during a long distance phase. Taylor was accepted to her dream college, but that meant living apart. Throughout that time, it became clear we were made for each other.

After graduating from college, Matthew proposed to Taylor on the sandy shores of Kauai. Kauai is famous for having wild chickens everywhere, so among the crashing of the waves and clucking of chickens, we were engaged. The following year we were married on a golf course overlooking a vineyard (no chickens were present). We have been together over 10 years now!

Favorite Couple Activities:

Eating out at restaurants, shopping, going on vacations, watching Netflix, playing board games

Favorite Family Activities:

Swimming, going to the Zoo, Disneyland, playing at the park, walking the dogs, baking treats


About Taylor

Taylor’s Truth: I grew up in the same city my parents were born, surrounded by three generations of family. My brother is a year younger than me, so we naturally became best friends and often had the same mutual friends and interests. My childhood was happy, healthy, and filled with adventure and experiences. I graduated from the University of California, Davis with my degree in Communications, and have worked in marketing for the last 5 years. I moved to a part-time position where I work from home, which is key in having flexibility for a family. I do plan on becoming a full-time stay-at-home mother once we welcome a baby into our home.

I’ve always had a love for animals, and even volunteered at a local shelter through college.

They bring me joy, and it lights up my life to see our son building care and empathy towards animals. Disney is a huge part of my life as well. Aside from visiting the parks annually, I enjoy watching the movies and listening to the music. Jackson is starting to fall in love with the magic of Disney, and we look forward to his future sibling getting to experience that as well.

Taylor’s Fun Facts

Greatest Weakness: Donuts

Most Watched Movie: Aladdin

Best Book: The Good Earth

Favorite Flower: Orchid

About Taylor

About Matthew

Matthew’s Monologue: I was born in Toronto, Canada as the youngest of 4, my next closest sibling is 9 years older than me. Often referred to as a ‘special surprise’, I’m truly the baby of the family. I spent each summer at our family summer home with my grandparents. There I would engage in water sports, hiking, biking, roasting marshmallows, and living life at a slower pace. I started playing hockey at 3 years old and have played many years of high competition hockey. One of my favorite memories growing up is the conversations shared around the family dinner table. At 12 years old, my Mom, Dad, and I packed everything up and moved to California for my Dad’s job.

I received my degree in Criminal Justice from California State University, East Bay. Today, I work at a tech company as a Regional Manager on the Physical Security team. Unlimited paid time off allows me to be flexible and have plenty of time for vacations with the family. In my free time I like to watch sports, play hockey, golf with friends, play video games, and travel with my family.

I’m looking forward to sharing with my children my love for sports and outdoor activities.

Matthew’s Fun Facts

Favorite Meal: Steak and Potatoes

Best Fast Food Burger: Five Guys

International Destination: London, UK

Binge Worthy TV Show: The Office

About Matthew

Where We Live

Hello From Sunny Northern California: We live in a single-family home in an extremely family-oriented neighborhood about an hour away from San Francisco. We moved into the neighborhood specifically once we had our son, because of the amazing schools, lush parks and numerous children running around playing and riding their bikes. Our community is made up of ethnically diverse families and we are so proud to be able to incorporate their culture into our everyday lives. We really enjoy the “small town” charm and take advantage of the events held by the city such as weekly book readings by the firemen at the local firehouse, city wide egg hunts on Easter, and Food Truck Fridays at the park.

Meet Future Big Brother Jackson: Jackson was born in 2018, and is a sweet and active little boy. He enjoys playing with his toy cars, helping Mama clean the house, and watching hockey with Dada. Jackson loves making people laugh with his silly faces, and no artwork from him is complete unless it’s covered in stickers!

Jackson’s Favorites:

Food: Broccoli

Book: Brown Bear

Toy: Cars & Trucks

Character: Elmo

Meet Our Furry Friends: We have three four-legged friends in our home. Oliver (toy poodle), Pluto (golden retriever), and Kida (small cat). All three are best friends with each other, and enjoy snuggling on the couch or playing fetch at the dog park. Our son, Jackson, loves his cat, Kida, and carries her everywhere he can. The dogs enjoy sitting underneath his chair during meals because they know a treat will be dropped their way.

Where We Live

About Our Family

Ohana Means Family: Taylor’s family consists of an extremely large extended family (made up of biological and adopted members) that has grown up in the same town for three generations. They get together at least once a month for large gatherings called “gigs” filled with potluck style food and good company. Holiday traditions are especially important to her family. The most prominent ones are giant Hershey bars on Easter, performing family skits on Christmas, and a “shiny shirt” which has been passed around as a white elephant gift for over 20 years. The person who receives the “shiny shirt” must put it on and strut their stuff on a pretend catwalk.

Matthew’s extended family is geographically spread out in Canada and the United States. His father, Bob, and his siblings Ben, Becky, and Jordan, live in Virginia with their families. Bob is looking forward to welcoming his 13th Grandchild into the family. Family get-togethers are often spent running jokes into the ground, telling the same stories over and over again (they’re always funny), and watching/playing hockey. Summers are often spent together at our family summer home in Canada. The lakefront property is a perfect gathering destination for water sports and other fun in the sun. Among our ‘family’ are many close family friends that often join us at the dinner table on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We also get together with a group of other couples monthly for a night of board games and shared food. These close friends are treated as family, and are excited for our son, Jackson, to have a player 2 enter the game.

Thank You: We are so excited to have our dreams of a larger family come true and look forward to bringing you and your child into our ohana.

About Our Family